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If one's desires are very fleeting and are somewhat effected by the vicissitudes of every day life, can the lack of focus on anything in particular cause anything specific one wants to not have 'time'* to manifest? (Potentially causing one to feel bored with life and feeling like not much happens?)

*using the word time for lack of a better one

Some personal context:

For example one day I'll have an extreme desire to go on a trip somewhere and focus for a couple of days on manifesting that, then actually lose interest on the original desire and move onto something like a new computer. Then I'll wanna go to Japan, then the States, etc. Its mostly non material stuff though like experiences it seems.

It just feels like I don't want anything THAT much, so I just choose to be happy and let the good things manifest naturally... but it turns out I don't even want to be happy THAT much. I actually find the state of bliss quite exhausting. :s I'm not sure if anyone else can empathise with finding bliss exhausting? (that could probably do with being a separate question!)

This cascading, directionless flow of desires which don't seem to lead anywhere I think cause me to feel like life is quite stagnant and I'm forever waiting for the next stage of my life to start. But if I could manifest instantly it would be a different story, my desires wont expire by the time the physical manifestation arrives and I could have more fun with life. Its frustrating.

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well have fun in life experience and enjoy you have free will.

(13 Jan '12, 20:58) white tiger


Your desires are answered by the universe in the moment that you had them so time is irrelevant as to whether they get created or not...they already exist regardless of what you do after you've had them.

In order to proceed with this answer, I think it's important to realize what manifesting really is - it is personal perception.

You can decide at any time to be willing to give meaning to a particular moment in your life and say that a manifestation has occurred or not, but it's just you giving meaning to a perception. There is nothing absolute or fixed about a manifestation.

Your life will "manifest" itself perfectly on auto-pilot if you let it - your role in the creation process really ends at the point at which your deciphering of the contrast of your life causes a launching of a new desire within you. The rest of your involvement is whether you want that eventual perception of what the launching of the desire has created.

So you can have an unlimited number of desires coming into manifestation simultaneously regardless of the attention you give them because you launched those desires incrementally. See: I want to manifest lots of desires. Should I concentrate on only one at a time, or more than one? It doesn't matter how much your attention flits from subject to subject, it will still happen as a natural life process.

So what I'm guessing you are really talking about with your feeling about lack of direction and its accompanying frustration is really just about not having that feeling of being a creator of your life ("having your hands in the clay") which is the concept I mentioned in Is meditating and visualizing indicating that I am not letting it go and I am not trusting? It's basically a lack of focused involvement (in that process that will happen anyway).

But the other point I'd like to make is that, because of the principle of the Next Logical Step, you are always going to be bored and lose interest in your desire to some extent before you are aligned enough with it for it to be perceivable (i.e. manifest) in your physical reality. So you will always find your desires have "expired" (in comparison to the initial thought of them) by the time the physical manifestation comes.

For that reason, the real thrill of living must come from the initial launching of the desire and the accompanying envisionment of it because the physical manifestations are always going to be boring by comparison. It's that "The joy is in the journey" business that is so eloquently expressed in Ithaca.

If any of these ideas are new to you then there might be some head-spinning concepts in this answer, so I hope I've explained them clearly enough.


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@Stingray, a gem, mine of knowledge/concepts I just found. Thank you for the great answer. At first when I would come across this concept of 'being bored by the desire' by the time it manifests in physical reality, it sacred me! I would think about my desires and my feeling would be - this is such a big desire I want to have it and be thrilled by it, it would be such a shame if i would not feel ecstatic about receiving it and living it - it is not possible.

(18 Jan '13, 22:47) dreamersmiles

@Stingray, but for few days I am feeling a shift in my perception, at some level of my being I think I am beginning to get that I should get my pleasure from focusing on the desire. so what by the time it manifests I would be so used 'living' it that it would no longer excite me in a happy ecstatic crazy way, I could always think evolving it further when it come, tweaking a little bi here and a little bit there, and drawing my pleasure from those refinements to the now manifested reality

(18 Jan '13, 22:52) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles - Yes, the pleasure in that eternal "tweaking" is really what life is about :) All physical manifestations, when you get them, really just amount to Meh which makes you wonder why people spend so much time chasing them. After a few "big ones", you start to realize the joy was always in the journey towards them, not the end result. There's so much I'm living these days that I would have been thrilled about a decade ago. Now it's just Meh ;)

(20 Jan '13, 10:38) Stingray
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