how do you visualize something you cant see? eg inner peace.

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Some of the answers to this question may help -

(04 Jul '10, 12:50) Michaela

I "visualize" it by feeling the emotional state in my mind. You just imagine yourself already being in a desired state. How does it feel? How has your life changed? It is fairly easy to "visualize" an emotional state, because if you know the opposite emotion (like inner anger), you can imagine how does the wanted emotion feels (inner peace).

I would like to point out a very important fact - there are no things we cannot see. If we would like to bring peace to our planet, we would like to have the results of peace, not the peace itself. We would visualize that there are no wars, all people are united etc. This would be focusing on the results, not on the peace as an idea.

So what you do in your work is focus on the desired result, not on the concept of inner peace. This is fundamental for working on emotional states, working on character.

And also, I could say that 'feeling' is as important as 'seeing' in terms of visualization. If you hear "visualization" you think of seeing mental images in your mind... I would also advice to link it with feeling.

Hope this helps.


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I can say only my personal visions, not a recipe for anybody.

For my own inner peace I experience two visions, both linked to Nature, but accompaning two different nuances of peace mood: the oldest is a later sunset or a night near a big rustling forest on the mountains, having before me a rippling river. They are remanent real images of the first bref travelling in mountains, then I felt the first a very profound sentiment of comunion with all Nature: beings, Earth and sky. This complex feeling has ever some holy component, like when I go into empty Gothic church: solemn, overwhelming, but elevating and protecting. The second vision is a shinning spring morning, also within the youthful green of the forest and the more impetuous river; the associated feeling is more joyful and hopeful. What vision appears when I search the peace in my inner, is pending of the previous mood, and obviously appears spontaneously. I call deliberately the joyful image when I meditate for the world peace or for somebody' health.

Asklepios is right witn imaginating some results of other ideas; I also practise this.

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and than realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but reflection of this". Black Elk, 1863-1950. Oglala Lakota Medicine Man and Spiritual Leader. From "Inspiration Peak" site.

About the Meaning of Peace, see:


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What makes this question harder is the word Inner if it was just peace that would be easy, but inner peace. I see a tempest all around but within is silence balance stillness like the Garden of Eden at the center of being. In this center are birds and a blue sky and flowers and trees. it is a beautiful place and all the outside tempest has no authority or place here. At the center of this place in Jesus relaxing on a hammock and an empty hammock waiting for you to join him on this cool beautiful day here at the center.


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Nice the image of waitting hammock. Your 'tempest' idea remembered me a poem of M. I. Lermontov (1814-1841), Russian poet, where he tell about a sail-ship which "searchs the tempest, as if into tempest it could find the peace". (+1)

(06 Jul '10, 10:28) Gleam

There used to be passed around in email a painting, it showed a terrifying storm, but when you zoomed in under a cliff is a little birds nest dry as can be with a mother and her babies sleeping away like nothing is wrong.

(07 Jul '10, 07:11) Wade Casaldi

Inner peace isn't object to be visualized, it is the absence of turmoil. Like when the water is still, it is clear an invisible, but when you throw a stone into it waves form outward of the contact point, disrupting the stillness of the water. We can see with our eyes the waves of water moving outward. Still water is the absence of waves, it is not the stillness that we see, but the movement, the absence of stillness. So, find the blocks to your peace and eliminate them with EFT and/or focus blocks. When all the waves of negative emotions are gone, there will be peace.


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Hi Andy, you can visualize a scenery with which you associate peace, e.g. watching a sunset, sitting by the seaside watching the waves crashing into the shore, etc. Remember it is the feeling that you are going after.


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