And how do you use this energy to connect to the Universe, grow and manifest?

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There is a book called "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden which describes a bunch of exercises designed to balance and strengthen your energy systems. I've been using her exercises for a while and I like them. I especially like the "zip up" and the "three thumps". The thumps involve massaging and gently tapping your chest area. There are many pressure points there and this gets my energy flowing pretty good. Interestingly enough, this is why you see monkeys beat their chests.

I also practice yoga asanas and pranayama everyday. The practice of yoga is also meant to bring awareness to the subtleties of your energy. In english, often times we translate pranayama as "breathing techniques" but what it really means is "the stretching and the movement of the life force energy". I take many deep breaths throughout the day knowing that I am playing with "life force energy", Prana, Chi, or Ki.

There is a meditation I practice called the Unity Breath which is designed to allow you to connect with the Creator of All That Is.

  • Sit quietly, and take a few deep breaths
  • Feel your heart and send love to Mother Earth
  • Wait a few seconds or minutes and Mother Earth will send her love back up
  • Let this love open up your lower chakras, pausing at the heart
  • Now send your love up, through your upper chakras to Father Sky, the stars and the heavens
  • Go way up, and talk to God. Tell God how you feel and what you want
  • Consider it a done deal, and feel that energy come back into your heart
  • Stay here as long as you like

Light and Love


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Thank you for recommending the Book, and I love your Unity Breath meditation.

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In my home, I use feng shui to creat harmonious energy around me and physically I practice tai Chi to balance my meridians and personal energy, as a whole, I stay harmonious and happy with my self and environment.


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A friend of mine was saying that tai Chi is good for balancing the energy. Thank you.

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Not sure if it really works or if we really know how to use it correctly but Reiki seems to be a popular method for this.

alt text


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The information and the link to Reiki’s methods are very useful. Thank you

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I literally try to walk around and envision my solar plexus exploding with love all around me and touch every one as often as I can and I do often. Really. It renders me to walk around with a wonderful half smile.

I try to stay consciously balanced with all people around me visualizing our energies stabilizing.

Peace love



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jim 10

Thank you for sharing.

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I direct my thoughts to a happy and enjoyable one. I have one or two thoughts that I keep in my mind that I can always 'run' to whenever I feel negative energy from other people...

Ever since I started finding more about myself, I realize that I can sometimes sense negative energy around a person from afar.. quite difficult to neutralize their energy partly because I don't know how and I also don't see the need to, but I definitely don't want it to affect me too!


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How long can you focus on being in a happy place, without other thought forms taking over? Thank you for your answer.

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Well, you probably can't, but if the thought you have is able to generate a strong feeling of happiness, then it always works to run back to it when you feel otherwise

(03 Dec '10, 08:13) kakaboo

On daily basis I blanket my environment with love and light. I close my eyes and visualize myself within the entire creation, then how the entire creation is within me. Following that, I start visualize myself emitting love and light all around me. I spread this light to each and every corner of my house and garden, then take it unto the entire planet. Here I visualize humanity feeling this love and light, then it penetrates through all the elements of the planet to its core. This way our entire planet and its inhabitants are blanketed in this love and light which I then spread out to include the whole creation, to every soul and spirit incarnate and discarnate all within me. I end it with repeating the entire creation is within me, and then I am within the entire creation and visualizing that.

Thank you, namaste


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wow. daily practice of lightworker is amazing. thanks for keeping the world afloat.

(02 Dec '10, 13:20) zvolkov

Very inspiring, good work! Thank you for your answer.

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