I know, I know, it sounds like a facetious question, but it's just my peculiar way of highlighting the apparent absence of humour (or even playfulness) in many (maybe all) religious texts.

Is this apparent state-of-affairs perhaps indicative of a rather grim deity incapable of displaying good humour, or could it merely be a reflection of a rather dour psyche on the part of the various authors ...?

There again, perhaps there is some humour within some texts and I simply missed it! One thing I know is that Buddha appeared to be a lot more light-hearted than other ancient scribes, being renowned for having a twinkle in his eye at times!

OK, Thank Q!

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See also: Why do people stamp the humor out of spirituality and religion?http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2593/why-do-people-stamp-the-humor-out-of-spirituality-and-religion

(10 Aug '10, 10:21) Stingray

Ah I see, this has popped up before! Yes, I used to be under the impression that Moses was a biker, on account of it saying in the Old Testament somewhere that "Moses burnt up the desert in his Triumph" ;)

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Yes, and baseball is mentioned in Genesis 1:1 - "In the Big Inning . . . ."

Tennis - Christ served.

(28 Jun '13, 17:15) Dollar Bill
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See here, about halfway down the page, for some of the humor contained in the Bible.


answered 10 Aug '10, 16:35

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Wow, first time I've come across anyone acknowledging Jesus had a sense of humor...to be such an apparently enlightened being and yet not having a sense of humor always seemed a bit contradictory to me

(10 Aug '10, 17:46) Stingray

laughter is the release of an abrupt change in the direction of emotional energy,

the bliss of recognition of spiritual wisdom may supercede human emotions.


answered 10 Aug '10, 22:10

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Yes, us daleks think that your observation is spot on Fred! And to demonstrate your pont ...

"If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone."

Unexpected irony catches the reader offguard, it bypasses the 'filters' of critical scrutiny intended to guard the Self against deception, and in so doing triggers a sense of recognition. And recognition for organic entities typically indicates familiarity, and therefore safety, and so recognition precipitates a sense of relief, in this case of a kind known as 'amusement'.

(11 Aug '10, 08:36) Account closed

We also need not forget that the Bible has been purposefully sculpted by the powers that be throughout history. An example is...and the minute details illude me right now but its in Kelly Bulkeley's Dreaming in the World's Religions...in the process of translating the Bible from Latin into the vulgate edition the translator included dream revelations with divining, crystal reading and other pagan-ish practices, despite dreams being very crucial to some of the Bible's heroic figures (Jacob, I believe David and Samson). The reason for this revision is presented as taking the ability to have personal, legitimate religious experiences outside of the direct influence and control of the church.

Comedy and play are tremendously important for the development of interpersonal and emotional intelligence, the "left brain" side of things. The 'Western" culture that is dominant in the world now tailors highly to logic and reason, hard proof and rigorously planned actions for specific, material gains. This system feeds itself very well, and many of the driving forces behind the societies that rose to dominance draw much of their values and assumptions from the Christian faith.

This is a little conspiracy theory-esque, but if the people making the decisions behind Christianity conquering the world, I wouldn't be surprised if they edited out or ignored relevant stories with comedy and play at their heart because it promotes a mindset that is not necessarily 100% compatible with The Plan. It was certainly planned that good Christians would need to consult a priest for a "valid' interpretation of their dreams to make sure that the only brand of religious experience had the church seal of approval.


answered 11 Aug '10, 23:54

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Yes, I'm inclined to agree with the drift of your thinking there Nate - some interesting ideas that could form a basis for more discussion!

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well it does not matter.. take the gist and apply in your life.. bible did not ask you not to have fun , or not to laugh.. so we can do those on our own.. bible teaches us more fundamentals that are more important .. about God, life, and how to live fully .. how to love unconditionally, take out judgements ... these are way more important ...


answered 28 Jun '13, 19:29

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I don't know of in the Bible but there is a Jesus movie that is very good, that shows Jesus with a sense of humor and lighthearted playfulness about him.

It is the best Jesus movie I ever saw because it makes me feel I could really relate with him on a personal level as a brother and friend through our father God.


Jesus the movie (1999)


answered 12 Aug '10, 04:42

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Wade Casaldi

Hey, thanks for that link Wade! Hmm, I see Jesus was a redhead too, that would've been bloomin' unusual in 1st century Palestine! ;)

(12 Aug '10, 05:33) Account closed

I thought it was kind of a light brown in that movie, now that I think of it there was a red hue there. lol Still a good movie no matter what the actor looks like.

(13 Aug '10, 06:45) Wade Casaldi

Jesus must have had ( and has ) a great sense of humour. No one as loved as He is could be possibly be dour and miserable. I imagine the Father has the same attributes. I think that the Bible isnt the ONLY written revelation that the Almighty has inspired and isnt the holder of ALL information about God. Inside every great comedian is Gods spirit. I mean we all do beleive the Unity of God and Man right?! Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 13:37

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Monty Riviera

There ARE jokes in the bible. And you would be soooooo surprised to know where they are. You must know scripture and understand how it is used. The bible itself says "lean not to your own understanding" and "My sheep know my voice"

The first one I have seen is in Genesis:3:15. Many a scholar have not caught this joke. They have leaned to their own understanding and inaccuratey interpret what God meant when He said: "...it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." Many give a long, long definition as to how this could be. The joke is that God was telling the serpent would one day be used to make shoes. Ha Ha. Truthfully! I tell you I have a pair of snake skin shoes around here today.

2. Matthew 5:19 reads: Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

If you know His voice and know His word, you know that this is a joke.

First of all, we are NOT under the law but under grace. Secondly, the scripture says He who is committed to do the law must do the whole law, and if you offend one law you are guilty of breaking ALL the laws. Furthermore, the word of God declares that we not subject to the law neither can we be (the flesh, US). The law that Jesus is speaking of is of course The Ten Commandments. In conclusion, God has no respect of persons, on earth or either in heaven, so there can be no greatest or least at home with God in heaven. He loves us all the same. lol with Jesus. He DOES have a sense of humor!


answered 28 Jun '13, 15:56

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