well i used to smoke and i stopped a month ago but i can't feel anything. i love.. i know i do, but i can't feel it. or happiness, or sadness. it's not just because i'm bored. nothing feels real; it feels like i'm dreaming- all day, everyday. how do i feel normal again?

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i know exactly what you mean because i had the same issue. there are 3 possible reasons for that.

  1. you don't allow your feelings (e.g. because of unconcious fear)
  2. you emotions are dulled
  3. the emotions are there but you can't get in touch with them

you can do 2 things to get in touch with your emotions again in about 3-7 days

  1. meditate 15-60 min a day
  2. do the mc2 method daily

and don't be afraid if you suddenly feel intense emotions. it is a natural process.


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Dear Honeypie, I sympathise with you for something simmilar happened to me when I stopped smoking. I couldn't feel but I would pace up and down a passage at home. I couldn't consentrate on anything but I persevered and concquered although it took some time.

The first week is the worst and than the first three weeks but once you reach three months without smoking you know you can be victorious if you want to be. Hang in there you will be a normal person again.


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