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In what ways are you willing to trust the Universe today?

Me? Today, I am willing to trust that an opportunity that I desire is mine! I feel it, I believe it, I see it. I know it. I am trusting that I AM receiving the call confirming what I already know is true in my heart :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yesterday I received this link , read it last night , very helpfull thought I would like to share here with my IQ family

Universe just keeps on opening new doors to "In-lightenment" and I am Appreciative ♥♥♥

(22 Jan '13, 21:14) Starlight
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A Poem about Trusting the Universe

At the End of the Day,

When All has went Well,

I am willing to trust

The Universe a Spell.

Even when the day went bad,

And All went to Hell,

I sigh and I am willing

To trust the Universe a spell.

What else can I trust? For God is there

And some good things are known by me,

I am willing to trust the Universe a spell,

As long as Wade really loves me. ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥!

That's about it!


Jaianniah LOL!

A Poem NOT for Valentine's Day.....


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Maybe you should reconsider what you trust, as the physicists discover that our universe is the fictional setting of a cop show called "Hard Case," hahaha

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