This is something that has frustrated me for a while. I have asked this question many times and I usually get one of two answers:

  1. Diet does not matter. It is all in your head.
  2. Diet does matter... your thoughts matter too.

So.. which is it? AHH! When I think about it... It is not ONLY your thoughts/self-image that determine how things affect you. What if you were smoking marijuana and did not realize it was laced (happened to me once)? I had no idea.. and no part in creating that through my thoughts. Obviously your thoughts are not the end all be all of our health. I'm sure the way I worded this question is weird because I am rushing through it... any ideas?


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@Bronson- Just as a suggestion (it's what I do), I type up my question in a word document and let it be for a couple days before I post a question on the website. That way, any new insights, or clarifications I want to make to the question, I can make it much easier and more focused to the population as to what I wish to ask or know. However these days, I'll type up a question on word and recieve the answer before I find it necessary to go to IQ. Again, just a suggestion.

(02 Feb '13, 09:08) Nikulas
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bodies of material form
feed to stay alive and well
know what its intention is
and to properly take care

or it functions below capacity


answered 02 Feb '13, 06:59

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Spiritual energy, that is, akasha, manna from heaven, chi, etc ... whatever you like to name it, nourishes our energy bodies, earthly food nourishes our physical body ... the closest to nature these energies are, the more we vibrate in unison with our natural state and the healthier we feel. Harmful subtle energies cloud our energy bodies ... poisons harm our physical bodies, anything that clouds our aura creates imbalance ... Barbara Brennan in her book " hands of light" shows images of distorted auras due to abuse of drugs ... all this of course should be taken with a pinch of salt ... in other words eating good clean natural foods seems to be a good idea to me.


answered 02 Feb '13, 07:12

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blubird two

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