What do you do when your Consciousness guides towards ideas whose source is very suspicious, but the depth of information is fascinating?

Recently I was working on (meditating & attracting) certain ideas with regards to the mind. I was trying to sort out the collective consciousness & matrix nature of our connected minds.

My instincts tell me it is so, Therefore I was trying to attract any evidence or any philosophy with regards to the connected mind. (I first came across it when I read the works of Sri Arobindo about 20 years ago)

And so something attracted this site into my reach of attention.


I have only provided the link to their "videos" page.

Don't be in a hurry to post your answer.
Check some of the videos and get a feel for their approach to knowledge and information.

Speaking for myself, I have no problem learning from extremely suspicious sources, if the information is interesting and thought provoking. And let me tell you that the stuff on this site is really interesting for the curious mind.

I like to believe that I know where the line of reason is where I decide not to go further, for example if somebody tells me to take out my money and burn it, that is the line I don't cross (or pay for any training programs)

How about YOU? What is your yardstick of measure in this adventure of the unknown? How willing are you to look at something that is completely out there and yet brilliantly fascinating?

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The Traveller

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I would have to say my yardstick of measure, without a doubt, is how it makes me feel. I know the more my mind opens, the more willing I've become to look at things that several years ago I wouldn't have even considered. I think too that the more we grow, the more we trust our own discernment so even topics that may have scared us a little before no longer hold such an element of fear. I think if we trust ourselves,we're not going to be led astray because we will know without a doubt how to discern the genuine from the suspect.I guess in a roundabout way, I'm saying that my yardstick is my own intuition.


answered 31 Aug '10, 12:18

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Nicely said, Michaela

(01 Sep '10, 20:25) Stingray

Thanks Stingray:)

(02 Sep '10, 12:07) Michaela

You know as long as it is not a doctrine of hate.(and even then it is good to know where the hate is coming from) I'll read or listen to about anything .
A closed mind is closed.an open mind is infinite


answered 31 Aug '10, 07:26

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Great concept! I like your open mindedness

(03 Sep '10, 01:40) The Traveller

An open mind is infinite - love it! Then use your intuition.

(04 Jun '13, 02:17) ele

christ was thought of a as a heretic. you never know. There is a saying of the Theosophocal Society. "There is no Higher Religion than Truth"


answered 31 Aug '10, 02:55

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Nice point. wouldn't it be great if truth was the most popular religion on our planet right now?

(03 Sep '10, 01:31) The Traveller

I will look at it with an open mind.

But I agree with Michaela; go by your own feelings after some time. Initially many things seem wonderful but then after some reasoning and thought obviously don't make sense. It's best to let things "sit awhile" and see how you feel about them yourself.


answered 31 Aug '10, 14:52

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LeeAnn 1

Reminds me of a very old preacher i used to listen to. He said we must at least have the sense a cow has. The cow eats the straw in the bale and noses to one side any sticks. I listen to everything whatever the source and decide what i want to eat. Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 07:39

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Monty Riviera

I ordered Zonpower from NeoTech several years ago, and returned it for a refund. They tried three times to convince me to keep the material before they finally refunded my money.

Apparently, the material is now available for free online.


answered 31 Aug '10, 04:13

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Thanks for sharing Vesuvius. I took a glance at it when you posted your answer. then today (2 days later) I took a closer look. There is some interesting stuff there. Much of it is beyond my ability to comprehend. That's what is great about it. It awakened in another's mind and it obviously makes sense to them.

(03 Sep '10, 01:39) The Traveller

I agree with both Michaela and LeeAnn. However I believe that we can only attract based on the energy that we put out with our thoughts so the message is more important than the messager. But it is important to remember that you attracted the messenger as well for some purpose.


answered 31 Aug '10, 17:11

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Good point Drham.

(31 Aug '10, 17:19) LeeAnn 1
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