People on this forum repeat what i thought was just a saying, law of attraction this, law of attraction that, i read it that much i typed it in you tube and came across a lady speaking about it WOW! it left me feeling scared for the people listening to her, she could tie a concrete post in knots. Basically she attracts money and people and they are not attracting money themselves because they are not vibrating correctly, they have not aligned themselves correctly with the universe, it is all their fault. A guy made a statement very angrily, he was obviously distressed and not entirely well as he finished she told him he makes his own reality, and the one he is making will spiral into negativity until he dies and l o a will prove itself correct, she struck me as being deluded/greedy and manipulative, i would put a buyers beware sign on her straight away. then again maybe ive just attracted some bad energy now, i can imagine her followers being scared to leave in another few years for fear what the universe may do to them. SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAARY STUFF DUDES AND DUDESSES the manipulation of this law to suit the teacher is endless and self importantly re enforcing, it is a good way to become deluded and lost if you ask me. she even does ones on loosing weight, HELLO, WAKEUPCALL FOR SCAMM abrhm hicks

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paul st

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Barry Allen ♦♦


To clarify ~ you are saying the LOA is actually the law of shame & blame. That's actually a good question. Simple answer is no it's not..

(20 Feb '13, 01:04) ele

Fear=need for control=need for security=easy to manipulate through set of rules and laws which will seemingly provide control over their lives, thus enabling them to obtain security to compensate for fears they got.

I do it a bit differently now..."If I sleep with prostitutes I (fear) might not go to heaven" - "Fokoff heaven" = fear cured, fun remains. Easymode.

(20 Feb '13, 04:45) CalonLan

There are people that blame the man that gets mugged saying, "It was his own fault, he shouldn't have been walking that dark alley." But the man didn't know better so it wasn't his fault. Now if he did know better and walked it anyway that is different.

Compassion says, "it wasn't your fault you didn't know better." But let's change next time so you do.

(20 Feb '13, 17:59) Wade Casaldi

@Calonlan Fear is not need for control,Fear is something unknow that might affect you in a negative way,bringing you harm etc... Need for security is your protection against unwanted hazard. As for sleeping with anny one you want it is your decision and as nothing to do with heaven.

(20 Feb '13, 19:11) white tiger

to ele, no i am saying Abraham hicks seems to be using this law for her/his their own gain, i am saying they have made it all about that law, it is a beautiful law but like any law can be manipulated for a certain type of persons own gain and usually beautiful open people are chewed up and spat out confused with their pockets empty in the process. the abuser making their millions as would seem the case in regards to this channel-er of Abraham,WHAT T F, channel-er of abraham!!!come on plz.

(20 Feb '13, 22:53) paul st

@paul st ~ thank you for clarifying. Other than purchasing a few books; it has cost me zip. You can easily find those books in libraries at no cost. IQ is free & there are many free books at psi-tek (click the link at the bottom of any page). I understand what you are saying & sadly that does happen.. I don't believe beautiful open people are easily manipulated by the LOA.

(21 Feb '13, 04:11) ele

plenty of people make plenty of money sometimes in manipulating other people ... the law of attraction is always at work in all domains for everyone ... i accept without judgement

(21 Feb '13, 04:48) ru bis

@white tiger, it's not the same thing but one gives birth to another. And as for sleeping with others, in this case I heard it to be a sin a lot of times. Just illustrating how people take things as far as they want. Everything they don't like themselves, will be marked as sin. And everything they approve of will be good deed. It's a joke.

(21 Feb '13, 06:29) CalonLan

@CalonLan The reason sex is said to be a sin is because the leaders wanted to have all the women. It is just a way to thin out the competition. It's not because people don't like it, it's because they want to redirect the attention of others away from what they like. See the life of Muhammad for a shinning example of this. Muslims look like prudes from a western perspective but come on, suicide bombers kill themselves so they can get to a heavenly brothel! Same with Al Gore and CO2.

(21 Feb '13, 08:35) flowsurfer

@Calonlan You have encounter many on the milk and very fee eating meat.I understand what you say and why you say it.Yet each things have their perpace.Sin is when you hurt your self or other by your own choice. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. listen to the heart of the law.Justice(equality),Mercy,good faith. is that not better then judging and doing to other what you hate?

(21 Feb '13, 22:34) white tiger

@Calonlan Some have done to you what you hate that is why you react that way. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Do you want to break this cycle? Start from the inside to the outside.Show other that there is a better way. How many year did this world do war and conflict?Will they not ever learn?Do they have to experience the receiving side to learn what it does?Before they change-

(21 Feb '13, 22:53) white tiger

their ways?

(21 Feb '13, 22:54) white tiger

@Calonlan "...I do it a bit differently now..."If I sleep with prostitutes I (fear) might not go to heaven" - "Fokoff heaven" = fear cured, fun remains. Easymode..."

This seems to be true. Being angry feels better than being fearful of something, but imagine if you can love what scares you and still choose to do your own thing?

(24 Feb '13, 02:52) arpgme
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If taken as just one single piece of a puzzle, I suppose it could be. Example: A friend tells me she is diagnosed with a late-stage cancer. I could tell her she attracted this into her life by all of the grudges and anger she holds within her, which I have often noticed. This may be true that she attracted it. But by my statement, she would feel more guilt and feel even worse. Or I could see the big picture and be supportive. I could tell her that I love it when she is forgiving and I love it when she lets go of anger. I could tell her it feels so good to let go of grievances at any stage of life. I could offer her love and comfort, which is what we are supposed to do for one another. The practice of LOA depends on the practitioner. Anger, blame and reproach are never a positive thing, whether in the name of LOA or anything else.


answered 20 Feb '13, 11:27

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LeeAnn 1


yes i like your down to earth answer LeeAnn 1 - the intention in my own answer was to comfort and show that i understood, however it seems to have backfired on me, a good lesson :)

(20 Feb '13, 11:34) ru bis

@Lee Ann 1 You sound like a good friend Lee Ann :) I like this answer.

(20 Feb '13, 11:47) Catherine

@LeeAnn 1, Terrific response! I like your approach. Thanks :)

(20 Feb '13, 13:18) figure8shape

@Lee Ann 1 You interpreted the user's question in the same way I did. It's hard to tell anyone who has cancer, been raped, lost their home & job or can't get the law to work for them, it's their fault. Beautiful, thoughtful & very helpful answer!

(20 Feb '13, 15:27) ele

@ru bis ~ how did you attract this? "no good deed goes unpunished" lol! aw, don't ever change true bliss..

(20 Feb '13, 15:28) ele

1 million seeds fall from a tree, only one manages to take root in ten years. Did the tree not attract enough grace to warrant more offspring, after all the odds were in its favor. you are not responsible for everything in your life just most of it and ignorance of that fact attracts more bad than good, simple, move on and remember, don't build a religion around it, try and box it in and it will bite back, hard.

(20 Feb '13, 23:34) paul st

@ele, @paul st - lesson understood :)

(21 Feb '13, 01:13) ru bis

yes, lesson understood, that is, drop out of my head and into my heart, relax and discover the natural state of abundance inside :)

(21 Feb '13, 02:19) ru bis
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Is it just me or does this law of attraction seem like it could send you round in a self loathing/blaming circle

It could do to you all kind of things. But there is an important point. The law doesn't do anything. You do!

It is just a law. You are responsible for your own results.

In the same way the law of gravity can be dangerous if you use it in a wrong way. So I will apply your question to the law of gravity first.

Is it just me or does this law of gravity seem like it could kill people.

Yes, you will die if you don't understand the law of gravity intuitively or logically.

If you never fell as a kid, you probably never learned intuitively that falling means hurting yourself.

So usually you understand how the law of gravity works by experiencing things yourself. You don't need a physicist telling you the gravity formula to understand this law.

After falling a few times as a kid you usually assume that for instance falling from a cliff could hurt even more.

ffalt textff

So normally you don't fight the law of gravity intuitively. You welcome it and use it to your advantage. You don't hurt yourself intentionally using the law of gravity as a kid (assuming you weren't a depressiv and suicidal kid :).

But what happens if you don't understand the law of gravity intuitively?

Usually your parents tell you that it hurts to fall and that the law of gravity can be dangerous. They explain to you on a logical level how the law of gravity works. So ultimately you understand the law of gravity logically if you can't figure it out intuitively yourself.

Eventually you take this inuitive and logical knowledge and go even further as a grownup. For example you invent a watermill or a hydroelectric facility using your knowledge about the law of gravity to your advantage.

So the point is that

  • the law of gravity is not responsible for your results...but you are!
  • the law of attraction is not responsible for your results...but you are!

"With great power, comes great responsibility." Uncle Ben in Spiderman :)

Just one thing about being a sceptic regarding the law of attraction and its practicality.

I've always been the greatest skepctic in general. And I don't think actually that this a problem. Many great thinkers in history have recommended to test things first before believing someone else blindly.

This kind of philosophy led to something that we all know today as science. Testing and measuring are totally valid tools.

Just give the law of attraction a try for 30 days. Find ways to feel good or even amazing for 30 days and watch good stuff coming to you almost magically.

If you don't test it for yourself, you will never know if it works. Because the law of attraction works all the time and if you don't believe in it, it will give you "fake evidence" that it doesn't work. That's why you can't believe a scientist when he talks about the LOA. His beliefs will proof the LOA wrong (or not). You must test it for yourself. You must be your own scientist.


answered 20 Feb '13, 03:09

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I am not a skeptic and believe l o a exists, that along with many other laws and to concentrate on just one and say it is the answer to all your prayers/nightmares is not healthy.

(20 Feb '13, 09:49) paul st

@releaser99, Yes! Thank you. One MUST test the LOA for their self.

(20 Feb '13, 14:02) figure8shape

@paul st If you truly believe that the LOA exists, then you understand that LOA will be the answer to all your prayers/nightmares...if you believe in it. It will not be the answer to all your prayers/nightmares if you don't or just partially believe in it. What you believe will become true through the LOA.

I realize that I sound like a religious fanatic :). But as I already mentioned before: don't believe me! Trust your own inner guidance and TEST LOA yourself for 30 days to proof it.

(20 Feb '13, 16:47) releaser99

you use as an analogy the most misunderstood, hardest to pin down and most widely theorized force in the universe to put me right on your misguided perception of my question, flawless.

(20 Feb '13, 23:13) paul st

p.s why the suicidal sheep re-leaser

(21 Feb '13, 00:01) paul st

@releaser ~ @paul st does have a point. You are an amazing writer & teacher; but I don't think sheep was a good choice. Sheep is the universal symbol for follower. Neither IQ or LOA is a cult.

(21 Feb '13, 04:00) ele

@paul st @ele I think that's the problem with symbols. Sometimes many interpretations are possible. I thought my intention would be clear within the context. For me it's just a funny picture which symbolizes the law of gravity :).

(21 Feb '13, 05:06) releaser99

@releaser99 ~ I understood your intention & I really like the pic and still do. As for the critique ~ just my opinion.

(21 Feb '13, 05:48) ele
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If you actually think and notice about it, the people who often jump and say that "LOA doesnt work" and "LOA is a scam" are usually those who have always been blaming everything else except themselves for the current plight they are in. Originally I was open to listening people who claim that LOA is a scam to hear their side of the story, but as I got to know them better, I found that this was usually the case most of the time.

If you are worried that this LOA thing could send you into a negative loop and cycle, that is partially true, especially if you have to constantly watch your thoughts. It's just too difficult for anyone to do so, especially when they have been auto-piloting their thoughts for 20-40years or more.

If you want to believe in the LOA but currently can't, the better way would be to take it one step at a time. Start by being more positive in your own life and becoming more happy, before deciding whether you want to take further steps to use manifesting tools.

As the saying goes, if the knife kills a person, don't blame the knife. The knife can be good or bad depending on how the wielder actually uses it !


answered 20 Feb '13, 07:31

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The main reason we are taught to think and feel better thoughts is cause thoughts and feelings take on a life of their own if we don't foucus and be deliberate. So if I have a thought of lack, then I might also be tempted to have a shaming or blaming thought quickly after that cause after all I attracted it. So the sooner I end the downward spiral the better, then I can start being a magnet for a better feelking life. I found that changing my old habits took a bit , and yes I found myself beating myself up along the way when I couldn't fix it right away. That was just part of the negative spiral, and it's so much better to live life with a positive spiral and checking my emotions frequently so I know what path I'm allowing. It's up to me to determine who or what I listen to. If it feels bad I move to another teacher.


answered 20 Feb '13, 07:24

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If you want to be in the next town there are two things you can do.

  1. You can complain because you are not in the next town, and blame yourself for not driving.

  2. You can take your keys and drive there yourself and be happy when you get there.

We are given the understanding of The Law Of Attraction to give us understanding that we have choices to how our future works out for us.

The LOA is like your car keys, you need to push them in and start the engine going. Once you do there is the driving part, that means the motivation and the steering. In other words your action part, are you looking for opportunities in the road less bumpy road, short cuts etc...

Look at what you do not want, as Mike Kemski would say imagine a rebel genie. He pops out of a bottle. He says, "Alright I'm giving you 30 seconds to write everything you want gone from your life!" Do it, you have 30 seconds!

Now he yells at you again, "Done, now you have 30 second to write everything you want in life, go!" Again do it!

You now know what you do not want and you do want. Let what you do not want make you angry to the point of that you change. You have to get that disgusted to totally switch what you are doing and not look back.

If we keep doing what we are doing, we keep getting what we are getting.

Look forwards, don't look back. Don't get into thinking, "What happened?" Think, "What do I want to happen?" If we keep asking "Why", we'll never get time to ask, "Why not?" Time has no interest in the past, it cares not about where it was, only where it is going.


answered 20 Feb '13, 02:19

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Wade Casaldi

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@wade casaldi- amazingly wriiten..

(20 Feb '13, 05:11) supergirl

@Wade Casaldi Good answer Wade. Last paragraph - so true.

(21 Feb '13, 02:37) Catherine

@supergirl thank you so much, it is a joy writing and appreciation makes it ever more so.

(21 Feb '13, 02:38) Wade Casaldi

@Catherine thank you so much, yes where we are and how we got there is a past matter. Where we want to go now that there is the prize. :-)

(21 Feb '13, 12:43) Wade Casaldi
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Well it is true that we all make our own reality. yet we are not alone in this world. And if she cares more about money and material stuff then people it is her problem.If she judges and blame it is also her problem. You have free will and are responsible of it.If you do something bad to someone else and it comes back to you who can you blame?You reap what you sow. Maybe she will have to ajust and align her self better with the universe afterward.LOA as this problem that many see it as doing nothing to obtain desire. As long as someone is trap in their desire they do not see the mystery.And nothing is really obtain for nothing,usely it is a trade you work and get money you give money and buy something.You help people and people help you.So thinking that just using LOA will give you everything and there is nothing to do is not really in truth. And if LOA is what you stopped at well experience and enjoy it but there is much more to experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Feb '13, 00:01

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white tiger


(20 Feb '13, 00:11) paul st

Why are you shouting @paul st ?

(20 Feb '13, 01:05) ele
(20 Feb '13, 02:50) ursixx

lol! You know how much I love sing-a-longs @ursixx!

(20 Feb '13, 02:56) ele

@paul st Are you afraid that i am stalking you?You asked the question i have told you the answer.Why be in opposition unity and working together is always best.

(20 Feb '13, 13:02) white tiger

sorry for shouting slip of the finger i guess. love to you w-tigs, love to all :)

(21 Feb '13, 21:21) paul st
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No its not just you, i believe LOA could do this to you.

It could send you in a downward spiral and destroy your 3 dimensional life. Absolutely right.

I must explain that i dont particularly like the phrase LOA, personally i prefer the phrase LOC,Law of Consciousness. As a man thinks in his "heart" so is he.There is some debate as to weather things are attracted or drawn to someone, or perhaps they themselves are drawn to a different reality track, with differing situations and things in them.

However you decipher the mechanics of it, your creating or perhaps moving yourself to differing realities. Either way your getting what you PREDOMINANTLY and CONSISTENTLY ,REALLY believe .

So by the same law...however you decipher this could also end up in an upward spiral that leads to pretty much the opposite scenario that youve listed in your question.

Now i know its not pleasant to be told that YOUR responsible for your own thoughts and beliefs,and ultimately the reality track your now on .It feels kinda nice to blame the devil, Obama,Cameron, the tax man etc etc for all our problems. Nice...but rubbish.

You may choose to dis believe Esther, disbelieve the bible,Bashar,Neville,Zeland .

But your completely subject to the laws they talk about. You may think Esthers the biggest lier in the universe..but you cant "opt out" of the cause and effect system she teaches.

Your in it up to your neck, you decided to be in it, and as much as you fight against it your subject to these laws. End off.

They are always working for you, they bring you what you believe they will. Percieved good or makes no difference.

Its up to you, your choice. But you cant put yourself in neutral here. Your going up or down.

Choose up



answered 24 Feb '13, 05:17

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Monty Riviera

edited 24 Feb '13, 05:18

I notice from your profile that you joined I.Q. just four days ago - i know from experience that it can be quite an ordeal for newcomers to be exposed to deep explications of how we function and put their belief systems under pressure - and the deeper the belief, the stronger the resistance and greater is the pressure ... in fact in the beginning as blubird i felt so routed and became so troublesome on IQ that Barry Allen closed my account with IQ ... the bit about self loathing/blaming resonates in me and reflects my own similar feelings coming back to surface ... it is a sign of making progress. I.Q. didn't invent the law of attraction, it is the basis of our physical world and has been in action since the beginning of time :)


answered 20 Feb '13, 03:00

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

edited 25 Feb '13, 03:21

wow, let m i am not self loathing, i am not blaming, i am merely concerned and confused about what i saw in the video. i do not have what you would call a conventional belief system, i believe in the law but i also know it is not all that is at play in our lives. To tell somebody everything that happens to them is their fault that they created it is a form of evading and not answering deeper and more profound questions, no wonder most speakers are just greedy moneymakers, they are self obsessed.

(20 Feb '13, 09:33) paul st

your real reply to me as i read it rubis:} you have just joined, you are a neewbie, you know nothing WE are all deep believers on here except you you are self loathing and blaming because you have written these things, everything you believe is wrong, WE are right YOU ARE SLOWLY BEING TURNED TO OUR WAY OF THINKING EVEN THOUGH YOU DONT REALISE IT, I KNOW YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF.

(20 Feb '13, 09:40) paul st

thanks for clearly expressing how you feel :)

(20 Feb '13, 09:42) ru bis

we are all here to learn about ourselves and progress, including myself

(20 Feb '13, 10:26) ru bis

@paul st "i believe in the law but i also know it is not all that is at play in our lives" Do share your beliefs with us. I am curious, if nothing else. What else is at play in our lives?

(20 Feb '13, 10:30) flowsurfer

@Paul st i can play your game also. i have unconventionnal belief that are better then your belief.I do not believe in the law something else is at play in our lives everything you believe is wrong,iam right i fear people that know me or more then me,and want to turn me to what they hahaha i think you are in the same boat even if you sit on the other side,because you do the same thing,eventually you need to sit in the middle.

(20 Feb '13, 11:41) white tiger

@ru ~ when I saw your answer last night ~ I knew it was going to come back and bite you in the derrière. Voting you up!

(20 Feb '13, 15:40) ele

to flowsurfer.A few laws i have recognized for myself the unfathomable, uncontrollable, unpredictable and majestic law of love. the tremendous unbending all supporting ever forgiving law of nature. The universes right hand man the law of averages(sperm, star formation vs life, fish offspring, etc.)

(21 Feb '13, 21:07) paul st

flowsurfer continued, I'm sure l o a obsessives will swallow them all up and shove them un-romantically into their perfect all encompassing monster that has been created. I can picture it now, love, nature, averages god being fed to the poor chained up greedy monster that never wanted to be like that he was beautiful once but they made him that way through their own greed.

(21 Feb '13, 21:09) paul st

@paul st "i am merely concerned and confused about what i saw in the video." Perhaps you could post a link to the video.

@flowsurfer "i believe in the law but i also know it is not all that is at play in our lives" Agree..

(21 Feb '13, 23:00) ele

@paul st Why do you think Ru bis is a IQ guru? From his profile; it shows he's only been a member for a couple weeks & even if you never clicked on his profile; he had less than 500 karma points & that alone should have told you he was a newbie.

(24 Feb '13, 04:06) ele

@paul st Your comments were made prior to any announcement to the contrary.

(24 Feb '13, 04:14) ele

@paul st I didn't mean to imply IQ has guru's. To be clear, IQ does not have any gurus.

(24 Feb '13, 05:29) ele

@ru bis That was before my time & I can't even imagine it. When we interacted a year ago; I did not detect a sense of humor; its obvious you have one. Of course when I was on IQ a year ago; I was in serious mode myself; which luckily lasted only a few months.

(25 Feb '13, 21:41) ele
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