I would like to ask InwardQuest members, "What one thing would you improve physically, mentally or spiritually?"

Over the years, I have focused my efforts to improve at some level. (physically, mentally, or spiritually) I have noticed if one of these levels are deficient in energy, something becomes discordant in my sphere of experience of life. It seems to be more of the correct combination of energy instead of a balance of energy.

I understand the name InwardQuest suggests, infers, or implies spiritual or mental, however, I would like to pose the question "What one thing would you improve physically, mentally or spiritually?" and ask for feedback on my belief that "it's about having the correct amount of energy at each level to feel healthy, happy and harmonious.

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For me, the one thing would be to put my own inspiration and intuition first as much as possible regarding what to do or how to spend my time. (Bashar would call this "following your excitement")

By doing that, you automatically balance out everything in your life whether it is physical, mental or emotional/spiritual...it is all balanced-out using higher-level guidance.

For example...

  • If you are mentally tired and follow your natural inspiration to have a nap, that will balance out the tiredness.
  • If you are spiritually "out of alignment" and you follow your natural inspiration to meditate, that will bring the alignment back.
  • If you are feeling physically lethargic and you follow your natural inspiration to go for a walk, for example, you'll start to feel physically better.

In fact, you can extend the idea of always following your excitement to every aspect of your life and, from my on-going experiences, it works pretty well :)

See How can I become more disciplined and consistent in whatever I do? and 'Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else'


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I think it is important to assess where you are and see what is the weakest link. Many times a person has something going on that is draining their energy but it goes unnoticed because focus is someplace else.

We are only as strong as our weakest link and that is the place to strengthen. You can imagine that different aspects of your life are like sections of a wheel. You will thump as the wheel hits the ground at that out of balance section. It slows the movement of the entire machine down.

As you build up the weak area, the wheel as a whole is more balanced and forward movement is smoother. We all have a "thump" in different areas because our lives and experiences are so different. Nothing works the same for 2 different people-even twins-because of life experiences and the environments around us.

I believe in the power of intentions and set them for everything I need an answer for. Intentions have great power as is shown in the studies of Prof. Wm Tiller for one.

You can create an intention to discover where to focus your attention and then tune in. If you want to see, you will probably notice some things happening that make it clear where you need work. The Universe has a way of showing you what you need to see if you are open and receptive to it.


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I feel unless we bring everything into alignment spiritually we will always come up short on the other two. Our core essence is spirit and unless we tap into and bring this part of our Being into alignment our mental and physical will always come up short.

We can use affirmations and every process in the world (but as most new ages programs prove)... unless we tap into the knowing,which resides within each and every one of us, we'll always come up short.

This is what every true teacher,who has ever walked on this planet, and every authentic teacher out there is trying to tell us. The only question is "are we ready to listen?" When we are, the mental and physical will undoubtedly come into alignment with the Spiritual. Few are ready to relinquish a death of the ego...but IQ, fortunately, is a site with many moving in that direction :)


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I think for me the one thing would be mentally I would pick. The better our minds work the better we can use these bodies to the greatest advantage but as well it reveals spiritual stuff to us. It is the go between for body and spirit so a clear focused mind can achieve the most benefit to the whole of the being.


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