Hey there just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation. I always do really well during the week doing my meditation, eating organic , gym,etc . Then when saturday night comes i'm off clubbing and drinking. Because I absolutely love my music I find it hard to sit in and do nothing because its a passion of mine. Then after that night for a day or two I would be eating bad foods no exercise , and no meditation, then I think the LOA goes the wrong way for me . We'll the obvious answer is to stop drinking and break the habit of a life time but I find it really hard .To drink in moderation another option. If I go out and other people are really drunk it gets annoying because your not in the right frame of mind and not on the same level .... Any advice please.....? drink red bull ...lol

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As a basic rule...it's never about what you do, it's always about what you feel about what you do

There's no right or wrong way to live your life. It's your life, live it how you want.

If you are following your joy or excitement in going out and enjoying yourself then there's a part of you that believes that it is a good thing for you to do.

If, afterwards, you feel some disharmony from that, it would be worth examining what beliefs you hold about the things you think that cause you that disharmony and move them into better-feeling places. You then won't experience the negative effects of them, whether through physically adapting to them or through being inspired to some method that allows you relief from them.

One final thing I would like to say.

In my view, there are two ways to do things that make you feel better...one is as an expression of relief from something that is causing you resistance, and the other is as an expression of some inner joyful desire.

For example, when someone is hitting you on the head with a hammer...and then they stop...you feel better, but it's a different kind of feeling-better than, for example, listening to music you love.

It would be worth having a think about where your nights out of drinking fit in. Are you engaging with them as a form of running away from something else in your life that makes you uncomfortable, or are they drawing you towards them as an expression of your joy?

If it is a form of running away then, though it's fine as a form of relief in the short term, it would be worth taking some time and clearing up that thing you are running away from, otherwise continually escaping from it will force you into more and more extreme behaviors to get the same result.

This is because that thing you are running away from will never get any less, but more likely grow each time you reactivate it in your life. That's where the problem habits in people's lives come from. The running away has become a necessity (or addiction) in order to feel good. I'm not saying in any way that is the situation in your case - I'm just highlighting the point for anyone else who might be reading this.


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@Stingray- I found these insights very cool. I have never drank alcohol all my life, and all these metaphysical and self help toolkits do seem to label alcohol as a spirituality destroyer...However, I have been having some beer lately as a way, as mentioned, an expression of joy as opposed to running away from something I hate. The effects have been amazing, and I felt inspired (not peer pressured, believe me) one day to just have a beer.

Unbelieveable :)

(11 Oct '12, 05:58) Nikulas

You already know what to do, stop or drink in moderation, but the more basic question here is why are you doing this? Are you sub-consciously trying to sabotage your own success? Or do you have an issue of control? What is your belief regarding "enjoyment"? I would suggest that you sit down - on a day without a hangover :-), and identify the reasons behind this behaviour. What were some of the things you heard as you were growing up regarding a good time? What was the behaviour of your parents regarding enjoyment? You might be able to uncover your current blueprint regarding this area and then perhaps you can start working on it.


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I Think Therefore I Am

That was a very good point about sabotaging his own success. I have been guilty of that too, at times!

(09 Aug '10, 14:25) LeeAnn 1

It seems that what is slowing down your LOA progress isn't so much the drinking but the guilt about it, especially since you make an effort to be healthy during the week, but you state that for a day or two after drinking you abandon those healthy efforts.

I live in a culture where drinking large amounts is the norm, and I've been where you are. Looking back now, I see it wasn't so much the drinking that was keeping me stuck as it was the thoughts and judgements that I had about it, especially in the days after.

I'm not saying that alcohol has no effect on your vibration - it is a depressant after all. But it's completely possible to have a fun night out drinking, and spend the next day just taking it easy, feeling pretty good (because you drank a lot of water during and after drinking to minimise the hangover, plus maybe you took some milk thistle to help your liver out - strongly recommended!), maybe allowing yourself the indulgence of a takeaway meal and feeling good about it, because you deserve to have some deliciously "bad" foods once in a while. Maybe you'll just spend the whole day on the couch watching comedies that make you laugh out loud. You don't need to exercise or meditate, because what matters the most is that you're feeling good and non-resistant.

Many of my hangover days are pretty much what I described above, and I don't feel that they set me back attraction-wise, in fact sometimes they help - I'll have a great night out celebrating life with my friends, and the day after I really enjoy the fact that I have an "excuse" to be lazy and eat ice-cream all day.

There's a caveat to this though, and it comes back to what @Stingray was saying about whether the night out is a result of being driven by your joy, or of running away. If you're running away from something, then you might want to examine that (which doesn't necessarily mean stop going out and drinking cold turkey - don't remove the crutch until you've started working on the solution, you'll just fall!).

But if it's an expression of your inner joy, then try to relax a little bit about it - drinking isn't un-spiritual. We're spiritual beings, everything we do can be spiritual, including drinking and partying. Partying can further you on your spiritual path, if it's aligned with your higher self.


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If you are truly happy enjoying life drinking and clubbing, then I really don't see a problem. If you feel it is negatively effecting a certain outcome you are manifesting then you have to see what your priority is.

I personally have fun clubbing and drinking moderately. Perhaps it is easy as not getting wasted just buzzed and still having a good time even if others are more drunk....


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Alcohol is mind altering. Your thought are not your normal thoughts when under the influence. You are confusing the vibrations that you have placed out in the universe while sober then when under the influence the mind thought and everything else is altered. Remember you are only attracting back what you are putting out.


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Tracy Jackson

No, but what will you attract? A hangover, or maybe an auto accident are just two situations that align vibrationally with alcohol.

We are always creating, even when we are having a good relaxing time. Alcohol is a depressant, so your vibrational frequency is functioning at a slower rate. This might be of benefit or not. Only you can decide.

By the way, you state that this is only once a week, but be advised the alcohol remains in the system several days.


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The last year that I drank, I only drank three times. I suppose that one would not say that I had any problem with alcohol, except: 1.) All three times, I got so smashed that I needed days to recover; and 2.) Years before, in college, I drank that way any day I could; and 3.) When the hangover wore off, I felt bad about myself and what I was doing; and 4.) I anticipated getting drunk days and days before I drank.

Taking all these points into account, I found that I could no longer justify picking up a drink. I found that further education about alcohol and what constituted a drinking problem led me to decide to never drink again. My genetics were also against my ever drinking again: my grandfathers, both my aunts, and my father- all were alcoholic. I had two children at the time, and for their sakes, if not my own, I decided to never drink again.

It has been 34 1/2 years, and I do not regret that decision. My children did not have to see me drunk. But what is most important, I did not have to reintroduce myself to myself after I drank. I believe that I would never have grown spiritually if I had continued to drink.

Other people may have decided something different than me. I based my choice on the fact that I seemed to diminish when I drank. I did not like this diminishment at all.



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