As I understand it, your habitual vibrational average is what creates the physical life experience you are having: you are broadcasting a signal, and that signal is being constantly matched by the Universe, from the way traffic flows on your way to work, to how your work day goes, to the type of conversation you have with your partner at the end of the day, to the way your body feels, to the very thoughts that pop into your head, all of it feels like your habitual vibrational average feels.

I've understood from Abraham that you have access to thoughts within a (defined?) range fairly close to where you are right now, and that the thought itself is less something you are thinking than vibration you are receiving and translating into thought. Ie, the thought itself is a manifestation of your vibration. (Which sort of blows my mind, personally.)

Say, for example, you're grumpy and having a bad day, you're vibrating at around "frustration/irritation/impatience". You're probably thinking thoughts like "that person is driving like a jerk on purpose" and "I don't like going grocery shopping when it's raining" and so on. How far away from that vibrational range can you receive a thought? If you're really grumpy, you probably can't think "everything is going to be fine". (Or is it more accurate to say that you can "think" it, but you can't really mean it? You're kind of faking it, rather than receiving it? Because I certainly can think "everything is going to be fine" when I'm grumpy, but it feels bad.)

Abraham gives the sense that the range of thoughts you have access to from any given vibrational point is fairly narrow, which makes sense to me. However, I've had some experiences of, say, feeling really good while meditating, and then an alarming thought like "what if my spouse dies?" will pop into my head. Which is a topic I don't think about, generally, and a thought I would have guessed I wouldn't have access to while being in what felt like a higher vibrational state. I've also had experiences of being very low and gloomy and then having a thought that made everything seem ridiculous and funny. I guess it seems to me that I sometimes have access to thoughts quite far away from where I believe myself to be vibrating. I'm curious about how this works, and how it fits into Abraham's concept of thoughts being manifestations receivable within your present range.

I'm looking forward to your insight. Thanks, all!

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In my experience it is entirely possible to feel amazing for extended periods of time until something kicks me out of the Vortex. And this thought can come from an entirely different vibration (e.g. powerlessness, despair).

It is generally true that the more time you spend in the Vortex, the more you will just be out of the range of MOST negative thoughts and circumstances... but not all of them.

Because it's logical that someone who is in the Vortex can't stay there forever because the Vortex isn't a fixed state. It is moving and expanding and in order to keep up with it, we must match it's newly expanded version constantly.

And I did notice this amazing idea that the thoughts that kick me out of the Vortex (especially after quite some time in the Vortex) are sometimes much worse than thoughts I could think of when being out of the Vortex. I know, first this sounds like very bad news.

But here is why it's amazing.

Often the thoughts that kick me out of my firmly Vortex-aligned state are pure, core, intense limiting beliefs my inner being is suggesting me to clean up. And if I do, it starts a domino effect on a lot of other negative thoughts that relate to that. So it's a very efficient way of doing clean ups.

alt text

And the other reason it's amazing is because the tingles and the pleasure of cleaning it up and coming back into the Vortex is much better than the already excellent feeling of regular Vortex alignment. It's like an ultra-Vortex-aligned state. It's the thrill of life in its purest, most intense and pleasurable form... AND you feel even more invincible because you know that you can handle any thought that is out there and get back to heaven whenever you want.

However, as I've said, my inner being is just suggesting me to clean it up. It is not forcing me to clean it up to get me back into the Vortex. I could also easily just acknowledge that it's there and then just focus on positive thoughts so that this thought (and its domino friends) would have no choice but to be inactive and move completely out of my overall vibrational range eventually.

So ultimately you have to decide which approach to those "inspired negative thoughts" from inside the Vortex you want to take. I'm often stubborn and want to challenge myself and see if I'm able to clean it up (a little bit or completely) and get back into the Vortex. So often I take the first approach. But sometimes I take the second approach and it's okay too.


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Wow, what an amazing answer. Thank you!

(27 May '15, 00:36) corduroypower

@corduroypower You are very welcome!

(27 May '15, 05:18) releaser99

@releaser99 - I've been thinking this over for a couple of days. Thank you again. What a powerful idea, that the out-of-nowhere thoughts are a suggestion of what to clean up next. I realized that you are exactly right (of course) and that my sudden "what if my partner dies" feelings, which I swear is not something I ponder, are exactly the same emotional/vibrational note of deep powerlessness that I fear and avoid looking directly at. So this feels like a big insight for me. Thank you again!

(02 Jun '15, 14:37) corduroypower
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ah, the difference between
capability of the
species and what is attained
in any given earth life


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to answer your question that the other person does not know how to drive or that he is doing it on purpose etc.... if it is true and you think or say it there is no problem with this at least you are not hiding it to your self. but how you use it inside is what makes a difference at the place of turning that energy in frustration/irritation/impatience can you turn that energy in patience understanding and harmony? of course you have free will about this as every one else and it depends on what you want to experience in this world.

it is like the other day someone said I only act as a jerk to other people when I am dealing with jerk. and I told him you are only keeping the cycle going. view from the outside it is two jerk jerking them self. and some might see that attitude as something ok to do when interacting with other and will do it to other and the cycle is going on and on. if you do not like it when someone does something bad to you why do you do the same? should you not do something better to show that their is some thing else that one can do to himself and other? even if it would be keeping quiet and going away from the jerk that think that it is ok to be a jerk to self and other. or showing him that being a jerk will not serve him. if he is ready to accept what you are telling him. some will not they suffered darkness from other people and they want revenge and will keep the cycle going thinking that it gives them something it is their choice they have freewill same as you.

do you use discernment or judging? on outside thing only or on inside things also? and what about other on the outside you see what comes out on the outside but do you see what comes in on the inside and if the inside match the outside or if they are fouling them self and other?

example: some people act bad and brutal on the outside sometime because they are scared inside just so that it will not show, they see other people as scary to them so they put out a show outside to scare them away.

in that case they foul them self and other. since the other person is probably doing them same as him self. and if the other person is really bad and brutal inside and outside because of what was done to him and seeking revenge what a poor way to live in this world. in that case he is fouling the other person that is bad inside and outside showing that he is the same as him when he is not but not solving the problem. since it only crank up the bad person to become even more bad. and being bad does not help him only making other people fear him, leaving him alone in is darkness and negative belief. it is better to be true to your self inside and outside. but some time in this world you have to interact with some people like this and your choice is not their choice they still have to grow in understanding.

there will come a day when people will grow in understanding and truth and will overcome.

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

what range of though is available to me? anything that I choose.

I am who I am and I am that I am.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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