I want to become the kind of time traveler who can "transmigrate" with my present-day accumulated memory and volition intact. I want to travel backwards thru time along a Minkowskian "world line" of my own lifetime, in order to awake on the morning of November 3rd, 1958 (e.g.,my 16th birthday) and be able to recall in specific technical detail several "free energy" devices that I will have invented some fifty three years into the future.

I'll explain why I'd like to be a time traveler later on if need be... but for now what I want to know from the Inward Quest "answer board" is how to devise the kind of time-machine that need not resort to any kind of physical, material instrumentality (i.e.,I don't want to teleport my present-day physical body thru time). I want my time-machine experience to be of the basic mental plane/upper astral plane variety; the kind of time machine I want to have is one that makes possible a kind of autogenic "walk-in phenomena", that would be mutually beneficial and clairvoyant between my sixteen year old self and my present-day self.

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I think there's an incorrect underlying assumption to your question that's going to cause you difficulties as you try to go down this path. And if a core assumption is faulty, anything that is built upon it is probably going to end up in contradictory muddles further on.

You seem to be assuming that the You that you were when you were 16 years old is someone locked in stone because he exists in the past.

This is not true.

The past is just as much in flux as the present and the future because past, present and future are all happening now.

Time, as experienced in third "density", is effectively just a bookmark for higher dimensional consciousness and can be experienced in any order desired. Linear time is just an illusion experienced by that consciousness as it projects onto the physical plane.

So what I'm saying is that even if you were able to focus in the past of Then, it wouldn't be the same past...it would be the past of Now and since all our simultaneous lives are in constant communication, it is very likely that the past you of Now already knows what you now know so what you are trying to achieve is rather academic.

Whether the past you of Now allows itself to be inspired by this information is really up to that You and what themes it wishes to explore in that incarnation of the "Past Now".

And futhermore, who is to say that the information you now know has not been inspired to the You of the "Present Now" by a You of the "Future Now"?

Hope this doesn't sound too confusing :)


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They say to time travel one needs the 4th dimension, worm holes and all that stuff. Not so for to truly time travel is simple and the 4th as well as all other dimensions already exist within humanity.

You dont have to wait at some rocket launch pad dressed like Michelin Man and in fact you dont even have to leave your favourite chair to time travel. WE all do it on a daily basis and that includes little children.

Yes, every time you go back in your memory to a time gone by you are time traveling into the so called past. Every time you project yourself into a future event you are time traveling into the future. Anyone can and does time travel and it is all made possible by that magical kingdom known as the human mind.

In your case what you need is a course in remote viewing that will help you to be where you are while you can project yourself into any past or future experiance you know or dont know about while retaining your full knowledge and faculties. Do some reserch and if that is what you wish go for it. There is also hypnosis which could help you but I do advise caution as you dont want just anybody to have access to your mind.

Whishing you godd luck and many happy time traveling experiances. Paulina


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If you have invented some free energy devices, then I am very excited to watch for them TODAY. Please, if nobody can tell you how to do this transmigrating back to when you werer 16, then please focus on getting these devices into use now. I think that you would have better success getting the devices put to use today then you would have 50+ years ago. You know back around that time you want to go back, someone did invent electric cars, but the patents were bought by the car or oil companies and never made, because of oil profits. So, if you do go back, please make sure you have a plan to avoid a sell out, then we still wouldn't have the devices. So, please just get them out there into use today. Today is the day, not yesterday, not next year, today. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your devices put to use. Blessings,


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I can sense that you are a deep dreamer, so do not let go of your dream for it might yet come through one day!


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