I would like to know what methods do you use to retain good health. Getting sick sets my mind off the goal, because I must employ my mind to fix the body. Therefore I do not get the chance to forge my character. What spiritual methods would you recommend to prevent any sickness? (By sickness I mean something that is sudden, like virus infection) I thought about working mentally about ten minutes a day attracting health to my life. Would this be sufficient?

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Proper mindset of health generally. Keeping the mind focused on joy, love etc. (Perhaps, using the list of words given in Message of a Master or similar ones at end of day as well)

Utilizing the 'vital force' through mental methods and/or combined with breath work such as in yogic pranayama exercises.

Getting a good amount of sunlight on the skin, fresh air on the body (possibly bare), bare feet on the earth, time bathing/fresh water. - Those can be made 'spiritual' if someone really desires...though there is no need.

Regular laughter. Particularly if you get others to join you in that laughter. (Yes, I consider relationships "spiritual")

Then general things, such as regular exercise (cardio AND resistance training), proper amount/quality sleep, [which can also be made spiritual - if we must separate things into such categories which I personally dislike doing] healthy eating (keeping to natural foods, rather than processed etc)

I personally use all of those.


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Very informative anwser! Thanks.

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Positive thinking does help, but i wouldn't recommend fighting a viral infection with just spiritual methods. A viral infection which has made you sick is already doing damage, you should treat it accordingly.

I would recommend a healthy diet, exercise, good stress management and a balanced work/play/spiritual lifestyle to prevent disease. But if sickness takes hold, seek medical help.


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The key to staying healthy is to pay attention to your emotions. It is negative emotions that are the cause of all discomfort, pain and disease. Therefore, as long as you have a dominant feeling good vibration, it is impossible for you to get any health problems.

A couple of methods for making sure that you have a dominant feeling good vibration (taken from the Ask and It is Given book by Jerry and Esther Hicks) are writing positive aspects and touchstones. I have explained the positive aspects method here on the site.

The touchstones method is very similar but is focused on past events. So, the key is to write positive statements about past experiences in your life.

If you practice the above 2 methods on a regular basis, you will achieve a dominant feeling good vibration and you cannot attract any health problems.


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