hello everyone, right now I am freaking out a little bit, there is this bunch of clothes, suitcases, we have just moved (me and my brother), and I see all this energy around our suitcases and clothes, a whole bunch.. does anyone know what this means?.. I sometimes like right now wish I could just see good ol' 3D .. thx everyone! happy saturday..

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Wow. That's pretty amazing. Is it something that just started happening to you or was there a process? I'm very curious! I do not see energy, I don't think. :-( But, goodness knows I can feel it!

(15 Feb '13, 22:04) OceanSize
(15 Feb '13, 23:53) Starlight
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Hi allie,I don't feel that there is a meaning to seeing different energies,they just seem to manifest when you least expect them. When I am totally focused on a task is when they usually appear to me.Just try to relax with them and not analyze them as much, it becomes easier to live with them. love and light


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I think that maybe I didnt ask correctly.. I was wondering if it is energy that comes from our clothes you know as we are energy and maybe it is just the way it looks, or if it is entities that are haning out near my clothes.. cause the way I see energy is like if I see my pillow for example I see an aura around my pillow and then I see like a white shadow with rainbow like colors in the shape of my pillow in different places near my pillow.. hahah I sound crazy but thats what I see.. and sometimes little gray and white dots follow me.. that one is new.. thanks for your patience roy.. :)

(18 Sep '11, 18:30) jinxx

When I first started seeing energies, I would be able to hold an image of anything that I would choose to focus on.This image would stay in my head until I chose to focus on something different, the thing is that image would morphs,changes color or just grow more intense.Imagine sitting at a red light and see a green car pass by and I was focused on it,I would still be seeing that car a minute or two later when my light turned green.These energies are always evolving. love and light

(18 Sep '11, 19:27) Roy

thats exactly whats happening to me.. I can see like for example the tv anywhere I want in an aura like state and focus on it until I saw something else.. and It changes its hue and its size sometimes.. I think that I am just seeing the energy of everything.. thx Roy have a nice sunday :)

(18 Sep '11, 23:10) jinxx

@Jinx that is aura :I see my pillow for example I see an aura around my pillow and then I see like a white shadow with rainbow like colors in the shape of my pillow in different places near my pillow. orb:and sometimes little gray and white dots follow me.. that one is new.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orb_(optics) sometime it is easy to see with out even doing annything, some other time it is not easy. http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/l_auras_colour_meanings.htm

(15 Feb '13, 23:35) white tiger

As for a exact picture that represent what you see i never found one yet.Ok take this picture for example: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-7TfVdTyzc8s/TmoXf5WT7gI/AAAAAAAACiU/1jF1215X2WE/s720/different_light.jpg between the white light and the yellow at the surface of the white light there is a body double image superpose on it are different layer of colors sometime you might see some colors also under neat it. here is the link to the site where the picture comes from if you want to go read-

(16 Feb '13, 00:01) white tiger
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everything as energie. experience and enjoy.


answered 18 Sep '11, 22:42

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white tiger

thx I am trying to :)

(18 Sep '11, 23:10) jinxx

Hello jinxx, all aspects of our physical world that we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste are accompanied by a flow of subtle energy...some people are naturally capable of seeing this energy (better known as the aura)...anyone can learn to see and feel auras to a certain extent...there is a really in depth study on this subject in the book "Hands of Light" by Barbara Ann Brennan , including a study of x-ray type vision...have a great day


answered 13 Oct '11, 04:04

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blubird two

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