No Samaritans please - I am lucky to find myself in a joyful place. I just wonder why people with "locked-in" syndrome, for example, need to go through a legal process to be allowed to die, and even then are not allowed to die. If their main thought is of death, why does it elude them?

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meredith fleur


it may not be their time yet

(13 Feb '13, 21:21) fred

I was going to say something similar to this ^^^ :-)

(15 Feb '13, 13:22) OceanSize
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Because death in the physical realm is evolution towards a higher realm and evolution is balance, not extremes - life and death are extremes of the same duality, each extreme denoting disharmony, in other words life cannot exist without death and vice versa - to find physical death we follow the middle path that can be symbolized by the mid point of a straight line, the extremities representing life and death - however a more practical explication would be to think of the string of a guitar, when properly tuned it gives a harmonious sound, when either too tight or too loose it gives disharmonious sounds - real existence is to be in harmony with the universe so when we wish for life or death we are wishing for the same thing, that is, we are resisting evolution to a higher realm and reinforcing our existence in the physical realm.


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Definition of "Locked-in Syndrome" from Wiki: "Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which a patient is aware and awake but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes."

We, as a society (at least in most of the USA) are not very open to the idea of euthanasia, or mercy killing as some call it. We feel that we are "playing God" or something similar. It is as if we must honor Death as He comes, no matter the suffering and pain, or futility of prolonged existence due to a terminal condition. You would think that the foremost thought and wish of the dying would be for Death to come.

You'd be surprised to discover that a lot of these people almost treasure the end time, despite the indignities and discomfort. I have worked as a hospice volunteer with cancer patients, and despite their pain, they are often a remarkably insightful and clear group of people. One patient I had told me the greatest gift of her end time was that God had slowed time for her; five minutes with her cat seemed an eternity of joy, and she appreciated it so much.

Some dying people, however, are in such agony that they only wish to be released from life. They get frustrated that their families and doctors will not allow them to go. You would think that the LOA would play in here, and they would die sooner rather than later.

I have a thought. Perhaps their wish to die has already been granted, which is why they are terminally ill in the first place. If this is so, then everything is going the way it is supposed to go. This is certainly NOT true for everyone who is terminally ill- I wish to emphasize that. Those who got sick are not all desiring to die. That, in itself, would explain why they linger. It was never their wish to die.

I have no real answer for God's logic about the dying. I have seen people who were on the mend die suddenly, and people who are walking dead go on and on for ages. It truly is a mystery.

Good question, for which I am afraid I cannot give a definitive answer, but only appreciate the opportunity to ponder the problem. Thanks.




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Thanks Jai for a thoughtful answer. As you say, it is a mystery. Love, Meredith Fleur

(11 Feb '13, 17:56) meredith fleur

If they seek they shall find.when the water and spirit becomes one with out fear they can cross the last door.The lotus flower will bloom and the essence will go.


answered 11 Feb '13, 18:09

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white tiger

hmm , I think that they dont find IT {DEATH} is because God is trying to show them that He loves them and has a plan and purpose for them .


answered 15 Feb '13, 16:36

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