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I always think there is something left to be done or yet to be done. But Later I understand that I'm trying to fool myself with many excuses by not looking directly into the eyes of horrors.

I use to hate the thoughts that curse the people around. I struck myself within the thoughts that curse me to curse all. That the way I lived my life 25 years. But after visiting psi-tek (so much of practice), I able to provide the way to the thoughts to let them go away from me. And I feel liberty of my soul. Love and life to Dynamic Thought.

There are many thoughts we think they are harmful, but indeed they are not. Like drinking a potful of blood. Actually there is nothing to do with anything if we do not compare it with something physically. By detaching the words from the thoughts if we experience it. Its a wonderful feeling to enjoy it. Do not stop any thought Or it will stop you.

We all are cruel and we love to be cruel. We have to except this to move beyond. Just by saying no I'm not cruel. You are limiting and trying to act within that limited space and after some time tired of being acting, you will give your best shot of being cruelty. Instead we can be cruel enough by small baby type actions. Everyone like that actions by thinking it a baby act but inside you are satisfying your soul. Later the cruel thoughts and actions can be shown on the screen by being a painter or director.

Today is day that I thought so many wild thoughts that I have afraid of throughout my life. But today I'm leaved every thought to make myself fearless.

Dear please understand you are not you. You are the being of everything. Do not be afraid off anything. Because You and I know that we are good. Love and light.

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You say we all are cruel. is that statement true? a little child is cruel and another one is not what is the difference between the two child? is the one being cruel just imitating other and doing the same? Did he not understand is error? when it was done to him did he not see the error of this? or is he thinking that if other do it to me I can do it to them? then is the little child cruel? as for the other one that is not cruel is it because he is not doing the same as the other? did he-

(28 Apr '14, 16:30) white tiger

understand right away this error that entrapment that all the other in this world are trap in? if he experience or saw it understand the truth about it and decided to not do the same is it because he is not cruel? you cannot stop any though you can understand them and put them to rest once solved.

(28 Apr '14, 16:37) white tiger

Do not stop any thought Or it will stop you. I mean to control it or slow down the thoughts.

(29 Apr '14, 00:32) PERFECT GOOD

We all are cruel and we love to be cruel. I mean not to be afraid of yourself.

(29 Apr '14, 00:36) PERFECT GOOD

Finally and always I would like to bring it notice to IQ moderator and all. That there are so many illusions in and around that try to take control over. It may lead to many wrong thoughts. "I may be wrong at millions of times" my request is not to terminate me from IQ or from your hearts. Thank you.

(29 Apr '14, 00:50) PERFECT GOOD

I would like to add every thought is learnt or experienced. Nothing is mine or me in it. No where I'm try to act smart or gain credibility by anything. My only intention is exploring the self to know more and more about me.

(29 Apr '14, 01:30) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz just make it as answer, I'll accept it.

(29 Apr '14, 02:12) PERFECT GOOD

Question 'Are we all marching towards death?' changed to "Are we all afraid to know who we are in real?" This change is result of experiencing bliss last night during meditation.

(17 May '14, 06:40) PERFECT GOOD

"Bliss" My consciousness floating out of my body in a cool fresh air.

(17 May '14, 06:55) PERFECT GOOD

there is no problem at slowing a though to observe it under all angle until it is fully understand not only the though but the emotion related to it will also comes along. what do you think people do in meditation only imagine things?

(09 Jun '14, 03:31) white tiger
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A thought for today; just as day and night go together so does death and birth; in both cases life continues ...

Using the Ockham's razor principle meaning that the simplest of two or more competing theories is always the best in accounting for unknown aspects, here's a graphism of death/birth and life, a dynamic harmony of interactive patterns and colors.

Patterns are characteristic vibrations that can be perceived as forms and allow easy identification of an object.

Colors are characteristic vibrations that allow perception of tone.

graphism; inside the black box

alt text


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@Jaz you know I have discovered why we deny some thoughts or energies. Because they are the opposite sex energies in the space that try to bounce on to enjoy it. And if we control it we enjoy it. Do you feel it.

(29 Apr '14, 03:53) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD, oh yes i certainly do :O

(29 Apr '14, 04:14) jaz

@Jaz oh fantastic, then there is a lot more to experience and feel bliss all the time. Take care.

(29 Apr '14, 04:20) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz I would like to make you experience another beautiful feeling. Listen there are visions or sights that always travel in our body. If any visions that make you feel discomfort. Feel that discomfort in a very naughty ugliest way. As you do it you will be driven with very wonderful lovely feeling.

Do you do it?

(01 May '14, 04:38) PERFECT GOOD

yes @PERFECT GOOD i do it and as you say "wonderful feeling", thanks

(01 May '14, 12:42) jaz

@Jaz Your's any new experience, please share. I would happy to know it or feel it.

(02 May '14, 00:42) PERFECT GOOD

It all about enjoying the world and building a very strong bound by satisfying the best wants that demand by God or Universe. Love.

(02 May '14, 00:42) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD the experience of consciously increasing the vibration of pain so that the pain is transformed into pleasure shows me that pain/pleasure, just like cold/hot, night/day, death/birth, etc is on the same polar duality continuum ... that enjoying the world and building a very strong bound is all about living each "now moment"in a state of total awareness the point of balance and harmony between the extremes of all polar continuums :)

(02 May '14, 02:47) jaz

Ok @Jaz. If you really want to experience the pleasure of the highest pain that is the togetherness of birth and death. Than you have to look deep inside within yourself. If you able to look into, you will find the very sweet water that drives into your body; into your neck to your lips (experience the sweetness in your lips) treating you that you are the best of the best. Love you darling.

(02 May '14, 04:29) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz its not complete here. There is a lot more. Just I want you to completely forget about the depression in your life., to love me and to love yourself and to love all.

(02 May '14, 04:36) PERFECT GOOD

ok @PERFECT GOOD I wish to forget about the depression(depression is self blame) in my life, so I forgive myself ... I love you, myself and all ... i wish to feel the very sweet water that drives into my body, into my neck and into my lips

(02 May '14, 04:56) jaz

@Jaz if you not feel it forget., do not hold yourself. Because you are a miracle, within you there are countless feeling hidden inside. Just be cheerful. Love and Like.

(02 May '14, 05:13) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz Although I wish you somehow experience the sweet water that is there in the twinkling stars and within you.

(02 May '14, 05:31) PERFECT GOOD

According to His Most Divine Rishidev Narendranji the founder mentor of Shakthiveda Wellness Mission, Bangalore (, natural death is a cosmic procedure. this starts the moment a birth happens.

(05 May '14, 22:33) sathyanji

yes @sathyanji in the world of duality constructive and destructive energies are working continuously at all moments, in other words our bodies are being destroyed(death) and reconstructed(birth) continuously

(06 May '14, 02:48) jaz

patterns give out characteristic waveforms

(09 Jun '14, 02:33) jaz
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I understand the gist of what you are saying but as you said, thought is dynamic and, as I read recently, we are the only thinkers in our mind. I can't think your thoughts for you. With that, if you see life as a fatalistic march toward death, that is what life is. That goes for whatever thoughts you have. If you want to see life as cruel, it is. You said something along the lines of don't stop any thought or it will stop you, I think the opposite holds true. Some thoughts we need to stop, thoughts of inadequacy, limitation, worthlessness. These can go. I don't think that we are all cruel. A good argument could be made for we are all selfish perhaps, but not cruel. Cruel implies we willingly seek to do others excessive harm. I don't think that is the case. I think we want to be good, to do good and to act in a loving manner but our ego gets in the way, or our pride. I think also that we have a karmic balance that needs to be reconciled. These things we are battling inside, that we are able to identify, are the very reason we are incarnated here in earth school. We need to overcome them and we are all at different levels on our respective paths.


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@Silverbird great answer! Welcome to IQ!

(29 Apr '14, 23:18) ursixx

@Silverbird - Welcome to IQ! :)

(30 Apr '14, 01:10) Grace

@Silverbird If something you feel in incorrect, I feel it the same way. Thank you for your answer and Welcome to IQ! :)

(30 Apr '14, 07:40) PERFECT GOOD

@Silverbird and also if something you feel correct, I'll also feel the same way.

(02 May '14, 00:49) PERFECT GOOD

@Silverbird If something you feel confused, I'll feel the same way.

(02 May '14, 00:50) PERFECT GOOD

@Silverbird something you feel awesome, I'll feel same.

I'll back again.

(02 May '14, 00:51) PERFECT GOOD

@Silverbird you feel success, I feel success :)

I'll feel again.

(04 May '14, 10:00) PERFECT GOOD

Some thoughts we need to stop, thoughts of inadequacy, limitation, worthlessness. first of all you cannot stop a though. second I would say that you can only find the solution to the problem through understanding and better your self. some got lost in this world and they think that they are good when they do cruel things. when in fact they act like little child in pre school letting their ego and carnal mind take over inside they say look I am bad I am tuff I am in control and one day-

(09 Jun '14, 03:35) white tiger

they see that they where lying to them self. they get in bad situation find someone that is more bad then them or more in control then them or they end up in prison. with other people that do the same and they have to continue to act tuff or the other bad kid will harm them. some will say that they are to deep in to change their choice. then are they really in control? why is the truth so scary? that someone have to lie to himself all is life. what he is afraid of is other bad kid -

(09 Jun '14, 03:47) white tiger
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If you read between the lines of the question. It's all a matter of choices. Do you choose fear or do you choose understanding? Do you choose cruelty or kindness? Do you choose death or do you choose an afterlife?
Cruelty is a learned concept, children that are cruel are choosing too.
A couple of quotes that help one to get through times of uncertainty . The first is almost a mantra from Abraham - Hicks " You will never get it done" so don't worry about the finished product keep your focus on the quality of the work (your life) that you are doing NOW.

And "Do unto others as you would do unto yourself"
ps I choose not to stand in a line on the way to death. I am skipping and jumping and dancing my way to an afterlife!


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It took me a bit to see where you were getting at.

Yes there are people that drink and even make sausage from blood. To most that is the part of the cow we most avoid.

With this cruel thoughts and writing, I had never given it much thought but you are right. If I want to write a hero movie or book I need to think of a villain to be who the hero beats.

Now if I avoided a cruel thought and said for example: Darth Vador was yelling at someone, and Luke Skywalker came and told him to stop. There is nothing cruel there, but also not much of a film.

Now I say Darth Vador blows up some planet using his Death Star laser and looks at Luke Skywalker and says, "Now that I have shown you my awesome force power, if you don't hand over the Princess your planet with all the people on it is next!"

Whoa that is cruel!

But now Luke says, "BS, you are going down Vador!"

Darth says, "Bring it on, I'll have your head!"

They both grab their light sabers.

They fight and Luke ends up cutting off Darth Vador's head easily.

Luke says: "Now that's how to get ahead!"

That is cruel too, but people cheer because evil lost!

So you are right, if you are to make a book or film or even a play, to make it something someone would watch and cheer about, you need to think of cruel things, because good needs evil to battle.


answered 28 Apr '14, 11:37

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Wade Casaldi

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Just for the info.., Its been 4 years I've stopped eating non-veg. I'll feel good by not having it. You have explained it very clearly about killing evil. Thank you.

(28 Apr '14, 12:31) PERFECT GOOD

My oldest brother was vegan for a few years, v it is a very hard path to take. He had no animal products, no cheese, no eggs, no milk. That is a very hard path to travel. Obviously he couldn't stick to it since he is now eating normal like most people, meat eater.

Vegitarian is a little easier as you could have, milk, cheese and eggs.

4 years, you seem to be doing it, wow!

(28 Apr '14, 12:46) Wade Casaldi

I enjoyed making up my own short Star Wars story here. Maybe I could write fiction.:-)

(28 Apr '14, 12:51) Wade Casaldi

I'm sorry to take exceptions but having milk doesn't mean that having non-veg. Because even plant eating animals also have milk when they are babies. I think applying so many conditions for not having non-veg resulted in giving up to eat it.

I considered myself not to have eggs and its products.

Ok. if it is apart from vegetarian., then really great that you dared to start it and enjoyed.

(28 Apr '14, 12:57) PERFECT GOOD

let me tell you something about Dark Vader. he is one that as fall to the dark side of the force for is desire he became a the first 2 movie he was not a bad guy in the last movie when he save luke he still as some good in him and break is chains. the main evil character is the dark sith he seek only power and control for is desire and it is what makes him fail. Good needs evil to battle? evil need to do battle or abuse the weak, good only make the proper response

(29 Apr '14, 00:54) white tiger

"god only make the proper response" I like it.

(29 Apr '14, 01:21) PERFECT GOOD

wade, 'good needs evil to do battle' may be the reflection of 'if there is good than there is evil'. both exist in the manifestation of form and it is the 'struggle' that plays out on earth, lifetime after lifetime

(29 Apr '14, 05:40) fred

@fred lifetime after lifetime; give rise to feeling that I'm being doing or see this (whatever I do or see) for a long time. Its been continuing the same and same (mind freak crazy thought). :)

(29 Apr '14, 09:20) PERFECT GOOD

@fred Yes that is our world of duality. The only time there will be good without evil is when Jesus returns.

(29 Apr '14, 19:52) Wade Casaldi

wade, He returns when each learns to know in themselves that the balance must be struck to find the purpose of our creation

(02 May '14, 20:50) fred

perfect good, when one can see that there are cycles of incarnation, one lifetime is but a brief part of our learning

(04 May '14, 20:34) fred
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You say we all are cruel. is that statement true? a little child is cruel and another one is not what is the difference between the two child? is the one being cruel just imitating other and doing the same? Did he not understand is error? when it was done to him did he not see the error of this? or is he thinking that if other do it to me I can do it to them? then is the little child cruel? as for the other one that is not cruel is it because he is not doing the same as the other? did he understand right away this error that entrapment that all the other in this world are trap in? if he experience or saw it understand the truth about it and decided to not do the same is it because he is not cruel? you cannot stop any though you can understand them and put them to rest once solved. in two week of meditation one should have understand this if he really get to know himself.

As for being fearless in this world there is none that is fearless. fear serve a function for your physical well being. Yet fear should not rule you it would be better for you to understand this and make the proper choice.

Let me tell you a story: there was two man one was consider fearless by many people because he always add the first and last word with every one he did not worry about fighting any one for any thing and often needed to prove himself in pointless fight. yet when is house burn down there was a narrow door to get out of the house he could not cross it and the owner of the house died.

the other one was calm did not look for any fight did not engage in pointless battle. and many consider him some one slow stupid and wimp. when is house burn down there was a narrow door he crossed it and the owner of the house lived.

the dead are not alive and the living will not die.

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

"If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

"I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Apr '14, 16:54

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white tiger

edited 28 Apr '14, 19:06

We are not entertained with cruel thoughts because god has created the many creatures (lion, tiger etc) that feed themselves with cruelty. The vibrations of lion allow us to give attention to do other activities because he is taking care of cruelty. There are millions of vibrations in the universe that co-ordinate with each other to balance the peace in the universe. We are the luckiest one who enjoys the peace.

(29 Apr '14, 00:25) PERFECT GOOD

We can control thoughts and the best part is we can be silent.

(29 Apr '14, 00:30) PERFECT GOOD

is someone cruel if he cannot save other because he is not making the choice for them? or should he have faith that they will eventually grow up experience and enjoy and make better choice? you cannot say that jesus did not try to make them understand. yet they took it in the opposite direction because of their lack of understanding and killed their savior. Was it cruelty that made those children do this? Or fear lack of understanding and that little ego that run them for desire.

(29 Apr '14, 00:39) white tiger

We only want to understand of what we like it. Lack of understanding in this case is the same that people actually enjoy to oppose the Jesus teachings. They too themselves also know the truth. Its not the matter of cruelty or ego or greedy factors its all about the time that demands to do it. (Disclaimer : I may be completely or partly wrong)

(29 Apr '14, 01:07) PERFECT GOOD

if they really would know the truth they would be set free and they would not need to oppose anything. they would know the one that sent them to this world before they came to this world. they would have understanding superior to the world. just like some one that went to another country that very fee have been to would understand from experience what it is like in that country better then someone that never went there and only imagine what it is like or read about just little bit of info.

(29 Apr '14, 16:57) white tiger

The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one from the earth. The one who comes from heaven is above all. john 3.31

(29 Apr '14, 16:59) white tiger

white tiger, the seed is in all creations or they would not be (manifest) to what degree has great diversity. though our body may be of earth, our life spirit is from above for all of us though stubbornly by many snuffed out

(05 Jun '14, 20:56) fred

@fred what ever the diversity if one does iniquity still in is own darkness to himself and other thinking that he is good and blaming other and not wanting to understand other because of is ego and making division to himself and other this is a truth that one can learn on is water in meditation and until it is solved for the water to be unbroken he cannot see is reflection(spirit/ living one) and go deeper and knowing himself till the two become one. when the two become one with out fear the-

(06 Jun '14, 14:05) white tiger

living one can take the last narrow door go out and find pasture. many did not understand what jesus was talking about.

(06 Jun '14, 14:11) white tiger

@fred you see the diversity exist in this world many label and different way of saying thing. yet if people can understand each other the diversity is not the problem. the problem arise when they do not want to understand each other.

(06 Jun '14, 14:47) white tiger

white tiger, with the Will being diluted as each begotten created no more than its potential in its descending to mankind and aeons of corporeal heredity showing up as instinct, many variations of why we are here hence the authority given to our will until consciously upgraded

(08 Jun '14, 18:42) fred

@fred in this world every children come with a clean slate none remember why they are here and it might be better that way so they do not torment them self with all the error of their past life. also would it be a real test if they would know what it is about? many would cheat them self. some already do cleaning the outside of the cup and not the inside of the cup. as for the authority and the choice each one have it when the ego or the carnal mind lead they act like animal or even worse. -

(09 Jun '14, 09:16) white tiger

until they can solve their duality and iniquity with them self and other until the two become one and go back above. you say consciously upgraded I say wake up , be aware, know thyself in truth. truth is never divided of it self. ignorance and lie are divided from the truth and the truth know them. people ignore what they do not want to see or what they do not know or understand because they are afraid they lie to them self for that reason and they lie to other because they cannot accept the-

(09 Jun '14, 09:27) white tiger

truth and sometime yes some people cannot accept the truth it would be better to not lie and give only the truth that they are able to accept since you are not in their shoe it is hard to do. or they lie to gain something over other thinking that it will bring them something to cheat other for their desire. when they cheat other, other will cheat them also because they do the same so it is not good for them or other. and it is even worse for them, when they cheat someone that do not do like-

(09 Jun '14, 09:35) white tiger

they do, not because the other one is worse then them but because he is better then not tell them that because they cannot accept it and will probably want to nail him to a cross. thinking it will solve their problem and make them feel better. saying he took all our sin. when in fact he told you the truth.

(09 Jun '14, 09:45) white tiger

white tiger, the choice to let go of your experienced life to date happens when each is ready for it. we should not know why we are here but that it was within our willed choice to be so. though our organizations are like kind our powers are individually manufactured and not all at the same pace

(10 Jun '14, 19:53) fred
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For the ordinary, there is life and there is death. Simple facts. Society thrives on gaining life out of the "claws" of death. The enemy to conquer is death and our scientific improvements are allowing this "battle" to be a "hard battle." :-) The duality of life and death has the same premises as the one of Good and Evil.

For someone with greater awareness, life means to die at every second. In this type of awareness, life is as a strawberry shortcake (my favorite cake :-) and as we live we eat pieces of that cake, until there is none. That is death. That reminds me of Depeche Mode's song "Fly on the windscreen."

"Death is everywhere There are lambs for the slaughter Waiting to die And I can sense The hours slipping by Tonight."

In this type of consciousness, we are aware of being an ignited candle, which will burn away, someday... And that is it folks! Hope you had a good time while lit! :-) However, if life is about dying, then dying should be about living... :-) Look at our 24-hour day; it is full of meaning! On an average we sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours and do other things 8 hours. When we sleep, its like nothing else exists; yet a part of sleep is occupied by dreams. All these are symbolic of larger things that exist. We change bodies as we change costume; and death is comparable to the sleep after which we get up--put it simply body dies and spirit lives on. (Ecclesiastes 12:7; John 5:24)

Life is a dream. When dreaming, a dream is life. To wake up means to die from that dream. Death brings life again.. and life, death. That is the duality of life and death. Change is the only constant. Let us welcome the change, let us welcome death, life, death, life .....


answered 01 May '14, 03:08

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

I like your answer. Thank you TD Joseph

(01 May '14, 03:33) PERFECT GOOD

to wake up mean to live. the dead are not alive and the living will not die. how many people are afraid to die and believe only that the physical world exist and with out a physical body there is nothing? from that dream they will die. luke 9:23-27 many try to gain the whole world to the detriment of them self and other, thinking there is nothing after.

(11 Jun '14, 02:59) white tiger

wt, the active phase of creative spirit initiating another incarnation since the soul has digested all of the most recent life's interlude in material form. knowing that can be scary

(12 Jun '14, 19:10) fred
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