Do you close your eyes and use "willpower" until your mind learns to behave? Do you use external aids (music, movies, a vision board)? Do you imagine within the world (you see a car on the street but imagine it is yours)?

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Focusing on your desire or goal feels good and is effortless by nature. Focus flows easily and naturally. If it doesn't feel good, it just means that there is resistance in the way of your naturally good feeling focus. When resistance is solved, your focus can flow effortless and natural again.

What is resistance?

Resistance = all feelings that feel less than contentment.

Imagine a pipe that is clogged with dirt. In this case water cannot flow easily through that pipe.

Your focus is water. Your clear, good feeling, goal-already-achieved-feeling-desire is the other end of the pipe. The resistance is the dirt.

So what to do?

Just clean the dirt. If you clean all the dirt in the pipe, the water will flow naturally again.

Clear your resistance to your imagination and you will feel good (aligned) automatically without effort. It's really that simple. You don't need to force it using will power. It's an effortless and easy process by nature.

How to clear resistance (the dirt in the pipe) to feel the natural good feeling focus again?

There are many many ways and methods to do this. It's up to you to choose one that works for you.

alt text Below are some that I use regularly and that work for me. Some of them work better on some days.

Sometimes one or more of them will not work for me for whatever reason. Then I just choose another one that works on that day... Usually one or more of them will work. If not, I will just chill, surrender and/or meditate. Then I will try those clearing techniques again later or the next day again (btw meditation is IMO absolutely necessary to make any of those techniques work at all! Regular meditation is the ingredient that makes all other techniques work in the first place!).

Last but not least... These are for heavy, reaaallyy bad feeling resistance:

Here I described a process on how to use those techniques more specifically in the context of focusing on your desire.


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What a little treasure you are , I love how our community members just want to help each other get to the place of peace and happiness , I understand we need contrast and funnily enough ( <synchro, my new fav word) just listened to an Abraham vid about things getting broken and Jerry saying yipppee something to want :-)

(22 Feb '13, 21:41) Starlight

For what perpace do you want to use your imagination? Is it to help your self?Is it to help other? Is it to clarify what you did not see?Is it to find the truth about something? Or is it to desire what you do not have?Or is it to understand if you need that desire in the first place? You can focus and imagine many things but does it help and serve you? If you find some way that it can help you and not delude you,then i would say that you use it the way it was intended. If not read again this answer and answer those question for your self. you might learn something about your self that you did not see.


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white tiger

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1- To achieve my objectives/appease my hunger in the way taught by Neville Goddard. 2- Yes. 3- I don't really care about others but sometimes, sure. 4-I don't know, sometimes, maybe. 5- I don't know, sometimes, maybe. 6- How does that work?? 7- There is no such thing as "need" in an absolute sense; if you desire something, you need it. 8- I don't know, that is something to find out by experience. 9- Like what? I didn't learn anything about myself with your questions.

(22 Feb '13, 20:50) flowsurfer

then read it again and that imagination of yours might serve you since you need it and desire it. Eventually you will learn to use it and will see more clearly.Each question have meaning but you need to see it for your self,Do you think that someone can solve your own inner delusion?

(22 Feb '13, 21:27) white tiger
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