I think that we are all manifesting to a degree whether we are aware of it or not. I think that being aware of it makes achievement that much easier, but I still think that people generally get what they focus on, whether they mean to or not. In my case, having only become aware of manifesting since 2009, I would have to say that I was manifesting many things without being aware of it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think everyone manifests all the time?

Happy (almost) Easter, 2013


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Easter Blessings to you & Wade @Jai.

(31 Mar '13, 01:52) ele
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In the sense that our mind is always active and producing energy and that energy manifests something then yes absolutely, we get things without having "consciously" manifested them. Usually these things are what is generally floating around in the air so to speak, we unconsciously absorb the idea and that idea automatically manifests itself, so much easier because the mental is occupied with other things. This explains the phenomena of crowd excitement, it just takes one person who is greatly admired for some reason or another, to express an idea and that idea will quickly "catch on" and flow through the crowd like wildfire. This explains the phenomenon of idols.

This is why it's so important to "be aware" of the thoughts flowing through your mind and filter those thoughts coming from "elsewhere" and those thoughts consciously conceived. In short if you don't decide what you want, some else will do it for you and will consciously or unconsciously impose their ideas on you.

happy easter

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ru bis

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I like your pic..kinda reminds me of something somewhere....Happy Easter 2013! Love, jai

(31 Mar '13, 08:51) Jaianniah

it's a photo of a cuddly toy at my home ... maybe you do distant viewing lol

(01 Apr '13, 02:07) ru bis

"if you don't decide what you want, some else will do it for you and will consciously or unconsciously impose their ideas on you." Good thing you have a love shield @ru bis I'm with Jai, your cuddly bunny is very familiar..

(01 Apr '13, 04:41) ele
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the nature of its kind
makes each form what it is
it would be the mind of man
when matured that manifests


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I think your work is getting more poetical whether you mean it to or not...this one was especially nice! +1 Jai

(31 Mar '13, 08:53) Jaianniah

he has tried to keep within 7s, since you suggested it to him

(31 Mar '13, 18:26) fred

@Fred I love the depth in the simplicity :-)

(31 Mar '13, 19:44) Starlight
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