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The other day I was just a few minutes from home ,in the car ,with my daughters ,sun was shining.In a good mood laughing and joking. And I got the feeling of rage but not the emotion. I recognized the rage feeling. I could easily identify it.and the same with the Happiness I was feeling. But rage was the furthest thing from my state of being. It lasted a minute or two.So....
Have you ever felt mixed emotions? Psychically?

asked 19 Mar '13, 05:52

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Do you mean like being angry at someone and at the same time happy with idea of punching them in the face? lol. Yes, many times.

(19 Mar '13, 05:57) CalonLan

@CalonLan I never felt that .. truly.

(19 Mar '13, 06:06) ursixx

Think safety first; stay on your meds Sweetie. (kiddin') Emotion vs Feelings. If it's a feeling why are you asking about mixed emotions? Seriously, it's possibly sort of/ kind of a panic/anxiety attack. Happens to me too. Like I'm driving along, sun is shining & happy & for NO reason, I get a feeling of impending doom. doom vs rage?

(19 Mar '13, 21:08) ele

@ele That's just it. I was happy and continued to be happy. It was just the physical feeling of rage no emotional rage

(20 Mar '13, 03:24) ursixx

@ursixx you must have read what I didn't say. I started too; than changed my mind. It's more like an observation. Or we've just described the psychopath next door.

(20 Mar '13, 03:34) ele

ursixx, most of the time, what draws my attentiveness deserves sober consideration

(20 Mar '13, 20:25) fred

@fred : I agree ..That is why I asked to see if it was a similar experience to anyone.

(22 Mar '13, 13:48) ursixx
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Hi @ursixx, that sounds to me like you were picking up on someone else's feelings. Particularly since you were driving at the time, you may have been passing or sharing the road with someone completly enraged, and strongly broadcasting that. Just a thought.

Love, Grace :)


answered 20 Mar '13, 00:22

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That's an interesting thought @Grace. My experiences were not premonitions & I have never had a satisfactory explanation of why they occur..

(20 Mar '13, 00:44) ele

@Grace "you were picking up on someone else's feelings" absolutely

(20 Mar '13, 02:17) ru bis

@Grace I wonder what the broadcasting strength is? I was out on our country roads. As good as in the middle of nowhere or just north of it. The whole road to myself.

(20 Mar '13, 04:15) ursixx

@ursixx "in the middle of nowhere"? then you must have received the full blast :D

(20 Mar '13, 04:21) ru bis

Hey, you're North of the middle of nowhere @ursixx. Stay in your own reality. I'm in the middle of nowhere. However @ru has a point. My MON point is considered by many to be one of the major power points in North America. What do you got?

(20 Mar '13, 04:29) ele
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Interesting ... but surely this is not mixed emotions, as you say your state of being was of natural abundance and the feeling of rage was elsewhere ... mixed emotion is when the two are blended together making a homogenized unrecognizable emotion.

Personally yes i can experience double feeling as you describe.


answered 19 Mar '13, 06:17

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ru bis


@ru bis That is just it I psychically felt the way I feel when I am in a state of rage, and was happy at the same time, quite the opposite from the emotion of rage.

(19 Mar '13, 06:44) ursixx

@ursixx now that's what i name "clairvoyance" = clear feeling

(19 Mar '13, 06:57) ru bis

Why do you guys think people cry at weddings? Talk about mixed emotions!

From the kids' perspectives, it seems silly. But from the parents', or grandparents'? You have seem this child grow up, you have nurtured him or her, guided them, paid for a lot of stuff (including the wedding, which is why the dad cries), and suddenly...poof...there they are, all grown up, getting married. The time of raising up is over. And it feels sad. But you re also thrilled that they are happy, getting married, and looking forward to all that will come from that.

I have felt these feelings all at the same time.

That's why they are called "mixed" emotions.


Jaianniah (Delainie)


answered 20 Mar '13, 04:31

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