I have been in a room with a teacher who had the ability to give mass shaktipat. I saw the energy releasing like a wave from people as it moved through the crowd, igniting them. He sat on a high stage and encouraged the followers attachment to him in various ways. He was not perfect in his personal life by any stretch, yet he still maintained his ability to administer that potent awakening energy. I believe they are allowed to abuse this law for financial gains because as a race we are transitioning from our current collectively conscious state towards a higher one, and so the energy released is welcomed in the human arena by which ever means necessary to start the ball rolling if you will. I do believe there will be a tipping point also where this type of misleading self serving form of teaching will be crushed as people look to themselves to reach their higher state through self discovery and investigation unattached and non wielding to another, discovering the power of themselves, guiding themselves as the universe whispers in the background.

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paul st

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Definition from Wikipedia: "Shaktipat or Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from sakti - "(psychic) energy" - and pāta, "to fall") refers in Hinduism to the conferring of spiritual "energy" upon one person by another. Shaktipat can be transmitted with a sacred word or mantra, or by a look, thought or touch - the last usually to the ajna chakra or third eye of the recipient."

I had never heard of this term until now. I thought I would post a definition of others who also may not have heard of this. Jai

(22 Feb '13, 21:51) Jaianniah

@paul st I agree with you that people should know them self.If they do not know them self they cannot know other.Then on what do they base what is the truth?Who will they believe or trust? Should they not all start by knowing them self? Was not jesus like this also? Jesus, however, would not entrust Himself to them, since He knew them all http://bible.cc/john/2-24.htm "'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. http://bible.cc/matthew/15-8.htm

(26 Feb '13, 19:39) white tiger

What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.'" http://bible.cc/matthew/15-11.htm Then the disciples came to him and asked, "Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?" http://bible.cc/matthew/15-12.htm

(26 Feb '13, 19:45) white tiger


(26 Feb '13, 20:03) white tiger
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In our culture the equivalent of shaktipat is magnetizer ... we live in a world of belief and anyone can train to be a magnetizer, we all naturally possess human magnetism and there are exercises that enable us to strengthen and consciously exteriorize it ... so in practice there is nothing super human, good or bad in it, just as anyone with a bit of talent and a lot of training can become a master in anything.

alt text



So such people can earn a lot of money practicing their art and sometimes they are idolized, in the same way can be a musician, singer, circus performer ... saying that these performers abuse for financial gain and idol worship concerns personal judgement dependent on beliefs, i prefer non judgement, allowing.


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ru bis

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@ru bis you truly are Abraham obsessed, how you crush this ancient method into your perfect l o a notion is nothing independant of this monster, it swallows everything.I bet you had never heard of this ancient way of energy transference before and allready you are an expert, judgement is your tool for self preservation and part of your self guidance system. Any teacher telling you that you must let go of this completely, or that you are left with that idea, must be available to you 24hours a day

(23 Feb '13, 06:44) paul st

thanks for clearly expressing how you feel :)

(23 Feb '13, 06:53) ru bis

i would just like to add that my ideas are more in line with those of mostafa belkayate, a brilliant stock market trader, whose methods can be transposed vibrationally to any situation, including how we perceive the loa here on I.Q.

(23 Feb '13, 09:33) ru bis

@ru bis u follow another money obsessed con artist, shock. This reminds me of Jesus turning over the tables in the temple, angry because people were using spiritual territory to make money, This is what these charlatans are doing, disgusting.

(23 Feb '13, 20:09) paul st

@ru bis "including how WE perceive the l o a HERE ON I.Q" so i take it your opinions and perception on l o a is exactly mimicked by every member, they all agree with you? a very bold statement. You back your statements up with a collective term of we here on IQ a lot.

(23 Feb '13, 20:18) paul st

@ru bis definition of a know it all all the answers with none of the questions, perfect :)

(23 Feb '13, 21:21) paul st

and non judgement is non attachment, in other words this is a game of no consequence by non commitment? I think your just here for your own amusement and frolic, that is my judgement, my filtered conclusion through my perceptual conclusion formed from filtered absorption of your copy/paste abatement. copy your mortar, paste your brick as you build up a picture subtle wind up merchant flick. Am i wrong? you are too funny.

(23 Feb '13, 21:35) paul st

@ru bis and non judgement is non attachment, in other words this is a game for you with no consequence achieved by non commitment? I think your just here for your own amusement and frolic. That is my judgement, my filtered conclusion that formed through my perceptual conclusion formed from filtered absorption of your copy/paste abatement. copy your mortar, paste your brick as you build up a picture subtle wind up merchant flick. Am i wrong? you are too funny.

(23 Feb '13, 21:44) paul st

@paul st - thank you again for clearly expressing how you feel, as for myself it feels like a soul purge :)

(24 Feb '13, 02:48) ru bis

It's personal @ru bis. I've made several snarky remarks & pds does not attack me or anyone else. I've read some of pds's previous answers & it doesn't seem like it's the same person.

(24 Feb '13, 04:53) ele

@paul st Very good question. Why are you attacking ru bis again instead of thanking him? When you become more skilled at this you will realize less is more. Curious, why the two down votes?

(24 Feb '13, 04:59) ele

@ele i have read past comments where you two tagteam. lots of snarky whispers between u both hidden in old posts. rubis answers the most outrgeous questions with regurgetation and unconsequencial imagination as you giggle underneath and prod. i am who i am i believe rubis/ele r frauds. this is why i judge, rubis says he is non judgment/ his answer to my law of attraction ques was littred.

(24 Feb '13, 09:28) paul st

Under normal circumstances I would not respond to this post; but since you involved other people I will. There are many new members here & I don't want ru bis to be judged by the company he keeps. First of all, it is impossible to whisper on an open forum. With the exception of @CalonLan who was subscribed to those prior questions we have NEVER spoke about another member since we met last year. True, I am the instigator & I was the ONLY one who ever said anything which could be construed as ...

(26 Feb '13, 02:09) ele

... offensive. ru bis did not & it is not in his nature to do so; at least since I've known him. Cal is amongst the few IQ members whose ego does not bruise easily. Not an excuse for bad jokes & I apologize to Cal & to any other member I may have offended. You never bothered to respond to my other questions or post a link to the disturbing video. If you were after a LOA or Abraham guru you would have went after another member. You knew prior to any announcement ru bis was not a new . . .

(26 Feb '13, 02:11) ele

... member. Another member ( @Catherine ) who interacted with both persona's was actively looking for him to appear & she did not recognize him. How did you know? You weren't just a lurker who suddenly joined. Please do not insult my intelligence; you are intelligent & well read. You know how to spell & write coherently. Sure it's harder when you type on a phone; but it's much easier to get a 2nd or 3rd acct if you have one. I'm sure you know it's against the rules & you prob know more . . .

(26 Feb '13, 02:15) ele

... more about this forum than I do. IMO, you are not a new user; you have another acct & ALL the inconsistencies plus the over played dumb act told me you were trying to deceive & it was personal. A substance abuse or rage issue could also explain it; but that would be making excuses for deception & I don't think you have either issue. True, I do tend to giggle.. Sorry I spoiled your fun. Had I not, no matter how much you goaded him, ru bis would never respond in any other way ~

(26 Feb '13, 02:18) ele

~ but as he did; with love, kindness & compassion.. ps, pds - I voted wildlife's post back up. I liked it!

(26 Feb '13, 02:20) ele

@ele - seems to me the soul purge continues elsewhere than in myself ... cool :)

(26 Feb '13, 02:40) ru bis

@ru bis No, not a soul purge. If it was, I would have said a heck of a lot more. I didn't derive any pleasure from this. Quite the opposite - it's draining - turned my smile upside down. I realize paul st is in much pain & I do feel for pds - I really do.

(26 Feb '13, 04:44) ele

@paul st :yes it's true I am here "just for my own amusement and frolic" If I don't find happiness in what I do whats the point?

(26 Feb '13, 05:04) ursixx

@ursixx - "just for my own amusement and frolic" well said my friend :)

(26 Feb '13, 05:14) ru bis

@ele - yes i have the impression that paul st is in much pain, as for myself i feel "purged", thanks

(26 Feb '13, 05:17) ru bis

@ursixx ~ I was hoping you would appear & like magic you did. (smile is right side up - laughing!) @ru bis it's a circus, evil ponies & evil magicians scaring little boys & suckers born every day (Barnum) along with puppets having their strings pulled & wild animal acts. Life is but a dream - next act. Thanks guys...

(26 Feb '13, 05:46) ele

@ele I'm easy to find just ask/email @Grace ;)

(26 Feb '13, 06:03) ursixx

@ursixx Thank-you! I know who you are. I'm very curious. I'm a cat. The front door was wide open. Didn't you hear me come in? I was laughing at what I saw. Good memory; still makes me smile.

(27 Feb '13, 05:15) ele

@ru bis Conscious control of the human aura ~ love it. I love the concentration exercises & bookmarked it. Thanks! I recall doing those same ones a few years ago. About the Circus ~ Cal's evil ponies. All those things remind me of Carnivals which I love ~ more magical and intimate than a circus don't you agree.

(27 Feb '13, 05:31) ele

@ele another cat? Welcome to the flock then...

(27 Feb '13, 05:39) ursixx

@ele - yes carnivals are magic, by the way if you're a cat then i think i must be a dog, woof woof :)

(27 Feb '13, 05:40) ru bis

@ru bis I always like to go to bed laughing...

(27 Feb '13, 05:51) ele

@ursixx sorry, I didn't see your post. I was laughing too hard. Flocks of cats?
@ru bis . . . very wise changing user names don't you think.

(27 Feb '13, 06:03) ele

Maxi,Bettan,Dude,itller,Simba,Lilmor,Karma and @ele http://goo.gl/iIOtP http://goo.gl/XQBeq

(27 Feb '13, 06:15) ursixx

@ursixx laughing - loved it - especially the eyes. Thanks! Woof - Woof stills kills me - so very unexpected - even beats out S & P & Sheldon.. You'll have to do better U.

(01 Mar '13, 18:51) ele

@ursixx Anyone can get a anonymous email acct or a fake FB acct & claim to be anyone they want. This is a very creepy thought. If anyone has contacted either you or @Grace claiming they are me; it's not me. I would advise any new member considering contacting another user here to read past posts & commend any user who has done so. You'll get a 'sense' of who the user is. I hope no member would try to impersonate another member; but I feel impersonating me would not be hard to do since ...

(16 Mar '13, 08:06) ele

... I'm fairly easy to read. I'll give you a heads up first. I know you think I have trust issues - yes, but privacy issues concern me more. I also didn't mean to imply I did not trust you. I'm just not a flock type person. Nikulas is the only other user here who knows my user name - ask him - not going to friend you tho.

(16 Mar '13, 08:07) ele
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