Hi everyone. I am very new here and to almost everything on this site. I've never been so engrossed to spirituality as I am now. I was a closed-minded Christian when I was in high school, not willing to accept any idea about God that is thought outside my circle. I came to a point that I doubt the existence of a supreme creator, agnostic as they call it. But now, my faith was restored through "The Master Key System" and as you guess, I am more open to different views about God. Though I entertain new ideas, I still stand firmly in the monotheistic faith rooted in Judaism.

So this is my question.

I read on this site many sorts of things to connect to the positive energy; ions, channels, attraction, and even aliens, etcetera. I have little understanding of those things, and I respect what you are doing, I just want to understand why. For me, it sounds that people here are not really satisfied with God himself that they need to go to another medium to get connected.

On the other side, is my mind still close to accept how you view about God? Or do I need to read more? Thank you everyone.



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we live in a world of belief ... what if i said to you "are aliens not enough for inward quest people that we need to do these sort of things?" that is, believe in things other than aliens

(01 Apr '13, 08:29) ru bis

@Romel just curious, did reading the Master Key system alone changed your stance of being a "close-minded" Christian? From my interactions with some of my Christians friends, I do not think that alone would be enough.. unless you are not really as "close-minded" as you thought you were in the first place.

(05 Apr '13, 12:26) kakaboo

boo --- "I am very new here"

(05 Apr '13, 23:47) ele

It's not what you need, it's the needing itself that is the consequence caused by insecurities and weaknesses, which you don't have, but through your perspective of the world you persuade yourself to believe you have. People want to see the TRUTH but instead of opening their eyes, they blind themselves with beliefs.

And they forever give into the game of mind and fallacy it creates. When you're ready to believe nothing, you will understand everything.

(06 Apr '13, 04:28) CalonLan
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What is enough for one person may not be enough for another.

Everybody has to define "enough" for himself. From my personal life experience and personal understanding of things I have a very specific definition of "enoughness".

Enough = Finding a way to live extremely joyful, happy and fulfilled for at least 90% of the time in my life. So enough for me is if I feel at least 21,6 h/day on average extremely happy and joyful. If I have a way to feel this way constantly, for me it's enough. If not, it is not.

My understanding of god may help to achieve this. But if it isn't enough in a practical way to make me constantly happy and fulfilled 90% of the time, I will find other ways to accomplish full enoughness. I would even dismiss every concept of god, if it would make me happier that way.

And it doesn't matter if I have to believe in aliens, flying spaghetti monsters or in rotted cucumbers to achieve this. Therefore I am open to do, believe and think anything that is necessary for my "goal" so to speak.

I think this is because I once wanted to commit suicide and realized that nothing really matters in this world but finding ways to live a happy life. And if you think about it, everything everybody does is for wanting to feel better anyway. So why not find ways to live life to the fullest? And this site helped me tremendously with my goal. I am so grateful for that.

So to me words, concepts, poems, discussions, philosophies and even god are meaningless if they don't make me happy in a very specific, practical way. If they do, I will thankfully take and accept everything that I can get on my way.

Having that said, I know that I can't define what is enough for anyone else. I know people that are happy and fulfilled being christians, muslims, atheists etc. I know even people that don't care about thinking about god/spirituality even for a minute. They just enjoy their work and hobbies. So they don't even need to understand god to live a life that is enough.

Dear optimist, pessimist and realist, While you guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it! Sincerely, opportunist.


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Very well said @releaser99, I like it very much specially your conclusion in the last paragraph. Thank you for the answer.

(01 Apr '13, 08:58) Romel

@releaser99 " Dear optimist, pessimist and realist, While you guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it! Sincerely, opportunist. " Best quote ever! Thanks.

(01 Apr '13, 17:36) ele

lol... thats a cool quote.. @releaser99 - i really liked your answer!! congrats on your journey to finding more joy!

(01 Apr '13, 19:44) abrahamloa

You are all welcome :)

(02 Apr '13, 03:41) releaser99
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It's not that God isn't enough, it's that the teachings of God have been changed, diluted, misinterpreted, manipulated, etc... so that there isn't one piece of litterature for all to fully understand. What litterature we do have has been manipulated so much, that it sometimes doesn't even make sense how God can be Love and so angry and condemning.

So it isn't that God isn't enough, it's that religious teachings about God aren't enough. Some of us know that there are important messages, promisses missing from the relions of today. We know that there is more to it than what is presented and so we are looking for the missing pieces. It is a calling from God to bring humanity back to unity. To empower God's people the way we were meant to be.

Would we even recognize Jesus?


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Fairy Princess

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Wow @Fairy Princess, you hit it right where it needs to be hit. I just read a Bible commentary that the one in Isaiah 7:14 is not talking about a virgin but a maiden. This is why Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah. I just watch YouTube video about reincarnation - that it was a strong belief in both Judaism and Christianity but the Romans concealed it to get more grasp to their subjects and used to maintain and advance their economic power. You have one chance to live, so be good.

(01 Apr '13, 10:12) Romel

OMG I just found out I really am God!

(06 Apr '13, 00:45) ele

@ele what?

(08 Apr '13, 12:04) Fairy Princess
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The mental aspect of us requires a formula and results. This keeps the mental aspect of us happy for a while. Those formulas mostly have to keep changing though as every moment is unique. I think this is why you see so many different methods here.

Similar to dieting. Everyone knows its simply "eat less calories than required to maintain bodyweight". Though you see hundreds of different diets out there with fancy names all relating to the same basic principle. It draws people in and gets them interested which is no "bad" thing. :)


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In my life, I feel like I have lived so many times before; history repeats itself so does humanity for this is the time of change, were people are losing power of god and seeking the fully utilize the minds of men, this leads to high tend awareness ( many still blind to Gods Truth) and the shadowing of God, with the egos of man. This I say to you, those who may be on this site, are searching for a path of self empowerment that will fall short, for it as fallen out sight with the highest power God. This was bound to happen for nothing is new under neath the sun, while there are those who still walk in the dawn, many in this realm are eclipsed;time after time are we constantly eclipsing Gods love. Thus we blind are eyes to the light we are looking for .. All true power can only be handled with love and true love flows from God, those who follow the path of man are shore to follow the absence of the true power, and thus many knowingly are unknowingly walk paths in opposition of love committing the vices of the soul which for not shall be unknown.


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Prophet Uknown

Hi @Prophet Unknown "those who may be on this site are searching for a path of self empowerment", are you not on this site? lol

(06 Apr '13, 01:56) ru bis
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