People are being lied to daily about manifesting and power over their lives. Some examples are: don't tell anybody your wish or it won't come true; knock on wood or what good you spoke of will go away; you can't always get what you want; life is hard and then you die; I am nothing; I am insignificant; you have to work hard to succeed; get your head out of the clouds; there is not enough to go around; money is evil; rich people are bad; etc... Even a Christian song that I love says, "Jesus, He can move the mountains..." But Jesus said that if a person has the faith of a mustard seed, they can tell the mountain to move and it will get up and jump in the sea.

So, how do we fix these lies that become limiting beliefs?

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Fairy Princess

An excellent question! ^_^ I greatly look forward to seeing the answers to this one.

(23 Dec '11, 14:34) Snow
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So, how do we fix these lies that become limiting beliefs?

I don't think you can "fix" anything for anyone else.

People have to come to a point themselves where they realize that there is another viewpoint on life than the one they have been conditioned to accept since birth.

The Law of Attraction is such that anyone will attract evidence to support any belief system that they deem is right. See: Do scientists just make up their own answers?

So trying to convince anyone otherwise is just going to lead to them getting defensive of their existing belief systems and they'll just reel off all kinds of "evidence" that they've attracted to prove you wrong instead. There's plenty of examples of that on Inward Quest :)

So, given that, it's not really anyone's role to convince anyone else of anything if someone is okay with the results of what their existing belief system is bringing them in life, even if it is limiting as viewed from a broader perspective.

It's only when someone comes to a realization that they feel limited in their current life view, and there must be a better way, is there an opportunity to present an alternative, non-dogmatic viewpoint which will be received in an open-minded manner.

But when someone comes to that realization, a desire will be naturally launched within them anyway for more empowering beliefs and, just as before, the Law of Attraction will bring them evidence to match their new feeling of self-empowerment.

The manifestation of that new desire may come through you or it may come through someone else...but it will eventually come to them somehow.

So it's all a natural process really, and the only people you'll end up convincing of the "lies" are the ones who have already figured out for themselves that they've been "lied" to :)

Kind of makes you wonder what everyone is doing on a site like Inward Quest then, doesn't it? :)

As I've mentioned before, this place is just a Hall of Mirrors really. No-one will ever really convince anyone of anything that they are not already ready to be convinced about.

In the meantime, all you can do is speak your "truth" and let people who are ready to hear it find it for themselves.

I like Abraham's way of putting this: "Words don't teach. Only life experience teaches."


answered 23 Dec '11, 20:07

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Teach how the mind works, the law of attraction, in short all the goodies that can be found on this site and elsewhere ... and we become impervious to "all these lies" ... happy hunting :)


answered 23 Dec '11, 15:10

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blubird two

easy by saying the truth and knowing the fact. but know this people have free will and they can do what they want with it they can believe or not believe or they can past that duality and know the truth. so experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Dec '11, 22:14

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white tiger

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