When I read my oldest questions and reactions I feel how immature my mind was in dealing with LOA, universal and creative laws, anyway I am reading you a lot and grasp a lot so far, and have a huge improvement in my mind.

Now I really want to create!

And I did so many things and I know that there is no difference between create something small and something big, now about that BIG, I believe it, visualize it, meditate it, and I know so much about creating and having a lot of fun during my process, but as it is big in my mind I could not feel it close,

What I want to know is how to make it from over there to over here, Abraham talks about, I want to feel it NOW, I appreciate the fun in manifesting something and I know it when I am thinking right it must come, it is like this no exception, but I know that in my mind it is just far, well I’ll have it someday, that I will I want to work on,

So how can I make it present, how to present tense it up? And I can for I have been a long here, practicing and working on improving my mind, need some light here.

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The only way to make it feel present is to stop noticing it's abscence. By fixating on the fact that it's not in your Now, you actually prevent it from manifesting at this moment in the physical. As you know it already exists, so the best thing for you to do is just to take your attention away from it once your desire has been launched and place your attention on anything that makes you feel good.

In other words... ask, let go of attachment to the outcome, do whatever it takes to feel good and what you want will show up sooner :)


answered 28 Nov '11, 16:20

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Since I am practicing it a lot, I do not want to waste the efforts I underwent with my mind and sink in negativity for the matter of time, the best thing is that I know when I go on thinking right it must come. Its presence, its absence I know its tricky but fun to do, and yes I am keep on feeling good, it is right weapon to make it show, and I know when I let go of my attachment, it is coming more easier, I love your notes, thank you

(29 Nov '11, 08:46) r0la

Thank You... and you're very welcome :)

(02 Dec '11, 02:19) Michaela

Hi rOla, Welcome to Inward Quest. To feel as if something you want is in your presesnt ask yourself how would I feel if I already have that which I want. Would you feel happier, more confident, releaved and grateful....Whatever you would feel if you had it bring that feeling into the now. Feel happier and more confident and grateful as if you already have that which you want and soon it will be yours. Like Michaela says dont give attention to not having it. Put your attention on feeling happy.


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Paulina 1

Thank you, For me the great job is believing and I overcame that in manifesting process, I have been practicing LOA for two years and I did expiernce a lot, and I gain that through reading and rereading, when you were talking about joy and fun while make it, I was like what is that and how to make it, now I understand that and I love it, when in my mind it is big it feels like it need more time, but as we fixed it mind that it could come, I can work on time matter, it is just NOW, next couple days, next weeks

(29 Nov '11, 11:22) r0la

I wrote your note and I will meditate and practice on them, and it must come, sooner, I love LOA experience and I love its impersonality think right and get it, I have been a lot on your site to feel it for really I appreciate my long journey and won’t waste those efforts of my mind, I love its improvement and I like to create!

(29 Nov '11, 11:23) r0la

When you live your life feeling the feelings that are right at the top of the emotional guidance scale for a while this happens automatically. Your mind just effortlessly creates the thoughts / feelings, in the now, which align with the realities you want to experience. It's fantastic when it happens too :) Enjoy it!


answered 26 Nov '13, 15:51

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Simply put, when i want something then i convert it to a feeling (or reasoning) that what i want actually it's something that i need it. Furthermore, once it transmitted then let it go, or you are going to cancel the journey of your wishes.

Consider this: if you insist to have something, situation, for instance, you want today is a rainy day, then admit it with your reasoning whether logically or emotionally that you need today become a rainy day, then it's like you are releasing an arrow from a bow. But once you are in doubt or you consider "is it?" "do we need it?" and so forth..., it's like cancelling the flying arrow to get to the address, and stop there without giving us a result.

So, once you did it, then forget it. Usually we can maintain it, mostly when we have a lot of eager. Or we have to renew it again and again.

I used to do it by simple trick, it's by trying to forget it. Sometimes, i needed something and i said "i needed it" but somehow i forgot it for one or couple days, and then suddenly it happened.

Well, that's the best i could do. I need to improve my technique, but hopefully it would help a little bit.

In a short, once you launched your arrow, don't cancel it, and let it fly to the address as your wish.

The key is to maintain your wish, otherwise it would be considered as canceling your order.


answered 02 Dec '13, 04:35

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Anything you want, you want it because it will cause you to feel happiness and appreciation.

Therefore, feel happiness and appreciation NOW and that will affect your manifestations to getting what you want.


answered 03 Dec '13, 21:47

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