This was inspired by Michaela's answer here, thank you Michaela.

How is manifesting for the ego or "from the place of" the ego different than manifesting from a spiritual place.


Manifesting money is for the ego, usually for physical riches, creature comfort; someone can be perfectly secure and happy without it, although it does helps most of us reach that without being spiritual.

Manifesting friends, happiness, health or emotional freedom comes from a more spiritual place.

Does manifesting in one work better than the other?

Is it as cut & dry as manifesting from a place of ego vs. spirit?

Any insight may be helpful.

Thank You.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, you can manifest for the ego, but when you do, often times it's not as long lasting as when you manifest from your Self (inner Self which is the Presence of God within). When you do things from the ego, there are usually consequences to deal with later.


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We are always manifesting but I think when things begin to show up in our physical experience that we do not want, then we are manifesting from ego or a place of fear.

I disagree that manifesting money is for the ego. Money is a form of energy exchange on this physical plateau and when used correctly can be beneficial to ourselves and others including some of the wonderful material creations that we can enjoy with it. It only becomes a problem or a manifestation of the ego when we become attached to it and need or want it for purely selfish reasons. A lot of those who are abundant in a material sense know the true value of money and how to use it ( spread it around ) and the irony is that more comes back to them because they are living by the Universal law - the more we give, the more we receive.

Any manifestation we seek to satisfy an egoic need will never satisfy us or bring us happiness - the pleasure will be shortlived because we are trying to fill a void that can only be filled when we go within and get in touch with that Higher Power. When we manifest from that higher perspective we realize that all things can be enjoyed Now but are impermanent and will eventually pass away, we then learn to let go of attachment and enjoy them while we can.


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@Michaela: thank you...

(29 Jul '10, 16:47) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - You're very welcome :)

(30 Jul '10, 12:30) Michaela

I find asking for manifestation for self very difficult. Much easier it is to ask for the good of others.Does anyone else have this problem and how do you deal with it?


answered 30 Jul '10, 10:19

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From your answer and your question, I get the impression that you feel guilty when asking or doing for yourself but remember you can only be of benefit to others when you feel good yourself. I would suggest by using some positive affirmations - " I deserve the best in life", " I am open to all the good life has to offer".

(30 Jul '10, 12:55) Michaela
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