Hello everyone!

I have never posted anything like this before, but this is a time of need... I have a dear friend who I met over the net, and we have been having voice conversations for over four years. We became friends really soon. I tell her everything, and she does the same. We totally trust each other, even though we have never physically met.

As soon as we first met (online) she told me she had this condition, skin cancer, but her life was in no danger as long as she kept taking the medicines. Now and then she suffered from swellings and giant hives.

All of a sudden her condition got worse. She is having swellings every other day and this time they're life-threatening. She's doing research about clinics or new medications that could get her out of this serious problem, so she is taking steps for recovery, but nothing is happening. It's been three weeks that I don't speak with her due to her feeling to ill to get too the computer...

Now my question:

How can I help her, using the LOA and all their techniques, to improve her health and eventually get her back at her previous non-dangerous condition?

I would do anything for her! She's helped me out with good advice plenty of times!

I have asked the Universe, tried to feel good every day, stay on a state of allowing, etc. But what else can I do???

Please give me detailed instructions as to how I should act.

PS: If you can spare 5 min of your time daily (or when you can) for a couple of weeks to send her good vibes or anything that would be of help, you'll have my everlasting gratitude. If you think that with my asking this I am stepping way out of line, please forget all about it!

Thanks in advance!!!


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I can really only reiterate what LeeAnn and Stingray have said. By consistently trying to visualize her as well and not giving your attention to her illness, you will be contributing to her improvement and not the illness.

Send her loving, good feeling thoughts of vibrant health and don't let those negative thoughts of her illness intrude. The more you can keep yourself feeling good about her, the more you will be helping her. You obviously hold her in high esteem so focus on all those good things you love about her and not the illness. I hope she improves and I send loving energy to you both. By no means are you stepping out of line by asking - our whole journey here is about service to the Whole. She's fortunate to have a friend like you:)


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I would go to a meditative level daily, and see her as completely well. Imagine her telling you, "I feel so much better now!" Actually hear her voice in your mind. At your level, imagine how great you feel inside knowing she has said those words, and actually feel the relief.

And of course, be supportive of her and say positive things to help her feel hope when you talk or write.

Your seeing her as well is a form of prayer and in my opinion the best thing you can do.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn for editing. I always check, but I was extremely concerned and nervous when I posted. Thanks for your answer too! :)

(20 Sep '10, 15:51) BridgetJones09

Well said LeeAnn, and will keep your friend in mind BJ09

(20 Sep '10, 15:58) daniele

Bridget there was very little to edit; you write well! You're welcome. Best wishes and I hope your friend feels better soon.

(20 Sep '10, 17:30) LeeAnn 1


(21 Sep '10, 14:13) BridgetJones09
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One of the most powerful things things you can do for her - possibly the most powerful thing - is actually for you to feel better about the situation and, as you do so, she will have automatically have more opportunity to improve her health (if she wishes to do so) in this reality.

Remember that, no matter how things may appear superficially, you are still creating your experience of her in your reality.


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Agreed Stingray but the other person is also creating the reality of the skin cancer as well.

(20 Sep '10, 23:30) Drham

@Drham - yes, they are, and they will have many other realities where they are not co-creating this experience. Where your reality intersects with theirs is what you experience

(21 Sep '10, 07:15) Stingray

@Drham - even though she created that reality, she deserves to be able to deal with it in the less stressful manner, and have as normal a life as can be desired, despite her condition, IMHO.

(21 Sep '10, 13:42) BridgetJones09
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Try this exercise for her if you can’t tell her to do it herself. Your connection with her is the most important.

Mentally cleaning out your body

For another exercise, then, relax yourself as much as possible once more. If you have some disease, imagine it as particles of dirt. Tell yourself that you can see inside your body. You may see streets or boulevards instead of muscles and bones, but go along with the image or images that appear. You might see streets lined with dirt or garbage, for example. Then mentally see yourself sweeping the debris away. Order trucks to come and carry the garbage to a trash heap, where you may see it burn and disappear in smoke. Instead of the drama I just outlined, you may instead see invading armies, attacking home troops. In such a case, see the invaders being driven off. The pictures you see will follow your own unique leanings and characteristics.

The unconscious levels of the self are only unconscious from your own viewpoint. They are quite conscious in actuality, and because they do deal with the spontaneous processes of the body, they are also completely familiar with your own state of health and well-being. These portions can also be communicated with.

Souce:The Way Toward Health


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Very interesting approach! How do I do it for her? I imagine her instead of me sweeping the streets?

(21 Sep '10, 13:38) BridgetJones09

Visualize her. Imagine the energy and vitality of the universe filling her form with vitality and health.

(04 Nov '10, 23:19) T A

Your friend is in no immediate danger, and with proper medical help will recover, once more. Pray for good health, and ask for healing of the Cancer for your friend. But keep an open mind that road to recover may be slow! When you pray you have to have faith and believe in what you are praying for, same as the LOA. But you also have to understand that the way spirituality, and LOA works, may differ to our reality, or expectations.

Here is a smoothing Story from me to you: Though the heart may fear, and eyes may water, have no fear, dry your tears, all is well, as you feel in your heart the love you share, is much greater than pain. Cherish the love you feel you have, memories are greater than pain. Have no fear all is well, as you believe, so it shall be, so spread this love wide, and far, and share the healing in your heart. Comfort yourself with joyous memories, see, and believe all is well!


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Your story is lovely! Thank you so much!

(21 Sep '10, 13:36) BridgetJones09
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