I always hear the Spiritual gurus, Buddhists, and Hindus talk about Om and how they use it in every mantra. The idea is that Om or Aum is the sound of the universe, the sound of creation, God himself. The basis of all creation. It has the same meaning as amen in Christianity and Judaism and Ameen in Islam. Alot of Hindus just use Om at the start and end of almost all of there mantras. Om is said to be the first echo or sound that created the universe, In other words the Big Bang.

I sometimes wonder if anything even needs to be added to Om in order to make it work. Since Om is the basis of all creation. Can this simple phrase be used for anything depending on our intentions?

I also wonder if it can be used both mentally and aloud for results. I'm thinking about reciting om through out my day partly because of the peace of mind and spiritual growth that comes with it amongst other things.

Anyone had experience using this mantra to manifest?

I'd be more than happy to hear about it.

Thank you.

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Any mantra can be used with anything to create anything provided you accept that it will work. The key is your belief as evidenced by your vibration (: state of mind, feelings :).


answered 05 Sep '14, 12:04

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Thank you. The answer is simple but I sometimes complicate things.

(07 Sep '14, 02:19) jarreau

In Bashar's Lab, part 3, 40:03 onwards Bashar talks about the C sharp tone, which he says is the earth's tonal vibration (I am not entirely sure what that means). He then goes on to say:

Anyone who wants to play with that,... you will find that by allowing yourself to resonate winthin a bubble of noise / music / vibration of C sharp, it will allow you to identify,... resonate harmoniously with the earth's vibration. And that can really help amplify any other thing you do... any other tool / technique... any other ritual,... and it doesn't have to be loud. If you immersed yourself in the tone of C sharp, you will find that clarity - clarity - will really begin to come in. You will literaly begin to "see sharp" more things. The earth's vibration will support you, will back you up, will give you momentum, and allow you to feel again that things are becoming effortless, more easy, for you will really be tapping into the power of the entire planet that way.... and it will support you like it supports everything in nature.

C sharp is the same as the Aum or Om tone.

See this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAYrVgDDRDU

I don't know if aum/om will help in manifesting - it certainly won't do any harm.


answered 20 Nov '14, 13:39

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