According to LOA we attract and thus create everything in our life through our thoughts. However, according to a lot of respected spiritual texts, we are already "All That Is".... hence life is just a journey of discovery or rememembering that.

So, is your life a journey of discovery or one of deliberate creation through your decisions ?

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Thanks for adding the tags Barry :)

(26 Mar '11, 18:00) Michaela

Nice question Michaela +1 :)

(27 Mar '11, 07:19) Eddie

You're welcome, Michaela

(27 Mar '11, 09:50) Barry Allen ♦♦
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My life is a journey of self discovery.


answered 26 Mar '11, 18:11

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And I think true freedom resides therein :)

(27 Mar '11, 13:39) Michaela

My life is a journey of discovery which includes making decisions. In this discovery, we learn how we attract people and things into our lives. I wouldn't get caught up in the creation part. I see it more that we attract. God creates and we attract His creations to us or repell them from us. Everything is a part of All That Is, so we cannot create it, but we can attract it. Until we discover that we are attracting people and circumstances into our lives it all seems random. So the journey of discovery is how we allow ourselves to grab the reins and take control of the things that we attract into our lives.


answered 26 Mar '11, 20:38

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Fairy Princess

I like your first sentence Juniper:)

(27 Mar '11, 13:41) Michaela

I don't see any discrepancy in those two lines of thought. We have always existed and have always been All That Is. Purely for the fun of it, we've projected a piece of our consciousness into this game called 'Life on Earth,' a 3D Time-Space reality. The rules of this game are simple: we must forget who we really are otherwise we can't play. So we're all playing a game of remembering who we really are, just for fun.

The piece of consciousness that we're currently aware of, by its very nature of being a piece cannot realize full consciousness from the confines or limitations of believing it's just a physical mind/body construct. Expanding our awareness means becoming more aware of our greater consciousness.

By becoming more aware of our greater potential, we're attracting more of who we are into our conscious awareness; including the knowledge that our thoughts create our experiential reality, what you put out is what you get back or the law of attraction, which are all different ways of looking at the same thing.

Now we can use these newly re-discovered tools to expand our awareness even further, in whatever ways that are fun for us and that feel good to us and just because we can. Put differently, we're allowing more of who we are to be realized by our consciousness and that's what I call spiritual growth :)


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Fully agree with you Eddie... but, I guess I still have that hangup that I'm here for more than just fun :)

(27 Mar '11, 13:40) Michaela

First of all Life should be fun! Having said that, life is a journey of decision making for the purpose of discovery! And what a discovery that is! which leads us back to why it is fun!

thank you, namaste


answered 26 Mar '11, 16:53

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Thanks daniele... I do agree that life should be fun but I think more than that our soul craves 'meaning' that can never be satisfied without 'serving' the Whole in some way.There's no greater feeling or sense of satisfaction than that of being a genuine help to another :)

(26 Mar '11, 18:04) Michaela

Michaela, perfectly agree with you on that! sorry for having misunderstood the question. Yes, service to other is the ultimate expression of life and it can be done in a fun way too :)

(26 Mar '11, 18:39) daniele

No need to apologize daniele... your answer is always valid :)

(27 Mar '11, 13:37) Michaela
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the paradox of life, who really knows it.
we are so to say a chip off the old block,
but at the same time the chip only developes by experiences in material form,
over and over again, keeping the wisdom of past lives as its character and
ready to do more battle at/in the now, until it achieves to the head of the class,
and then it starts over again in the new hierarchy


answered 27 Mar '11, 00:41

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I hear you Fred ,although I'm not sure we should perceive it as a battle... then we'd only set ourselves up for suffering :)

(27 Mar '11, 13:44) Michaela

Michaela, the battle is with reality by sensory perception and most often this is a contention.

(27 Mar '11, 14:14) fred

Yes all that you have mentioned above and more, since we must have forgotten the content of our life plan and the journey we are suppose to be undertaking, indeed we would have to rediscovery what we have forgotten to continue on our journey safely and to establish our sense of discovering what lies ahead of us, and to listen to our inner voice to remember what, where who, and when, if we are really to continue on this journey of discovery and to make the decisions that are right and useful in our life!


answered 27 Mar '11, 05:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, I guess we choose to 'forget' for the sake of growth :)

(27 Mar '11, 13:45) Michaela
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