Being that we have all of the material we will ever need to propagate our technical advancement Meaning we have now all of the tools needed to invent the incredible technology of tomorrow. All we have to do is figure out how to manipulate the matter in the right fashion.

Now what is the only thing standing between nwo and then besides actual linear time?

Inspiration? Why does it take a certain amount of time for someone to say "Ah Ha!" or "I just figured it out" Do our Brains need to keep evolving to have the capacity to learn more or do we just lack the knowledge that magically comes to us?

I say inspiration.

And you?

Much love,


asked 30 Oct '10, 16:18

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jim 10

inspirations are most likey of a finer vibration, when we are too coarse we don't receive or feel them. it is those who can receive the vibration that get it.

(31 Oct '10, 23:55) fred

The universe is in constant movement, and the energy, and vibration is everywhere. Nothing is this universe is stagnant, since science, and technology is constantly changing, and is being replaced with more sophisticated technology.

Unless you are aware of these changes, and the amount of work being done on a daily basis, it will appear as if our advancement is slowing down, but behind the curtains a lot is being done that many of us are not aware of.

Also some technology takes many years of research work to test, and complete, before going onto the market. So, I do not think it is matter of slowing down in general, it is just a case of not having enough hours in the day to get all things done that we want to do, or getting the results here, and now.

More so, you have to understand that if you overload the system it will lead to malfunction, and it will slow up the process, so we do have to take things in strides, and to keep on working on advancement for our future generation, and in good time we will see the results of our hard work!


answered 04 Nov '10, 01:54

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So one might say everything is always moving at the correct speed. As in nothing is wrong and all is always perfect in the universe.

(05 Nov '10, 23:43) jim 10


Technology will always be advancing. What form of communication do you think we will have in ten years? We have the tools now. There is a delay because people need to make it affordable. This give us jobs.

The real advance must be in our treatment of others and our planet. The old saying, We can put people on the moon but can't get along with our neighbors. But look how far we come, maybe technology will help us bridge the gap we have with each other. Their probably is no lag in some parallel universe.




answered 30 Oct '10, 20:07

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