Okay, first of all, it has been widely believed[citation needed] that one is able to manifest any type of materialistic type of things into his life, though it does require some amount of practice and understanding before one can do it successfully.

But then there comes the ability of being able to manifest relationships, people, and the like, which does make it a bit "not-so-believable", as it will seem that you can manifest anything in the world. And if one is really able to manifest anything in this world, I would like to pose a few scenarios below and ask whether it is really possible for it to happen?

Proposed Scenarios

  1. A person sentenced to life prisonment in a prison wants to 'manifest' his way outside

  2. A student that just took an exam wants to manifest the marks

  3. A student before taking the exam wants to manifest the questions that will be coming out

  4. At a customer service queue, there are 6 counters. The order in which they will call the next queue number is in sequence; meaning if counter 5 just finished serving 1984, and your number is 1985, you will be called. Also, is it possible if counter is supposed to serve 1985, but you manifest it such that you end up at counter 3 instead although you're not supposed to be next in line for that particular counter?

  5. Manifesting car park lots at a full carpark?

  6. manifesting the next bus to come in less than 5minutes?


There are still a lot more which I thought of, but you roughly get the idea.

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See: What are the practical limitations of what the Universe can manifest? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6122/what-are-the-practical-limitations-of-what-the-universe-can-manifest

(30 Aug '10, 11:45) Stingray

Kakaboo, If you are interested in this stuff, don't wait for proof to get started. Just start and keep trying until it works. There is no incentive for those of us here to put this much effort into a subject to perpetuate an illusion of truth. Most of us here are speaking from actual experience and confidence in the mind's ability to attract things & events into existence. We are not trying to fool each other. we are sharing to encourage each other and push our own experiences beyond where we are at.

(01 Sep '10, 03:38) The Traveller

Hi Kakaboo. Your last response inspired me to add this part. I'm sure I am speaking for the rest of us in saying this to you. We want you to discover this amazing power that is waiting to be discovered within your consciousness. We want you to go through this "awakening" in realizing your own power to "Focus & manifest" or "Ask and receive". We want you to say to yourself "Oh my God, I am not at the mercy of the circumstances I find my self in, I can change everything about my life from this day forward". Go for it! You will be so glad that you did! Please Share with us your success stories!

(03 Sep '10, 00:30) The Traveller
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Why don't you test each of these situations yourself & discover the balance point of influence for yourself?

You are using the word "Manifest" in a way that almost makes the phenomenon appear magical like the wave of a magician's wand.

First of all, this magical thing called "Manifesting" is not really that. It is an attraction, and it is the level of your own influence upon that attraction.

with reference to my first suggestion of testing it for yourself, you will find that the further away you are from the event, the more influence you will have in your favor.

So the example with the customer service queue, if you envision yourself having VIP treatment & jumping the queue ahead of everyone else weeks before the actual event, You will find that the universe has more room to adjust things in your favor & you may find an old friend behind the counter on that particular day to serve you.

The closer you are to the event the more you have participated in other scenarios of momentum where you have already agreed to participate in co-creating with and within other people's requests.

Mind you, what ever situation you find your self in, did not sneak up on you while you were innocently minding your own business bothering nobody.

If you have a life imprisonment sentence looming over your head, you either actively participated in getting your self there with much joy and enthusiasm, or you were always afraid of ending up in jail with a sentence of life in prison.
Either of those states of mind will produce the same outcome.

If you don't realize it by now, everything that you are afraid of happening to you will happen to you eventually as long as you maintain that focus within your consciousness.

So how does this magical "Manifesting" really work?

There is a magical component to this phenomenon that we don't need to get into for now. But if you are wondering, for that kind of control upon reality you need clarity of consciousness without any karmic loose ends.
You need to be enlightened for that kind of control. But then if you are, you wouldn't even use the word "control" to describe this influence upon reality.

The influence we exert upon reality in the form of the Law of attraction, is mostly the psychic influence we are exerting within the collective consciousness of all the participants within our reality.

Your Vision has other participants in it, playing the appropriate characters, just like in a play.

The clearer your vision of your intended reality the more influence your script has over everybody else's script running within their own consciousness.

But, then again, consciousness itself is a shared reality. We all dip into the same ocean of consciousness for inspiration.

So the further away you are from the event, the more the participants in your reality will appear to position themselves according to your script. The beautiful thing is that they will do it believing that they are actually following their own script instead.

If you get this, you will understand why all the media is controlled by a few powerful families and why they all show the same disastrous news.

disaster and war is where the profits are counted in dollars and the losses counted in lives (not my quote, it's borrowed)

The people at the top (they believe so) understand the collective consciousness phenomenon, and manipulate it to the fullest extent.

But you can take you control back by refusing to form your opinions from only the mainstream sources. You can choose what is supposed to happen to you.

The further away you are from the event, the more you will seemingly have and effect upon the outcome. And it is happening through the influence of the collective consciousness of the human mind.


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The Traveller

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ummm I think kakaboo can hop over scenario 1.

(30 Aug '10, 07:09) ursixx

wow thats a very detailed explanation but I am afraid I do not comprehend it fully; here you say that as long as I maintain a focus of something I will get it eventually whether I want it a not, then why does being desperate for something yet works the other way? I cant really test situations for myself since I have yet to understand how manifesting really works or have intentionally manifesting something even with the methods stingray suggested(experiement 1 n 2)

(31 Aug '10, 12:46) kakaboo

Hi Kakaboo. The first time I tried the Attraction, Belief, LOA, or any label you want to use, it was back in 1986 and I didn't know if it was going to work. Nobody was talking about it and there was no "The Secret" available to the masses. I played with this concept on pure faith that it will work. Why? Because according to the theory of consciousness "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT MAKES IT WORK". and it worked! Today I don't believe that it works, I know that it works.

(01 Sep '10, 02:14) The Traveller

You don't need to know how an engine works to drive a car. You don't need to understand how this works in order to test it with your own mind and your own life. Understand that Skepticism is also an attraction. You don't reject an idea or experience with skepticism, instead you attract the idea or experience that it is not true. Once you start playing with and experimenting with attraction you will get the subtle properties within it.

(01 Sep '10, 02:21) The Traveller

ok thank you for your insight I've never really thought of it that way, I guess in this current world we are being held back by waiting for people telling us whether something is true or not before deciding to do it rather than trying it for ourselves eh? ;)

(02 Sep '10, 14:51) kakaboo
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Stingray did a thorough job of explaining how the manifestation process works but I would like to add a quote from Richard Bachs' Illusion "Argue your limitations and they are yours". This simple means that you if you believe something is impossible then it is and you cant do it.


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