Should these substances be limited in intake, or even eliminated as some spiritual practices suggest?

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Personally, I think caffeine does not have much of an effect on me and that includes spiritually.

However, alcohol does have an spiritual impact and I think this is the case for everybody. The effect alcohol has is of "numbing" and "dulling" our feelings and emotions. So, when we have consumed alcohol, we are not in touch with our emotions as much and therefore are unable to make the distinction between what actually feels good to us and what doesn't. Thinking and doing things that do not feel good to us always has negative consequences.

So, I think if we spend a lot of time in that state, we forget who we really are and become a mixed bag of feelings and emotions and our lives will definitely become a big mess.

The other thing to keep in mind is if we consume alcohol when we are depressed, this gives us a temporary release of resistance (negative emotions) but as soon as we are back to normal, the feeling of depression will be back again.

So, I think that alcohol when taken in the right context (Never to get relief when we are not feeling good) and in moderation (as we want to be in touch with our emotions as much as possible) is not harmful to our spiritual growth.


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Pink Diamond

It was my understanding that the Zen monks, and others who spend long periods of time in meditation, regularly use caffeine to keep from falling asleep. (tea, usually) My son, who is a Catholic priest, also reports that many religious use caffeine during long prayer periods or other interior work, in order to stay awake. I have never heard it harms one spiritually.

Alcohol in excess, deadens the senses, brings out the worst in most personalities, makes one sleepy, and opens one up to being messed with by malevolent or bothersome spirits, not to mention to physical toll it takes on our bodies. And we all know many domestic problems and accidents are the result of alcohol consumption, so in my opinion it can't be good for one spiritually with all this against it.

Admittedly, although I don't use alcohol in excess, I enjoy the occasional cocktail or glass of wine or beer. I just never have more than 1 or 2. And if planning to meditate, I wait until its effects have worn off. Still, none is better!


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Small amounts of ordinary stimulators, such as coffee or tea, taken before bed when you are already sleepy, have a beneficial effect in stimulating dream activity and aiding dream recall.

..small amounts taken if you are already drowsy allow you to take your conscious mind into the dream state more readily, where it can act as an observer.

A very small of alcohol can also serve.

Source: The Nature of the Psyche (A Seth Book)


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I believe it's all about moderation. I see nothing wrong with having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee when desired--and still remaining on your spiritual quest. You are the captain of your ship, you handle it as you see fit. Self-approval is all that is required. All the answers are within (yet I understand feedback can assist our expansion).


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No because these affect the brain, and you need clear thinking not intoxicated thinking. Not only that these damage the brain, the instrument we need to use to tune into what we want! Imagine if I treated my guitar that way and then try to play some awesome sounds, forget it I damaged it, broken strings busted volume knob etc... But if I as I do take very good care of my guitar, wow now I can really play that thing!

So I say NO to drugs and alcohol because I want my manifesting instrument to be able to tune into what I want. Not only that, I believe that these lower your vibrations like a negative substance, someone usually feels he needs drugs or alcohol is someone that does not feel in control, and feels he/she can't handle it any more and needs to escape.

One exception I can think of although I don't do this, is wine I read a glass a day is "good" for the body, I don't know, I don't drink any alcohol myself.


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Perhaps moderation is the key. Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, and in small amounts it is very good for alertness.

(29 Dec '09, 20:02) Vesuvius

I didn't say anything was wrong with coffee, I know I can't drink the stuff, it really causes me stomach pains myself. Yes I agree moderation for stuff like coffee or wine.

(29 Dec '09, 21:00) Wade Casaldi

You might as well add tobacco, red meat and sex to your list. I don't see the harm if you use moderation. Meaning the only thing I am going to change is my thinking.


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maybe diluting or deadening the mental and intuitive reflexes along with the altered states of physical sense perception,
tough wanting to believe we are speeding, for some reason a culturally accepted trait;
where are you going, the physical round has maxed out,
it's time to move on


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A male psychic I saw explains something very similar to LOA.

  • You get more of what you give
  • Give abuse, and you'll get some
  • Alcohol is nothing more than abuse to the human body. Therefore, expect to see some sort of abusive situation in your life.

He explains that this infomration was given to him in a personal chat to spirit guides: Him: "Surely, a little bit of wine or something, in moderation, isn't going to do harm? Say every now and then?" Spirits: "Well, every now and then you'll get a bit of abuse." Him: "So you're saying I cant drink?" Spirits: "We're not forcing you to do anything. These are just the rules of life."


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I find caffeine to be very addictive, and in ways that we do not notice it to be, as society rarely sees it as a drug or addiction to it as a bad thing (in fact, it is often encouraged). Having researched it extensively myself, I can say that it does not provide "extra alertness" in already tired individuals who do not regularly use it, and that when it does in habitual users, this usually represents a reversal of the early onset of caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine can be used as a drug every so often as a state of consciousness to explore - however, it can seldom be used to "get things done" without creating dependence upon it. Dependence upon something external to change our state of consciousness undermines our ability to shift state by ourself, and can create enough "physiological noise" to reduce the clarity of our intuitive perceptions. However, these are only my views - and while I believe they are true for everyone - there are always exceptions. Although I believe that everyone who is successful and powered by the spirit of caffeine, can also be equally or more successful off of it, and more understanding of the world around them. It is my understanding that for the nontolerant individual, caffeine generally puts people in a state of activity, rather than receptivity.


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timp, we may not all be quite the same as to our response to what is imbibed. some drugs for some individuals have a paradoxical effect as one gets older while others not. to learn to know what it is that is enjoyed and why does become important and ought be objectively explored

(22 Jan '13, 20:02) fred
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