I know a person (very dear to me) that has been attracting violent attacks from criminals or just some street thieves. He was attacked or robbed quite many times last year. It usually happened to him when he was just walking on the street. Clearly he attracts it because it keeps happening. The question is how does someone attract things like that? Or even better question, how not to attract any of that any more??? Any ideas welcome...

asked 30 Aug '12, 07:50

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Vanilla Sensation

Funnily enough, I think the answer I just wrote a few moments ago in response to How can I cut through the negativity of backstabbing coworkers following my promotion at work? would apply exactly here as well.

Yes, he is attracting it (as you've noticed) but the underlying cause of what's causing the attraction may be something completely unrelated to the subject of the violence itself.

It is quite possible, for example, to be so upset about, say, about a romantic relationship not working out that it creates the same emotional response within you as, say, your car being broken into and so you find your car repeatedly being broken into, until you clean up the vibrational cause.

And that isn't a random example either because it happened to me many years ago. It took me 3 car break-ins within the space of a couple of months (after never experiencing any breakins previously ever) to spot the pattern :) When I found a way to feel better, it all suddenly stopped.

Our physical manifestations match our emotions, not necessarily the subject of our negativity.


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@Stingray- Bare in mind, if you've got the car from that super cheesy tv show made in the 80s, hense your avatar name, it'd be pretty daring to break into anyhow :P Those robbers made a good selection.

Not good to hear, but cool example story!

(30 Aug '12, 11:14) Nikulas

Well yeah, what I thought was this could respond to the feeling of being a victim in some other situation. Thanks!

(30 Aug '12, 18:11) Vanilla Sensation

This is my answer to another question,but it is valid here too.

I found myself with this prayer on the internet and it have been very useful, even in life-or-death situations. Notes that is related to the Hermetic philosophy. It has in his body the seven hermetic principles. I reduced it to the size of a credit card, I plasticize the card and i carry it in my wallet all the time. I hope it is useful for you.I read it at least once a day.

I am positively Vibrating in higher plane, Polarized in the opposite end to the evil, the law of compensation acts always in my favor and the law of Rhythm cannot affect me, using a law against another gain control, the Universe is Mental and that is why it is transmutable, I create(Gender) what i think, the Effect is always the product of Cause, and with it i am in Correspondence with the absolute Causal Matrix…. The seven Principles

1 Principle of Mentalism 2 Principle of Correspondence 3 Principle of Vibration 4 Principle of Polarity 5 Principle of Rhythm 6 Principle of Cause and Effect 7 Principle of Gender


answered 31 Aug '12, 21:40

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