You wake up and you feel extreme heat and extreme cold, you feel your body as something strange. You feel your skeleton your muscle your skin in a way that you never felt it before! And the strange part is it feels like your body is strange and awkward to be in! Has anyone ever experience that! why does that happen?

the only thing i have found is kundalini awakening they talk about extreme heat and cold!

Seeing snakes in dreams and interacting with them or receiving communication from them, being eaten in a dream by a giant serpent, having your body torn apart and then re assembled but feeling no pain from it, extreme heat or cold with no corresponding physical temperature, feeling a pressure building at the base of the spine, energy coming up the legs and stopping at the base of the spine, left big toe turning black and blue for no apparent reason, seeing divine personages in a flash and then they are gone just as fast during waking hours, feelings of energy moving up and down the spine. Flashes of light that only you can see

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white tiger

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White Tiger, when you ask questions starting with "Did anyone...?", you are really only leaving people the opportunity to say that they have or they haven't. It is like asking for a vote. It would be more useful for yourself, and others visitors to Inward Quest, if you asked about "Why...?" such things happen instead. You then provide the opportunity for others to give you explanations instead

(02 Jun '11, 08:16) Barry Allen ♦♦

very positive comment Barry thanks. Nice with a little form and structure, we appreciate all your help

(02 Jun '11, 12:04) ursixx

Thank you, ursixx. And thank you also for helping out with editing the questions, tags and answers. Inward Quest is a community-driven site and the more that help out with these kinds of activities, the more smoothly and quickly everything operates.

(02 Jun '11, 12:39) Barry Allen ♦♦

well barry i asked did anyone because i don't think it happens that often! as for why it happens i do not think anny one as found that out yet! but if they think they do they can talk about it!

(02 Jun '11, 17:23) white tiger
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I am very skeptical when I hear about cases of kundalini awakening in people who did not undertake any proper yogic training. There are spiritual "veins" in your body which need to be purified in order for the kundalini serpent to rise. This is done by the breathing exercise called pranayama. In the higher stages of pranayama, after several months of practice (or a few months of intense practice) you feel extreme heat and cold, and it means that your body is being purified. I do not know why you are experiencing this without pranayama training, but nonetheless you can try doing pranayama and see what happens. You can learn about it here:,12925.0.html


answered 10 Jul '11, 08:35

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thank you Asklepios. stop being skeptical that is maya. i have read 1 book about hatha yoga and 1 book about yoga of the sphere 26 year ago.but for me experiance came before the book. every body can wall gaze and reach dhyana and after samadhi.yes it takes a fee month.

(10 Jul '11, 15:42) white tiger If you can simply concentrate your mind’s Inner Light and behold its outer illumination, you’ll dispel the three poisons and drive away the six thieves once and for all. And without effort gain possession of an infinite number of virtues, perfections, and doors to the truth, Seeing through the mundane and witnessing the sublime is less than an eye-blink away, Realization is now. Why worry about gray hair?

(13 Jul '11, 03:28) white tiger

But the true door is hidden and can’t be revealed. I have only touched upon beholding the mind.

(13 Jul '11, 03:29) white tiger

hope you like the reading Asklepios. it might help you to understand what cause you to be skeptical.

(13 Jul '11, 03:30) white tiger

thank you for the read! but you have to know that there is a Polish website made by people claiming they have awakened kundalini. they experience extreme physical conditions and boost their ego thinking they are special. the website is full of false information about kundalini made up by them. hope you understand that it made me skeptical. I am into spirituality but have no mercy for the New Age's garbages.

(13 Jul '11, 08:12) Asklepios
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No, but is this how you felt being in the Altered State, and how long were you able to stay in the Altered State?


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Inactive User ♦♦

well that kind of altered state as happen 2 time for me waking in the morning! i was finding it weird touching object felt weird and the extreme cold and heat at the same time was strange also but not scarry or painfull!as for the time it lasted about 1 hour each time! then it just returned to normal!

(02 Jun '11, 04:47) white tiger

@white tiger: what were you doing before you have this experience, and how recent did you have this experience?

(02 Jun '11, 05:07) Inactive User ♦♦

told you i was sleeping! how long ago thats 13 year ago and before that its 23 year ago!

(02 Jun '11, 17:19) white tiger
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