I recently got interrested in crystals in healing. Has anyone used them for healing? How do you use them? What other ways do you use them besides just having them around? Thanks

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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Be sure to see my edit and comments to Dollar Bill...just to whet your appetite!!! Jai

(25 Sep '12, 00:36) Jaianniah

I am a Certified Crystal Healer, Fairy Princess, and also a Certified Reiki Crystal Healer...So you have asked a question that is right up my alley, so-to-speak...:)

Everything that has to do with crystals has to do with the energy of the aura. We have an envelope of energy surrounding us, called an aura, and it is created by our chakras.

alt text

The picture above shows the chakras and where they are located, and the colors associated with them (generally). Crystal healing depends on the vibrational energy of the crystal working to balance the chakras back to their best state.

For example, if you had an imbalance in your root chakra, I would use a red stone such as a ruby, or a black stone such as a smoky quartz, and place two of these stones on either side of the root chakra. I use crystals as an adjunct to my Reiki Healing. Reiki is something you can Google to learn more on that.

So, if I find your heart chakra imbalanced, I would use a green or pink (also affiliated with the heart) stone to balance the heart chakra. Such a stone layout all over the body might look like this:

alt text

For more information on this, you can email me (and yes, I will answer you!). Here is a picture of my portable crystal healing kit--just to give you an idea of how precise and huge this love of mine is!

alt text

Thanks for asking a great question.




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Thank you Jai.

(24 Sep '12, 08:51) Fairy Princess

Wow! Beautiful!

(25 Sep '12, 06:19) Dollar Bill

I love your crystal collection.

(27 Sep '12, 10:24) Fairy Princess
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Among the Shamanic articles I have collected is a small basket of crystals about 6"x7"x5". These were used by a Shaman in Nepal. The large basket (kit) also contains a variety of other articles.

If you will scroll down to a picture of a large basket with a smaller basket (in another image) you can see the crystals used by this Shaman. The pictures of articles in this kit continue until you see a beautiful old bell with an incredible use patina.

All the articles fit into the large basket, except the drum.

Shaman Kit

ANd here is the basket and crystals that came in he kit. It smells of smoke and incense.

alt text

This kit was collected by a very close friend who lives in Kathmandu. It is absolutely correct. Handling these articles is a spine-tingling event.


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Dollar Bill

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I don't see them using any crystals. Thanks

(24 Sep '12, 09:53) Fairy Princess

@Dollar Bill and @Fairy Princess- I have amassed a crystal collection over the years from all around the world (via Ebay and friends and friends of friends)...I personally have found that Tibetan quartz is the most amazing of all quartz....so I am not surprised by your story abut your crystals, Bill. FP, it natters where the crystals originate, and also how you resound with them. I have used rocks I found in driveways, and found them very powerful, too. Thanks DB ♥ FP, it's great! Jai♥

(25 Sep '12, 00:12) Jaianniah

@Dollar Bill- Do you know how to use those crystals, Bill? They would be absolutely dynamite in a auric spread around the body of someone needing healing, for example. Do you want to sell them??? :) Jai♥

(25 Sep '12, 00:15) Jaianniah

@Dollar Bill- I forgot to mention that I am also a trained shaman...So I know why those crystals give you the tingles! :) Jai ♥

(25 Sep '12, 00:16) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - The crystals are a part of a kit that I am still using. The Shaman was the great Aunt of my Kathmandu friend's wife.

As you know Tibet borders Nepal. MY friend studies Tibetan Buddhism with the exiled Rinpoche (the "Jeweled Ones"). He has sent me some wonderful objects.

Jai, check your FB page for a friend request.

(25 Sep '12, 06:18) Dollar Bill

@Jai I will keep my eyes open for Tibetan Quartz thanks. @DB you still haven't shared how you use the crystals. Thanks

(25 Sep '12, 09:47) Fairy Princess
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The other day, I had a 'vision' to put the sphere above the pyramid. I had no idea what it meant. Yesterday, I was looking at some quartz, Dendritic Agate that I found on the beach. I looked up it's healing properties. I have three pieces. So thinking of the 'vision' I put one in my bra and one in each back pocket, making a pyramid under the sphere of my head. Wow! I feel some energy there.

My son has a crystal chakra necklace, so I had him put two of the quartz in his pockets while wearing the crystal neclace, and he said it felt like water flowing through him. I don't wear necklaces, they get tangled in my hair, so I had to come up with a way to wear it.

So today, I have the big one in my bra, and he has the two little ones in his pockets. So I put some tiger's eye in my pockets to make the pyramid. It sure does feel amazing. I just had to share in case anybod else wanted to make a 'pyramid under the sphere'.

Then I had another vision of the sphere inside the top of the pyramid. I have a crystal sphere, so I put that in my heartspace and I felt a little dizzy and was heading out to get my client, so I put the dendritic quartz back in, and am now back and am trying the sphere in the heart space while I don't have to drive. I shall see how that is. So far, besides making me a little dizzy, it doesn't give me the same rock taste in my mouth I got from the dendritic quartz beach stone. Very interresting. Wasn't sure what to do next, so I am doing Two Hands Toucing with the pyramid with the sphere on top. Wow!

I realized that I made a triangle. So I put some dendritic agate in my front pockets, making a base of four and the one in the heart space on top. Wow is tha intense!

Caution! Try this at your own risk.


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Fairy Princess

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@Jaianniah would you try this and tell me what you think? Thanks

(27 Sep '12, 19:35) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- I was listening to a lecture with the 9Dimensional Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy today. They said crystals were more powerful right now than they ever have been. They are vibrating at a higher frequency ,plus some of us are as well. Crystals store a lot of information and we some of us intuitively know how to use them from previous life experiences.

(27 Sep '12, 20:43) Satori

@Satori I used to collect quartz rocks when I was a kid. They were my friends.

(27 Sep '12, 21:07) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Very good. Glad you have found something else that will serve you. :)

(28 Sep '12, 12:05) Satori
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I have always loved crystals, especially for their beauty and have often wished to experience them but without really having found a way that suits me, so my crystals up to now have been considered as purely ornamental. Sure there're specialists in this domain that speak of visions and being able to see into the future thanks to cristals, however I'm talking from a beginners point of view.

I now realize that my difficulty was to identify what sensitivity means to me as a novice rather than think that if I don't immediately have visions and see into the future using a cristal then I have not got what it takes. Now I know that anyone can learn to do it.

The vibrational energy emitted by natural crystals and stones can be used to restore both physical and psychological equilibrium. They can also be used to induce increased awareness based on activating the mind and emotions by the simple presence of the mineral. Increased awareness of emotions, state of being, intuitive and instinctive impressions and development this innate capacity simply by doing it slowly. Calm and practice are the keys to success.

There's an exercise for beginners that I'm experimenting that certainly brings beneficial results , it's simply placing the mineral on the palm of my hand and meditating. Practicing with different varieties of minerals enables easy comparison of the effect of each of them. The influence of minerals are subtle and discrete and it's only by the different effects that they bring that it's possible to learn, identify and define the different reactions that they induce.

This exercise seems important for two reasons;

firstly it opens the door to a instantaneous influx of the properties of the mineral bringing all it's beneficial influences

secondly more importantly it allows identification of the impact of the mineral on myself, it allows me to truly experience it. My sensitivity is unique to me and can't be applied to others, each individual has their own sensitivity that can be developed depending on their personal experiences, strengths, weaknesses, character and state of being at any one time that are only valid for them and nobody else.

A crystalline element is used in devices such as detectors, oscillators, energy converters. Crystals and stones have 3D fixed geometric internal lattice patterns in which level boundaries intersect at different angles due to their internal structure and as such function as a template, that is, a guide for producing an accurate result similar to when using a radionic graph ... hmmm

In 1959 H.O.Busby published an article about "how to impregnate pebbles with powerful forces". His technique was purely mental; he took a pebble in his hands and thinking of a beneficial cosmic energy with the intention of charging the stone with this cosmic force. He noted that to charge another pebble with the same energy all he needed to do was leave it in contact with the charged stone for 24 hours, in the open air, on a sheet of metal (metal is a bad conductor of these energies). Once charged the stone emits a constant force and will continu to do so without weakening. It seems that it acts as a relay for cosmic energy, giving as much as it receives, cosmic energy meaning ambient energy available everywhere.

There seems to be many phenomena that remain potentialities, and it's interesting to note that with the aid of forms they can be evoked, rendered perceivable to the mind, and activated into physicality, just as Newton demonstrated the invisible existence of the natural phenomenon of attraction between physical objects with mass "gravity" the weakest of the four fundamental forces of nature, a force being defined as a push or pull that changes the object's state of motion.

The two forces that are clearly obvious are gravity (an apple falling from a tree) and electromagnetism (holds atoms together to form the physical world) for example it's the force that holds your physical body together without which it would disintegrate, it's the force that holds the chair rigid you sit on otherwise you and the chair and the earth itself and everything else would all melt together.

The two other fundamental forces work at atomic levels thus normally remain out of our range of sensitivity, there's the strong force that holds the nucleous of atoms together and the weak force that disintegates it.

So what does all this demonstrate? ... well it shows the importance of intention and the definition of intention in the free dictionary is "an aim that guides action".


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