And what was your experience during and after its use? For those that don't know, entheogens are drugs used to trigger mystical experiences.

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@flowsurfer Is that what you are using? If you want a true mystical experience know your self.Meditation and being aware and knowing your self is the only thing you need.Is it not strange that people rely on objet or drugs to give them experience of their mind,emotion and state of being? the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.

(05 Feb '13, 11:43) white tiger

objet and drugs sometime can serve as a support tool or a placebo. meaning that some object or drugs can play with your mind or emotion even a placebo. If you do not know what is a placebo it is a fake,a make believe,that does not affect you physically,it only affect you because you believe that it is. you could breath some air and it would have the same effect on you.But because you believe that it affect you it does. Who as that power to affect you is it not you?Why are you looking outside?

(05 Feb '13, 11:58) white tiger

@white tiger I don't use etheogens. They are basically all illegal. I don't have easy access to any or the motivation to try and find a supply or make them myself. I'm not asking for advice, I am curious.

(05 Feb '13, 13:02) flowsurfer

@white tiger, I also believe that it can just be a placebo effect but I find it hard to understand how my mind would know what different states are created by different substances when everyone experiences similar effects from a substance. They do definitely have very different feelings. This does not mean that I don't believe we can achieve these states without consuming a substance though, through meditation you can arrive at the same results, it is just incredibly harder.

(12 Feb '13, 09:38) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavorite Why does the placebo work? because you think it does.Usely you would say it is you remove that barrier in you.And there you go it works.It might be harder using meditation but you are in control.the drug the object or the placebo can be a support tool.But they are not driving the car you are.if you do not know how to drive the car what can the result be?well if you take drug you might end up in the passenger seat of the car and the car is rolling on the road.

(12 Feb '13, 21:57) white tiger

Some times white tiger, a door that is difficult to open...needs a shove.Love and Light

(12 Feb '13, 22:14) Roy
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Mushrooms, they are amazing at opening your mind to new thought patterns. It is like having someone hold your minds hand and lead it down paths you never thought to think down. They also show your body new feelings and your eyes details you could never of noticed before. When your vision is zooming in onto a fractal pattern in the fibers of some fabric everything truly stands still, when you can see every minute ripple in your skin and its flawless movement as you move your body.

I believe Entheogens are here to show us what states we can achieve so that it is easier for us to replicate the state while sober. Meditating on mushroom's is intense, so many realisations are made. The best way to approach these things is with respect, they are very powerful plants that can be your best friend or your worst enemy (either by showing you the way down the spiral staircase or by pushing you straight down the rabbit hole)

I don't believe in a bad trip, every trip I have experienced has always been good even if at the time it feels negative or scary I believe there is a reason it is and you have something to learn from it usually it is to confront a fear you may be holding onto.

Personally I would steer clear of artificial substances with the exception being LSD although I would only recommend taking it once a year, I have friends who have been on the other side a bit too much again everything is down to moderation and responsibility. Definitely keep away from research chemicals such as 2ci and 2cb.

I think some of the best are; Mushrooms, Salvia (chewed fresh leaf, not smoked extract), DMT (in ayahuasca or similar extraction method) Peyote cacti, and obviously Cannabis. Mixing can be very useful although you have to find the right way through trial and error for instance smoking cannabis at the beginning of a mushroom trip can create a very confusing trip but if you wait until you are coming down it can kick the visuals back in and give your trip another life.

I think keeping as natural as possible is the way forward, messing around with chemistry is probably damaging to the energy of the substance.

These things should not be illegal, being stupid should be illegal. If people were educated properly there would not be misuse of substances in the first place.


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Yes but what was your experience and how did it change your life?

(12 Feb '13, 10:02) flowsurfer

The details are in my answer, sorry for not being clear. Realisation's I have come to by following thought patterns have made me into a better person by showing me faults in how I behaved and shown me things I should be doing with my life for instance. I would never of found out about this site if I hadn't been trying to understand a trip which led me to psitek and a book describing what I had experienced. Above all though I have had some amazing and fun experiences with friends.

(12 Feb '13, 10:20) lastplacefavourite

Every time you experience something new or in a different way than you have ever percieved before. Every experience benefits you in some way or another and I guess that is how it has changed my life.

(12 Feb '13, 10:23) lastplacefavourite
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I haven't, but I feel it would be a personal choice to do so. I admitt I am also curious to know how it would affect a person's spiritual growth. I'm not saying I condone breaking the law, just saying I believe there's something intriguing about it or many cultures wouldn't have used (or still use) etheogens as part of their ceremonies or personal enlightenment.


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I find it amusing that people care about "the law". "The law" is just something someone told you not to do. It means nothing.

(08 Feb '13, 16:33) flowsurfer

@ flowsurfer ~ I totally agree, but I am the daughter of a retired peace officer, and even at my ripe old age I still have issues of authority to over come. Still, stepping outside the boundaries of the law can have horrific consequences ~ Be safe and smart ya'll.

(10 Feb '13, 18:21) BrendaLee

Yes, doing something other people don't want you to do can get you in trouble. Especially if those other people have political supremacy in your society and you have nothing to counter that with. Obviously you should think twice before you go sell crack in some gang's turf, or cross a border without the proper papers, or publicly renounce Islam in Medina. But that is just common sense.

(12 Feb '13, 10:12) flowsurfer

If they made a law there is a reason so it means something.It would be wiser to know why. then just cross the line.if the law does not apply for a good reason then it can be bend. each law have exception. the law is there to serve and help men.The law is not there to oppose and be nuisance to men.Men make law the law does not make men.God made men.There is a difference between the letter of the law and the heart of the law.

(12 Feb '13, 22:05) white tiger
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Drugs for spiritual experience....Sounds like something out of the 60's!

But it has been the practice of some American Indian tribes to use peyote (especially) for spiritual enlightenment. It is found out in nature, and should be prepared by a trained American Indian Shaman, who would lead your quest into the spirit realm...But only if it was deemed necessary and very, very important.

I leanred about this while training to be a teacher told me about vision quests he had been on, and that he preferred, personally, not to use any drugs for a vision quest. He often said that it is sometimes hard to understand what you see with peyote.

I also would rather stay away from hallucinogenic drugs--they were given to me as a child against my will as part of my Satanic Ritual Abuse...I still get flashbacks from them, even decades later, which is a real good reason NOT to use these drugs!.

I guess I have answered your question side-ways, at best. But I thought that some info on this would be good.




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I am very sorry you have had bad experiences with hallucinogens, but I am very interested in your flashbacks. Do you think it could be from the experience rather than from the trip itself? I have never percieved a flashback as something intense or out of my control. It is very rare that I have one and I am sure it is only when I am extremely tired, high or am feeling for an altered mind state. They happen to me if I let myself go into them and have always been pleasurable, a mini trip for free!

(12 Feb '13, 09:44) lastplacefavourite
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