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A while back, you know that I had a spiritual experience which I called "I Saw the Mind of God". I have been able to touch base with the experience many times, and it has changed me in so many ways. I thought I would share what I have learned. I also wanted to make my 300th posted question a good one for you (no vanity here!).

The most amazing part of The Mind of God is its sheer size. There happens to be a brain scientist named Jill Bolte Taylor who had a stroke that shut down her left hemisphere, which freed her to experience her right brain without the input from the left. You can watch a video about her experience here. What has struck me is how she describes how she saw "Nirvana" and how much her "Nirvana" and my "Mind of God" seemed to jive, somehow. She saw Paradise and it existed inside her mind!

But did my experience differ from hers? Did I just have a spell of freedom from my left brain? I do not think so, and here's why: After seeing That Great Mind, after seeing the Size and Mechanics and the Gold Energy flowing through the vast space, I came away with the definite impression that every thought counts...every fleeting, even teensy, thought. Everything goes out from our minds and joins with God's thoughts and with millions and billions of others thoughts. So one profound consequence of this power is that if we could only get everybody thinking in a deliberate and positive way, the very nature of existence would alter, and that is perhaps the most important lesson!

I also have begun to trust more and more that when send out a request into The Mind, I Will get an answer from that Mind. It will come as swiftly and surely in direct proportion to my Faith in that Great Mind. So now, when I read certain passages in the Bible, for example, they take on a whole new meaning. For example, Mathew 5:14 says, "Ye art the Light of the World..."(KJV) Put in this new context, we truly are sending "Light" out constantly from our minds. The more this thought is positive, the more "Light" we become.The more we contribute to All of Creation.

My final comments have to do with the great personal change this experience has wrought in me. I feel closer to God in some New and Profound Way. I guess this is because I know how close His Mind is to Mine: just a thought away. I am much more confident in general, and a lot more open about my faults and failings. it's just been easier to function knowing that if I have doubts, or feel alone, all I have to do is put myself back in Touch with That Great Mind.

I hope these postings have helped you in some way. It has been a great pleasure to write of my experience, and to share it here.

Have a Blessed Day or Night,


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Thanks for sharing :)

(20 Aug '11, 14:41) Michaela

It still remains one of the most awesome and mysterious experiences of my life! Glad to share, and TY! Love ya!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Aug '11, 16:36) Jaianniah

thats awesome, great, also thanks for sharing but what is the question?

(20 Aug '11, 18:50) you

@Jai: you are allowed to have some vanity; it is your big day, so cut yourself some slacks, and go for it!

(21 Aug '11, 01:43) Inactive User ♦♦

@Us: It's a Community Wiki posting, so there doesn't have to be a should know this!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 08:49) Jaianniah

@Vee: Thanks! Trust me, I have plenty of vanity...but I am also proud of the fact that nearly 10% of the questions on IQ started because of me! kinda blows my mind...o;)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 08:53) Jaianniah
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Experience and enjoy jai.I tell you in truth. we are gods.God is light. we are light. we all share together using that golden light the grace of God. and God is truth when he speak to you and show you what you do not remember you will know it is the truth. when you ask him what is the meaning of all this? and you start to receive it from the alpha to the omega you will not be able to sustain it. then you will know the difference between you and came here to experience this world. experience and enjoy.

as for the video she wounder witch i am she should choose right or left well you are both i am is both. and you have free will to do annything you want or experience anny thing you want. so experience and enjoy.

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answered 20 Aug '11, 15:29

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white tiger

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I am so glad you watched the video, wt! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 08:55) Jaianniah

You seen into the boundary quite well; for you truth prevails.

(06 Apr '13, 01:36) Prophet Uknown

Aha! You have found the magical kingdom of heaven within that Jesus talks of. Your mind and the mind of God are not seperate at all but are One mind and is the reason Jesus says I and my father are one. Human beings have no idea how much love and power they have within themselves.

I'm very happy for you that you experianced this what humanity might call a miracle but which is atainable to all of us. Im glad you realise that with this knowledge comes not only power for good but also responsibility to shine your light in the best way for all of humanity.

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answered 20 Aug '11, 22:19

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Paulina 1

I have shared all I have learned so far...I have a series of Mind of God postings...Thank you for your welcome answer and comments! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 08:57) Jaianniah

Great links thanks you.

But here are my thoughts based upon your question, even though it may not be what you are expecting to hear.

I think it is time for you to write your book, and it is a good time for you to do so, since you are so at peace, and in tune with your oneness, and with your ability to make this connection that will enable, and lift you up spiritually to exalt your personal powers, and to share your core values in an ethical, and professional way. Can you recall, a while ago I asked you if you were going to write a book? Write that book now, and I will be the first one in line to buy your book.

This is how I was inspired to answer your question, and I pray that you will follow up with this message and surprise yourself with this great light that is shinning in your life!

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answered 21 Aug '11, 02:01

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Inactive User ♦♦

Wow! You just blew me totally away! Wade and I have been praying because we are needing funds, and you basically answered that prayer...I had forgotten! Bless you 1,000 times! I am also honored by your praise and encouragement- truly. thank you thank you>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 09:07) Jaianniah

Holy are thee that can see into the light, your future will shine as bright as your love. So have no fear of dusk, for when it comes the darkness you shale rise above.


answered 06 Apr '13, 01:32

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Prophet Uknown

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