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I have learnt that there is lot of things happening before itself before speaking some words by a person as a confirmation that what had happen. Im seeing day by day that people are not even eagerly waiting about my activities. Earlier I used to think that I have to say something to keep up the excitement in people. But later, after all dialogues spoken and done, there is no really any excitement that people feel behind my statement but only they understand intention of behind my dialogues and they least bother about my excitements. In other words I try to make value to the statement by excitement. But I seen.. my excitment devaluing my statements.

I learnt 'no matter what you speak., if you do not behave properly. Behave properly and speak little' is enough.

I internet cafe; Im observing myself... I got monitor, mouse, keyboard. I felt like the icons in front of eyes (on monitor) asking me 'to make a choice for what you are here'. I opened chrome and my excitement occupied me to hurry up to use of money (but I learnt to behave a little good). Im feeling everything is ready to do what I want. Can I anybody think what Im doing., hahahahahahaha :) Oh how foolish I'am. On and On Im just rectifying my errors. hahahahah :) Oh! my dear friends I just concluded myself that I should not curse myself. And just doing is in my limits. Because Nature knows better how it should behave with me. THANKS TO NATURE for barring all useless and dirty behaviour.

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What energy you are radiating is what you attract . This is the law of the Universe. Therefore, there is no judgement involved by "nature/universe" . It is Unconditional and is simply responding to whatever energies you put out. So, there is no question of "punishment" at all. Secondly, how you choose to define "proper behavior" need not necessarily be the same as how society defines "proper behavior" . All definitions are simply different Points Of View. And every POV is equally valid and it is upto you as to which POV you choose to create as your specific reality. Without jugdging or condemning yourself or others .This is my POV :-)


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The only person to judge you is yourself nobody is supposed to judge anyone else so we are supposed to judge ourself so we can learn from mistakes and better ourselves to become wiser and gain gratitude life is all about experiences to gain greater understanding it's like school for the spirit but don't worry we are supposed to learn over several lifetimes not in one but sometime asking questions is a way foreword to the learning curve


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nature is who she is
allowing to be ourselves,
the plan for what she nurtures
is of infinite mind


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