First off, I'm very short on time so I apologize for any lack of details.

Why is it that when I try and create something for myself through visualization, goals, focus blocks, confident expectation etc., instead of it being manifested in my own life, it pops up in the lives of my friends and social circle?

If i need to be more specific just let me know and I'll edit in more details tomorrow when I have more time.


asked 27 Aug '10, 23:02

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Michael 1

Seems to me you've just got some vibrational matches there. It's a positive thing, not a negative thing :)

The fact that these things you want are cropping up in your reality at all is a sign that you are starting to come into vibrational alignment with them.

For example, when you are feeling extremely prosperous (even if you aren't yet), you'll be surprised how many wealthy people seem to turn up in your life.

Just appreciate the fact that the Universe/God/whatever is bringing you these indications of alignment with your desires and let them come into your own life when the time is right.

On the other hand, if you are noticing these things in the lives of others and using that as an excuse to feel bad within yourself because you don't have them yet, then this is an indication that you probably have a bit of vibrational cleaning-up to do before they come to you. Time for a few more Focus Blocks maybe?

Don't forget that the two major manifestation killers are needing it to come and noticing that it hasn't come yet.


answered 30 Aug '10, 12:40

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Nice Stingray, your part on manifestation killers. I think that because we thing the manifestation is the real part nad not the mental image which creates the manifestation is backwards with most. We need to remind ourselves that the imagination is the real part and the manifestation is secondary.

(30 Aug '10, 23:33) RPuls

Love the advice Stingray!

(03 Sep '10, 00:50) The Traveller

Thanks to you both

(03 Sep '10, 17:24) Stingray
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Your yardstick of measure should be against your own prior self, not others.

If you choose the difference between you and others as the standard of measure, this in itself is a preference of experience.


answered 28 Aug '10, 05:22

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The Traveller

@The Traveller: But it is hard to measure yourself when the exact expected result happens to your friend!

(30 Aug '10, 20:49) Back2Basics

That's why they are your friends, you have attracted people of similar interest around you. Now aren't you glad that your friend succeeded instead of your enemies (not that I am implying that you have any). OK now for some real advice. If you picture a particular goal as the only way to get to a certain "feeling" then you are now trapped in a foot race with everyone else after the same goal. However, if you start by identifying what "feeling" you are trying to get to by that particular goal, then you can drop the specifics of the goal and focus on only the feeling as a starting point.

(03 Sep '10, 00:41) The Traveller

While you hold on to this feeling, many goals of different potentials will rise up within you to match that "feeling". The universe will guide you towards what is the best "fit" for you through the feeling of "excitement". Follow this excitement, and don't tell your friends about it. You will soon find your own green pasture.

(03 Sep '10, 00:46) The Traveller
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Maybe your attention is more focused on what your friends are manifesting which is making you notice what you don't have ( The lack of ).The only thing I can suggest is being happy for their success because by doing so you actually raise your own vibration. Then take your attention and place it solely on what you want to manifest - if you are constantly switching your attention to what others are getting you are really just noticing your own lack of not having it and are actually pushing it further away instead of bringing it into manifestation.


answered 28 Aug '10, 12:58

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@Michaela: Very true but when you are putting energy towards manifestation and it appears your buddy is not and he ends up with the result it can be frustrating.

(30 Aug '10, 20:50) Back2Basics

Just remember, when you start to focus your attention on what you want to manifest, your reticular cortex kicks in, and you notice it everywhere.

(30 Aug '10, 23:44) RPuls

@Rpuls - I'll have to check that out, I've never heard of the reticular cortex. Thanks:)

(31 Aug '10, 12:31) Michaela
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hmmm, interesting observations. Are you taking the personal actions to become conscious of those things you want to manifest in your life space? It seems like you are bringing the things you want to manifest into your realm of consciousness but through your social circle, and neglecting to take the correct actions to bring it into your personal space. Joe Vitale once said, "when the limo arrives, you need to get in" This means it takes personal action and choice on your part. Interesting how many times the limo arrives and we choose not to get in for whatever reasons. (fear, unknown, others perceptions if we do get in, not feeling worthy to get in, feeling of selfishnes, etc..)

There is something your social circle of friends are doing to have those things or conditions in their lives that you're not doing. Be happy for them, keep attention on what you want, and enjoy the happiness that your friends have recieved. Gratitude attunes you to the universal intelligence. Be grateful that you can see it manifest in others, that means; what is possible to anyone is possible to you.


answered 28 Aug '10, 16:43

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edited 28 Aug '10, 16:49

@RPlus: I like this - "It seems like you are bringing the things you want to manifest i...through your social circle, " That could be a large part of it.

(30 Aug '10, 20:52) Back2Basics

Also once we start to focus our attention on a particular thing, circumstance, condition, etc....our reticular cortex of the brain kicks in and we notice it everywhere.

(30 Aug '10, 23:38) RPuls

Before I read the answers here and mine becomes "contaminated" let me just say I have experienced this so many times and every time it baffles me, especially when I was learning how to create attraction in the opposite sex.

The only conclusion I came to is that if you create this energy in your social circle and lets say Suzie already likes David, but your trying to create attraction with Suzie, she will channel that energy to David, because that is what she wants to manifest in David or believe he has as well.

It is a really hard one, espically because YOU are doing all the work!!


answered 30 Aug '10, 20:47

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Ive seen stuff manifesting in my wifes life that ive been affirming and believing for (and still am) .Must admit it did upset me a bit at first but maybe shes thinking positively,affirming and believing that shes one with God too!! Its hurt my pride a bit but perhaps shes more sure of Gods goodness than i am despite my outspokenness. fervour and know it all nature. Maybe im not the only person in my family who can receive from God!!! And perhaps Mellys actually far ahead of me in understanding and believing her maker. And there was me thinking i was the most spiritual and wise amongst my family and circle!! Not so Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 22:06

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Monty Riviera

That was like watching a play where the psychotherapist and the patient are played by the same person. It is hard for the refined intellect to notice that silly things like affirmation and prayer to the unknowable can produce actual tangible results. Maybe the problem is us wanting to know before we try, only to be surpassed by those who just don't give a damn.

(03 Sep '10, 01:00) The Traveller

Yes i think i agree with that.I think for some strange reason people who dont give a damn seem to receive more than some who do.Im not sure why thou,but im open to any theories. Graham

(03 Sep '10, 08:00) Monty Riviera
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