When people are getting older, time seems to speed up every year. Days, weeks, years seems to pass quicker, and quicker... I wonder how if this possible to fight this feeling and to be able to enjoy life as much as before. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life, but I have to "common" feeling that weeks are flying by at higher speed every year ! For instance, we are already mid- summer holiday, and I don't think that I have tasted the beauty of summer as much as did (when I was a kid, for instance). My feeling is that there should be a way to improve the way you feel the time passing

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When you put your attention on how fast time is moving, that is what you're going to experience and it will in fact often prevent you from living in the Now moment which is really the only time you need to experience.

I would suggest trying to become fully engaged in your Now moments ( practice, practice, practice) and you'll find that time seems to slow down and more importantly you begin to enjoy those Now moments much more. Your attention will become focused a lot more on the present moment and will move away from how fast time seems to be going. As all time is really simultaneous, the fact it seems to be moving fast is only an ilusion anyway.


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I also came upon a reference to this "effect" of seeding time back in the 80's. According to certain Channeled articles, there is some event that is speeding towards us. What it is I don't know yet. But we have been presented plenty of possible explanations from various sources. I'm talking about things like the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, the birth of the golden age, a dimensional shift, etc.

The trouble is I don't know if any one of those explanations is the correct one. I asked my own inner reference point to guide me towards an explanation of this phenomenon (as we all do here when we answer these questions). This is the idea I am getting from within (this has been compiled over a long period of pondering upon this question & finding confirmation from other sources).

There is an acceleration of how consciousness creates time. Other than the obvious rotation of the earth creating the day and night passage of calendar time, we also experience time as event driven moments of participation.

That event driven passage of time was really the gap we experience from when we focus on an idea within consciousness & the time we had to wait for that "focus" to materialize as an opportunity to "act" or "participate" in something towards manifesting that thought.

This gap between though and the manifestation of that thought is apparently getting shorter and shorter. It is also coinciding with the greater availability of "energy" available to move focused consciousness into manifested reality.

So everything that is in your head is rushing forth into opportunities for manifestation, weather you are ready for it or not. The chance to take it easy and re-think what you have been giving attention to is getting shorter and shorter.

The resulting effect is this overwhelming feeling of being flooded with all these events in your life that are all fighting for your attention and participation. And from what I understand, If we don't figure this thing out It's going to get more and more UN-bearable.

If this premise is true, then the way to survive this "rush" or "speeding up" is to let go of everything that is not relevant to your self identity of who you are RIGHT NOW.

That means releasing all the baggage that you have gathered along the way in your life. Release all the things that are holding on to you right now that is no longer who you want to be. All the hobbies that you no longer have time for, all the things that are fighting for your attention right now that are constant reminders of who you were once, but don't represent who you are becoming.

Let go of the load in your consciousness. The things that don't represent who you want to become have no reason to exist in your consciousness and continue to define you. The best way to discover what you no longer need to hold on to is by waiting for something to bother you. When you are upset, follow the root cause of the "meaning" behind that emotion. Acknowledge the connection in your consciousness, accept that holding on to the UN-acknowledged and sometimes UN-forgiven past caused the current upset. Finally release it from your conscious make-up of who you are.

Work on simplifying your consciousness footprint. From the point of understanding that everything that is "you" within your consciousness is thrusting itself into physical manifestation, and it is speeding up. So simplify your self by letting go of everything that you are no longer interested in being RIGHT NOW.

Simplify Simplify and Simplify. Meditate and Meditate to break down the Auto pilot manifesting engine within you, which for the most part is your Ego being in charge of more that it can handle. Break yourself from the grid where you mind is being told what it must think. Shift to your instinct instead of CNN being the initiator of your thoughts.

The less you think involuntarily the better you can handle the speeding up effect. To break the involuntary thought, you have to observe you own thoughts & ask "why am I thinking this?, is this thought beneficial or relevant to who I am?" You will find that most of your attention is thrust into your consciousness from outside of you. And if you don't clean house, all that is within your attention will manifest as events of participation. And you won't have enough time in the day to handle all that you are attracting and manifesting.


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The Traveller

Very nice! thank you, namaste

(07 Oct '10, 15:39) daniele

It seems my experience the older I get time seems to be slowing down, the days drag on same thing today this week as this day last week. The weeks drag on same week this week as last week, the months drag on same month this month as last, just the weather may be different. This stretches into years and decades that seems be like time is just on a meaningless repeating loop over and over again until death. That doesn't seem to be speeding up to me, it seems to be slowing down.


answered 31 Jul '10, 05:53

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Wade Casaldi

Wow, what a bummer. Life is meaningless unless you give it meaning. What are you doing in your life that you enjoy, that you find meaningful?

(01 Aug '10, 00:09) Vesuvius

I like my karate and guitar but those are routine too.

(01 Aug '10, 05:35) Wade Casaldi

Remember the music group in the 80's ""The Big Heads" the singer has this jacket that made his head look big, or it was camera tricks. He keeps singing "Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was..........." That is it what I was saying basically.

(01 Aug '10, 06:33) Wade Casaldi

@Wade...I believe the group was "Talking Heads" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1wg1DNHbNU

(01 Aug '10, 07:35) Stingray

Yes that is it, I haven't seen that in years! lol

(02 Aug '10, 06:09) Wade Casaldi

Change it up Wade!

Tomorrow do something anything no matter how small that you have never done before.

(10 Dec '10, 17:17) jim 10
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You guys are to damn young to worry about time.


answered 10 Dec '10, 15:06

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Tell us not to worry because there's nothing to worry about... don't pull agism on us

(10 Dec '10, 19:38) Hu Re

Why fight it? Sounds like you are having fun! Time at a snails pace? Now that is something to worry about.

Time for a hug :)



answered 10 Dec '10, 17:15

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jim 10

Don't believe your memories! Memories change every time we think of them. We forget our pains, giving the past a golden glow. It's not real. You can even imagine none of it ever happened at all and that you are inventing the memories right as they come up for the sole purpose of having your present experience. When you see something "familiar", when you think you know the person you are talking to, when you think you can predict what's going to happen... check yourself out of your memories! Wake up and interact with what is really going on! Act as though it is the first time and only time you can ever have this experience.

You have been using your memories to create the feeling of time dilation. Peek outside your veil of memories and step outside the feeling that time ever passed differently than it does right now.


answered 10 Dec '10, 19:39

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Hu Re

what is the difference between child and adult? the child experiance things as no stress and worry! the adult run after is tail to work and get things done!so try to be as much as the child even if you are adult!


answered 04 May '11, 20:30

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white tiger

You're right, White Tiger.

(04 May '11, 22:27) LeeAnn 1

i know thank you Lee Ann

(04 May '11, 23:34) white tiger

We begin to age from the time we are conceived in our mother’s womb to birth to adulthood, and to old age, and finally death. We are responsible for taking care of our self as adults, and mature individuals in our society. Longevity is a privilege, and should be enjoy, regardless of our circumstances, and yes life is full of challenges!


answered 12 Dec '10, 02:04

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