The same is happening to me but it's not as bad. I'm not sure whether this is ok, I feel like I have a mental illness now. I want to speak to someone about this. I can feel a tingling sensation, like somebody is touching my face, hands feet. I feel intense pressure on the top of my head, forehead and the back of my head. I feel energy flowing around my legs and I feel sudden muscle spasms. I see a white glow around objects/people but not all the time. Also I have eye floaters sometimes and see greyish shadowy things flowing around the room. Always feel like someone is touching me. I really don't like this. It's frustrating, I feel like I'm alone because no one I know understands this. I don't know if this is a medical issue or just my self changing. I also get headaches and I'm always awake at like 3am. There's a lot I haven't mentioned but I just want feedback on this first. Thank you :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦


i would like more information on what you haven't mentioned :)

(31 Jan '13, 06:58) blubird two

Do your floaters have a standard shape and do they change sizes at certain times of the day,do they take on colors and are you able to focus through them on other objects?You might want to ground yourself a little better,this makes it flow easier.

(31 Jan '13, 12:51) Roy

I have looked at this question several times today and each time It puts a huge smile on my face.It basically has the same feel as one of my first questions.I would love to talk to you Maktub,my name is Roy Louisseize and you can find me on Facebook.If you choose to friend me just mention "IQ" Love and Light.

(31 Jan '13, 15:40) Roy

Observe that white glow what do you see? As for the shadow let them go back to where they came from do not let them disturb you.There is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark.

(31 Jan '13, 17:21) white tiger

White tiger thank you for response. I quite enjoy seeing the white glow, however it makes it hard to concentrate on the person talking. I am constantly zoning out and my eyes keep going blurry everytime. The black shadows scare me, I feel really vunrable everytime, like they can possess me.

(01 Feb '13, 02:36) Maktub

Hi Roy, thank you for your response.The floaters are always changing sizes and shape. Sometimes I see a beam of light randomly too. I'm always experiencing or seeing something new. And it's making it hard to concentrate on my everyday life. This I all interesting, however I feel like I'm developing anxiety over this. I amn constantly thinking about evil entities and If they are able to possess me or drive me crazy. That is why I am now too Afraid to meditate or have an out of body experience

(01 Feb '13, 02:45) Maktub

I'm glad I am not alone in this. Can anyone explain more about the crawling/tingling sensations and muscle spams that I get? Has it got anything to do with this or is it a medical problmem do you think?

(01 Feb '13, 02:49) Maktub

I have experienced most of what you are describing and still do 24/7. I really do not feel it is a medical issue,but if you have not had professional opinion,it cant hurt.I agree that it is difficult to keep your focus during your "normal day",but I can tell you that it does get easier though.How long has this been happening? The energies I experience are all totally benevolent,there is nothing to fear. I feel your sensation of anxiety is your ego getting scared. Congratulations Maktub :) L&L

(01 Feb '13, 04:10) Roy

Shadow demon dark one feed on your fear,so do not fear,that is their little trick to get you.You have free will and they can't do anny thing against that.So they try to influence you anny way they can,to make you fear you must have know about nightmare or sleep paralysis it is the same thing. if you have not listen to this:

(01 Feb '13, 04:15) white tiger

Meditate know your self you do not have to fear your self,do you? That would be pretty stupid. stay in truth with love and the light there is no darkness at all.inside of you there is a spirit:light made in the image of God, and the dark one do not want you to know that you are that light,because once you become that light they will have no power over you and will not be able to stay in your presence.

(01 Feb '13, 04:25) white tiger

@Roy I've been experiencing this for almost a year now I would say. Thank you and I really hope it does.

(01 Feb '13, 04:31) Maktub

@WhiteTiger yes I've experiences sleep paralysis once and it was like I was awake dreaming and something dragged me from my bed, from my ankles and took me to the back of my room. After a while I felt like I came back into my body and then asked my sister if what just happened was real but she was fast asleep. So it definitely wasn't real. I still can't get over that experience. Thank you for the encouraging words. It really does make me feel better and more positive.

(01 Feb '13, 04:37) Maktub

As for the sensation it seams like symptom of kundaliny awakening. you can always go have a physical check up to be sure.if they find nothing you will know what it is kundaliny awakening symptom.when meditating or doing spiritual stuff it can happen:

(01 Feb '13, 04:39) white tiger

I agree white tiger,my awakening was very similar to Maktub's. Love and Light

(01 Feb '13, 04:52) Roy

Thank you both. If I have anymore questions I will comment bellow. Love.

(01 Feb '13, 05:09) Maktub

leave no place for death to enter: be light and not darkness.

(01 Feb '13, 05:26) white tiger

Great video thank you!

(01 Feb '13, 06:14) Maktub

Very interesting thread. I see you left @Maktub . Wishing you only the best on your journey.

(06 Jun '13, 23:00) ele
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There are two main energies at work ... light pleasant feeling comes from your higher self ... dark unpleasant energies come from your resistances ... in turn, ask your higher self what these dark energies signify, there are many other methods to dissolve resistances, beliefs ... once you understand their meanings they will disappear and come to reinforce your inner light ... here in the northern hemisphere springtime is on the way with it's abundance of crocuses


answered 01 Feb '13, 08:27

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blubird two

@blubird two, one year later and the cycle continues, the sap has just started to rise in the trees again, i know that you love to collect silver birch sap to drink at this time of year :)

(24 Mar '13, 02:58) ru bis

Where I live I believe the silver birch is referred to as the white birch or paper birch & the sap is indeed delicious. I have quite a few in my woods & they make beautiful landscape trees. I haven't tapped any for a few years; the woodpeckers do & the hummingbirds love the nectar. Maybe next Spring. Wish I would have seen this earlier. Remind me next March.

(06 Jun '13, 23:02) ele
(07 Jun '13, 01:04) ursixx

Thanks @ursixx Did you look this up to see if "we" were for real? lol! Those are the saddest looking birch trees I've ever seen. Who stripped off all the paper? I always used an old fashioned vintage hand drill. Should I move up to a portable electric?

(07 Jun '13, 01:23) ele
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Fairly often I will see a white glow around a person, or particular objects, or even myself in the mirror. Its all about what I am engaged in. Be it thought, or place, or the person whom is glowing. They each have a common denominator for me. The times I mostly see the glow is around a priest, someone doing a reading or participating in the mass. But I've seen it on common people outside Church too. The crucifix is the object that glows most consistently to me, but not always.. When I start to see myself glow in the mirror. Its usually when my thoughts are on God and am in deep thought. (This may sound vain, its not meant to be, just illustrating when I see it most.) I workout almost everyday, for around and 1hr&1/2 and the room in my basement has 2 big mirrors on 2 walls. one on the wall I'm facing, one on the wall that would be on my left. The one I am facing I will sometimes see a white glow outline around my whole torso. It usually happens when my thoughts are on God. Even in a depressed way sometimes. Like, when I feel I am totally depressed about how unholy I can be sometimes. The thing is. Ill stare at this glow in front of me. Then turn my head to the mirror on the left. The outline will not be around me in that mirror. Its weird. Keep in mind I don't always see a glow. 98% of my day nothing is glowing.. I also see things dash in and out of my vision. It moves too fast to ever get a good look. Sometimes dark movements too. I know the difference between a floater in the eye. I do get them, we all do. (here is how to tell if its just a in the eye floater) How to tell, is if you adjust your eyeballs left to right, up or down. The floater will move in that direction and start compensating in that direction. These things I speak of are not that.. FYI I did get my eyes checked recently for a new prescription for my glasses and the optometrist said "You have very healthy eyeballs"

I sometimes smell a horrible stench that smells. Well like butt, but like really gross butt. Its a "thick smell" too. I smell it in different Places. So its not the house. It never lasts longer than 30 seconds.. (I know what you're thinking) It's not me. I even asked my mom on a couple of occasions when she was near to come close and see if she smells anything. Nothing. It goes away...The other thing about the smell is. I feel like 50% of the time AT LEAST my thoughts are in a good state. So I don't think it is only able to come around when I have impure thoughts.

If what I am saying is hitting home with anyone. Please contact me. slt1486 (at) yahoo


answered 24 Mar '13, 02:22

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Ben W

@slt1486 oops sorry, @Ben W very interesting :)

(24 Mar '13, 02:54) ru bis

i've searched for reflex 1486 couldn't find it, will a reflex 1441 do the job?

(24 Mar '13, 07:56) ru bis

This sounds similar to a migraine.

Here check out this link.

See of it seems to match what you are experiencing.


answered 24 Mar '13, 08:08

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Wade Casaldi

When you look for something wrong,chances are you will find it.Love and Light.

(24 Mar '13, 09:23) Roy

@Roy-I see all this and more when I have a migraine- Wade knows. This person needs a check-up.

(24 Mar '13, 12:00) Jaianniah

That is your truth Jai.Love and Light.

(24 Mar '13, 12:30) Roy

I agree @jai - it's always wise to have a check up; however I too have experienced many of these 'symptoms' & I check out ok.

(06 Jun '13, 23:00) ele
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