Eventhough over the past few weeks I have manifested many experiences, most of which almost seemed impossible in my life just a month ago, there is still a desire that the moment I think of it immediately a little voice in my head tells me this is not possible. I have tried Focus Blocks, Pivoting and everything I come across but still I can't seem to get past this doubt. Can someone suggest something which will help me get past this doubt?

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(20 Jun '10, 00:16) Michaela


It's quite a general question so I can probably only suggest a general answer.

Maybe you should take a look at what the underlying belief (habit of thought) behind this doubt is?

Let's say you are trying to draw a relationship into your life but you have an underlying belief that you are not worthy of being in a relationship for some reason. The belief is not unconscious - because anything unconscious cannot activate the Law of Attraction - but it is something you have lived with for so long that you have grown used to thinking it, and no longer realize you are thinking it.

Then, no matter how much you try to draw that relationship in, you are just going to keep sabotaging yourself because of that underlying belief about yourself. It's not really sabotage, of course, it's just the Law of Attraction impersonally matching the thoughts you are habitually thinking.

Often just bringing that underlying belief back into your conscious awareness, so you realize again that you are thinking it, can be enough to shake it loose or, at least, give you something more concrete to work with rather than just a vague doubt.

One way that has been quite effective for me to uncover these underlying, limiting beliefs in the past has been to ask myself the following four questions and reflect upon the answers I come up with...

  • Q1: What is the thing that gets in the way?

  • Q2: What is the belief you must have about yourself to let the thing get in the way?

  • Q3: What kind of person would have this belief?

  • Q4: What else would you have to believe for that belief to be true?

There are also some good suggestions for uncovering limiting beliefs here...What are your best methods for uncovering limiting beliefs?


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Thanks Stingray , I have added this into the note on my desktop to self The Simplest Way answer of yours , it's an easy reminder of all being in it's correct place and just letting God get on with his work , now I understand the term , "getting out of the way ", lol, its alway been a mystery to me before this moment .

(17 Dec '12, 19:18) Starlight

I would suggest writing down your thoughts about it, what are you thinking that is causing this doubt ? You said as soon as I start thinking about it your head says it is not possible, You are right it is something you are thinking,work with your thoughts till you get them positively working as one with you.


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I agree with Sharon & Stingray: Get to the source. IMHO there is an underlying pretense, i.e., inauthenticity. In my experience, it's just as difficult to get at the fake-out as it is to solve a problem by staring at it.

I've had success with identifying any inauthenticity and working that one out. The seeming is that clearing up any of the flawed assumptions I've created, subscribed to, and forgotten opens my self up, frees me. This is related, I think, to the way that cleaning up physical clutter gives me energy and freedom.

It's as if the holding onto previous negativity costs me something. I think this is what economists call Opportunity Cost.

Thanks for asking this question. You have reminded me of who I am.


answered 20 Jun '10, 17:03

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Sharon, maybe there is good reason for the doubt. You may be sensing something about the situation that is creating the doubt. Always trust your feelings. As Stingray suggested ask yourself what is really behind it. When I want to get to the bottom of something I would write and write until the truth reveal itself. good luck


answered 23 Jun '10, 23:56

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First do these exercises mentioned about discovering limiting beliefs. Then apply EFT tapping on those negative emotions and limiting beliefs to eliminate them.


answered 26 Feb '11, 17:43

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Fairy Princess

Instead of focusing on the doubt, start thinking about what if it was right here right now? What if it already happened? and then put the intention forward, and repeat it or autosuggest it as much as you need to "I already see the way or I am already sure of this as a fact" And even stomp around your house and DECLARE it, don't ask the universe for it but say it over and over again and shout it- Its already here! Its mine. It has been mine this whole time and its coming to me right now, Its here already" say that over and over again and stomp on the ground and shout it out as much as you have to really believe it. Once this is believed, the universe will show up with it.


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