I have usually observed that after I have had a tiring day and especially when I have had to stay up till late, I am not able to keep my spirits high as the body becomes pretty uncomfortable because of the lack of sleep.

But i still have to stay awake because there is work to be done, in such a state how can we stay in the vortex so that we can execute the work that we are doing in the best possible way?

Also Abraham mentioned in one of the sessions that If you sleep being in the Vortex you are most likely to get up in the Vortex, but when we sleep in the condition described above.. how do we make things better?

A better way to put it would be how to stay in the best and positive frame of mind when you are experiencing intense lack of sleep?

Thank you :)

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Personally, I think that people sleep a lot more than they need to. When we sleep, we release all resistance and we become one with source energy which recharges us. And the reason we have to sleep 8 hours or more a day is mainly because most of us are not very much aligned with source (not in the vortex) when we are going about our days.

So, I have noticed that people who are generally in the vortex don't actually sleep that much (maybe 4-5 hours per night is enough).

From your question, I gather that the work that you have to stay up late to do is not very exciting/interesting. Because if it was, I think that you would not be this tired when doing it. This is why so many people find it hard to get up in the mornings to go to work. But on the week ends, it is so much easier to get up. When you are doing something you really enjoy doing, time goes really fast and you do not get very tired.

We have established a distinction between work time and play time and that is why work is harder and more tiring. But, the way it should work is all of life should be play time.

When I was faced with a similar problem in the past, I tried to find the positive aspects of the work I was doing. For example, 'This work is really challenging and it is stretching me to my limit' and this statement would make me feel like this I was growing from the experience and becoming more capable with time. The statement is quite a general one but anything however tiny it is that makes you feel slightly better about the work you are doing is going to put you in a better place.

I think if you start with that, that will help you get into the vortex and it will all fall into place from there.


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Pink Diamond

Rani, Thats a very interesting way to look at it.. thanks so much for the wonderful insight... :)

(20 Oct '10, 20:24) Sourabh

This is true. Forgetting about LOA, if people have a lot of exciting things going on in their lives, say, for a week, they wont even notice the lack of sleep- there is so much good emotion (e-motion=energy in motion)

(15 Nov '11, 23:29) Nikulas

I think the important thing to remember is that you have a physical body that needs to be honored and taken care of in order to function optimally.

I think when the body is feeling exhausted on a continual basis that it will be difficult to remain in the vortex. I think the key here may be to try and find some sort of balance where you can ensure your body is getting the rest it needs.

Is there any way you can lighten your workload? This may mean doing with less ( for now ) financially until you get yourself to feeling better physically. I think the important thing to realize is that if you don't feel good physically, you're probably not going to feel good mentally - you'll end up in a downward spiral with one feeding off the other.

I think your priority right now has to be creating that time for the rest you need. This will in turn enhance how you feel mentally and your spirits will be higher which will have an overall positive effect on your whole life experience.


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That is a very nice suggestion.. I will implement this soon. Thank you :)

(20 Oct '10, 12:22) Sourabh

You're very welcome :)

(21 Oct '10, 01:49) Michaela

I have noticed that after a few days of not enough sleep, that I will feel crabby, depressed a little, and definitely NOT in the vortex. And then with such feelings as those, things seem to go downhill. Perhaps I will catch a cold or make a poor decision, a big mistake, or lose something. It's the "downward spiral" that Michaela mentioned. Fatigue of mind and body takes you out of the vortex, and there is no way around that. But I know that leaving things undone will also leave one worried and not at one's best. Balance is needed, as she said. Perhaps there is some way to re-arrange your schedule? Best wishes!


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I have been facing all that you have mentioned and more, may be you are right that I have to get in to an easier schedule.. Thank you :)

(20 Oct '10, 12:20) Sourabh

You need at least five to six hours rest per day to function, and to function properly mentally you need eight hours sleep per day. We have twenty four hours in a day, and eight out of those twenty-four hours is for resting and sleeping to repair the body to function normally. Therefore sleep is an essential part to good health, and it is important to your health, and wellness to be in the Vortex.


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I agree and will allow this to happen :) Thank you!

(20 Oct '10, 12:19) Sourabh
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