I would really love to have an experience of the lucid dream/OBE/astral projection variety, but I can barely even remember my dreams, and even the ones I do I can see are very "weak" these days. I've tried meditation and basically I get no results. Once in a while I find myself awake on the border of sleep with a much stronger imagination, but either acid reflux or the need to pee force me to break the trance. What is the best way to strengthen your imagination to the point of giving it "the tones of reality"? How do you visualize subtle changes like an increase in height?

Thinking about it, the problem might simply be one of "memory". That is, I find it difficult to imagine certain things because I lack relevant stimulation, the memory of those things is weak, so I need appropriate stimulation. I was thinking of building some sort of simple software program to help retrain my thought patterns. My mind is just too well trained in certain patterns to change them without some kind of intense training. Initially my idea was to do this training through books, audio books, movies, tv shows and things of the sort. The difficulty is finding an appropriate source of stimulation to immerse yourself in. I could watch comedies and laugh, but most comedies are centered around self-depreciation and tragedy.

I want to completely immerse myself in positive thought patterns. I want to immerse myself in the idea of the sort of ideal life I want. Do you have any ideas? Suggestions? I think that is the main thing that wealth helps with; you can always adjust something about the world around you to help you find a better feeling place within.

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this question is another step in the right direction

(24 Mar '13, 01:44) ru bis

start by daydreaming..

(24 Mar '13, 03:07) ele

imagination "just play with" (famous quote)

(24 Mar '13, 06:26) ru bis
(11 Nov '13, 12:10) Snow
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Vivid imagination is a natural part of our makeup, we are all excellent creators, those that seem to have more imagination than others are those that have leaned to step aside and let the natural flow of ideas move freely. You say "i find myself awake on the border of sleep with a much stronger imagination", in other words during these moments you are letting the natural flow of ideas move freely and this implies that during normal waking hours you block it. The blockage manifests itself either through acid reflux or the need to pee. So i'm going to answer your question by a question "what does acid reflux and the need to pee signify to you?"

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ru bis

@ru bis The demands and problems of real life.

(24 Mar '13, 02:56) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer that's poverty consciousness speaking my friend

(24 Mar '13, 06:02) ru bis
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