It strikes me that letting go of negative emotions, calming down, relaxing etc are all conncected to breathing in some way.

We breath deeply when we feel relaxed and also when we let go of thoughts and emotions.

I know that it is also the other way around. When we feel nervous, we can breath deeply to relax more. Eastern cultures seem to have very specific breathing patterns for different purposes.

I'm really interested to learn more about breathing for health, stamina, letting go etc.

Could you point me in a direction to learn more about the most effective patterns and techniques for different purposes regarding breathing?

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well as far ,calming down, relaxing, letting go .. going outside and having a marlboro red does the trick for me but it kind of cancels out the the health and stamina part.... ;)

(02 Apr '13, 16:59) ursixx

@releaser99 If you can afford it; I suggest a few sessions with a breath facilitator. I have a friend who is certified & considered a master breath facilitator. ETA sorry I had to take a call & a meeting in a few. Being you have asthma, I think you would benefit immensely by learning new breathing techniques, even lose weight in additon to the metaphysical/spiritual benefits. "In yoga it is said "Master of breath is master of life." Ck out Andy Caponigro work & his book Miracle of the Breath.

(02 Apr '13, 19:20) ele

@ele. I've never heard of a breath faciliator before. Sounds interesting and worth investigating further. Thanks. @ursixx This one made me laugh out loud:). Actually I tried this approach many years myself. What I found over the years of extensive research and tests is that I can even better let go and relax with Marlboro "Greens":)

(03 Apr '13, 13:01) releaser99

@releaser99 haha - green Marlboro's. As a former asthmatic I highly recommend them. I attribute the therapeutic benefit I received in JH/HS in addition to finding love as my cure. Luckily I left asthma behind shortly after I went to college & sadly, greens shortly after graduating. When they become legal in my state; I will have a RX.

(04 Apr '13, 21:10) ele

Breath Flow is well worth checking out Love and Light

(04 Apr '13, 21:12) Roy

Absolutely @Roy I highly recommend Transformational Breath Work!! It was my first introduction to breath work by a trained facilitator.

(04 Apr '13, 21:21) ele

We had Christian come to Barrie To facilitate a work shop for us.It was a fantastic weekend. I Never realized how far your breath could take you.

(04 Apr '13, 21:33) Roy

@Roy again, absolutely. I never had the pleasure of doing a session with Christian; but many by another facilator. Breath is also one of the best ways I've found to alleviate pain & pain bodies. With practice you can move your breath anywhere in your body which needs attention or healing... With a little imagination & the right movement of breath you can also experience ecstasy &/or bliss.

(04 Apr '13, 23:35) ele
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I think I learned this from Astara, but really can't remember, (sorry!). To expell toxins and energize..... stand with arms in a praying type position with palms together. Start taking a deep, deep breath. As you inhale, spread your arms outward at your sides and hold. This helps to expand the lungs. Hold for a few moments. Then as you exhale slowly though your nose, bring the hands back to a praying type position. Once you THINK you have expelled all of the air, force a couple more bursts of old stale air out of the lungs. Breathe normally for a few seconds and then repeat three more times for a total of four times. Morning and evening....this will have you feeling good, I promise! Just remember to do this slowly and deeply.


answered 02 Apr '13, 16:24

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LeeAnn 1


@LeeAnn 1 That's fantastic. I tried it and it worked great. I felt more centred and energized immediately. Thank you!

(03 Apr '13, 13:02) releaser99

So glad it was helpful, and you are very welcome!

(03 Apr '13, 18:39) LeeAnn 1

Hi Releaser,

I've been using this breathing / meditation practise daily for a while now. I highly recommend because of its integrative, Awareness raising and energising effects. It takes about half an hour to complete, but for me it's worth it. Hope it helps:)

Oxygen: Take consciously and consistently every day. It is nature’s best-kept secret, yet it is so readily available that even the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent and control it. Side effects include increased intelligence, awareness, insight, and integration.

Excerpt From: Alchemy of the Heart.


answered 02 Apr '13, 16:46

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Thanks @Satori. I tried the Presence Process a year ago and I think it's a wonderful meditation practise.

(03 Apr '13, 13:03) releaser99

Yes,. for removing the nervous energy, do this. Breathe in deep. Hold breath while picturing color green. Hold it for few seconds, and when u blow it out, blow it out like u are a candle on cake, slowly in slow motion, as you do your feet will tingle and this is anxious energy being released. Many people have done this before sessions and it works well. Hope it helps.

love n light



answered 02 Apr '13, 17:56

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE Thank you. I'm rarely nervous lately. But I will try it when I am. But the color green seems to be relaxing just by thinking of it. Has it to do with the frequency of this color? Is this info from your channeled source?

(03 Apr '13, 13:03) releaser99

Buy the CD The Quantum Light Breath by Jeru Kabbal. It has great music and also some words by Jeru while you do fast breathing. Its absolutely amazing and will change your state and connect to the Divine if you intend.

I also applied for lessons from SRF foundation of Yogananda Paramahansa - they have a Light Visualizing meditation through 3rd eye that blew my mind, that connects to Divine. I do this Paramahansa's 3rd eye light meditation and listening to the Quantum CD music and instantly get transported to Cosmic Consciousness.

this changed my life. And my concentration levels multiplied like crazy in the area that i enjoy life. now i am beginning to work more on areas like bills etc where i am not that sharp on.


answered 02 Apr '13, 20:30

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@abrahamloa "The Quantum Light Breath" sounds interesting. Thanks.

(03 Apr '13, 13:05) releaser99

I've done holotropic breath work. I 'tripped' back in time several times with skilled practitioners of Stanislov Groff using breath. I highly recommend it; but I suggest finding someone skilled in the practice to put you 'over'. I think you can find some samples of Quantum Light Breath online. I'm not sure it's for everyone; could be too trippy for some more delicate minds if done alone .. I'm not familiar the SRF foundation; will look at it. Thanks

(04 Apr '13, 21:02) ele

hi ele, the website is I find him totally amazing. his connection to Divine God. I bought couple of Cds from there and was blown away by his talk. Initially i had to sort out some things. Since the philosohy in the beginning might seem like renouncing desire but its not true. Its perfectly aligned with everything i think which is more along lines of Abraham and Bashar etc...

(05 Apr '13, 14:13) abrahamloa

you can ask me more details if you want ... He is no more so the foundation is there... they have a quite a cheap 1 yr course after which they initiate Kriya yoga technique.... i am in 3 months now... but i fell totally in love with the 3rd eye light meditation that was given in the first 2 lessons or so... it totally lifts me everyday when i do 15 mins...

(05 Apr '13, 14:15) abrahamloa

Thanks . . . I put this on my things I want to look into list. Thanks for the heads up on his philosophy, cause that could have been & may be a major turnoff. . .

(05 Apr '13, 19:48) ele
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I would recommend Abraham Hicks guided meditation and its associated breathing technique. See the question and answer thread here.


answered 06 Apr '13, 09:10

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Pink Diamond

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