Hi, this is sahil i wanted to know that what do young peoples should have should it be talent or experience? is it right to have talent and no experince.............. in this world there is nothing done without experience so could anyone plz help me with the answer?


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Imagine two people given the task to cut down a big tree:

The first one has a chainsaw but he never cut down a tree before. How to use this chainsaw he asks?
The second one has only a simple saw but he cut down thousands of trees in his life.

Who wins?

Now imagine the first man got back in time and up till now his life was completely different. Look at the situation now:

The first man has a chainsaw and he has been cutting down trees sice he was five.
The second one has only a simple saw but he cut down thousands of trees in his life.

Who wins?

Talent is a huge gift but it can be wasted. Someone more diligent might do better. On the other hand, when someone with talent is also diligent, there is no competition for him.

I think talent and diligence are equally important, but you have to be diligent to unfold your wings.


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I think talent is a gift. Cannot be got by anything you do. Experience, if you are keen on getting it, you can succeed as well as if you had talent, IMHO. There's talented people who are lazy, and then all their talent is worthless, and goes to waste.



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One needs the talent first, and then adds the experience, in order to be well-rounded and successful in a field.


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From my "experience" in life, I have seen it as needing 60% talent and 40% experience for many things in day to day life.


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Talents are gifts that we are given to use to enhance our life and the lives of others while on this earthly plane. When we recognise and use our God given talents, we are living in alignment with the Source from which we come and our life flows in the way it should.

Experience on the other hand is something you can only attain with age and when we begin to wake up our life experience begins to provide us with wisdom. However, this is generally not attributed to the youth in society as it is usually learned through experience.

I'm wondering if your question is career related as a lot of young people are faced with needing experience in a certain area before being hired for a position even when they are talented or have the required attributes needed for the position. A combination of both would be ideal - natural talent will always make the job enjoyable.


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Talent is great I have a lot myself but experience carries a lot of weight. Here is why, at home for years, decades even, I have played my guitar and become quite adept at it as well. Even at times I impress myself and say wow that was amazing, but when I went to play in front of people my first time I crashed and burned. Even though I had the talent to really smoke up my guitar I didn't have the experience playing for people. I quickly solved that by forgetting about the people and saying to myself "I don't care if they like me or not I am playing for myself, I am going to have a great time, the room could be empty for all I care!" Then I could play in front of people, not for people they just happen to be where I am playing! lol The only draw back is that makes me a very cold player not warming up to the audience because to me they are not there. Now with experience I imagine I can come out of my shell and eventually warm up to the audience.


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