This is a question for the spiritually gifted.

what i mean is that your potential when you are gifted you know youre limit! but sometime it is boost like 1000% of what is normally your max! what is causing this? is it something in the universe! i have notice that it happens a few times each year! did anny of you ever notice that? or have answer for it?

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

(16 May '11, 16:06) Vesuvius

I'm curious white tiger, what is your definition of "spiritually gifted"? I think we're all "spiritually gifted"... only some are a little more tuned into it than others :)

(19 May '11, 02:37) Michaela

seing over the delusion and apperance of this world!

(19 May '11, 11:15) white tiger

using vision,dream, feeling etc. out of the superficial of this world going deep in are self and in god in the true nature of things!

(19 May '11, 11:18) white tiger
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when we take the time to look inward at who we are,
when we take the time to understand what throws us off balance,
when we take the time to think of all others as ourselves,
when we realize there is yet much to know.


answered 19 May '11, 00:24

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I love this Fred... it really is all about getting to know oneself and realizing that we're always learning and expanding :)

(19 May '11, 02:39) Michaela

This reminds me of what Paul wrote about God being able to do "ABOVE all that we ask or imagine"

Perhaps sometimes the power within us jumps beyond even what we think it can do or be for us.



answered 14 May '11, 10:43

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Monty Riviera

yes monty! but it is still strange that this happen only a fee time in the year!i could compare it with someone jumping usely 1 meter high as its peek max jump! and one time jumping 1000 meter high!so it is pretty strange! or compare it with a runner that run a certain distance in a fix time and one day he run 1000 time that distance in the same time! it seams strange! that is why i am asking if someone as notice that and if they find why it happens?

(14 May '11, 11:00) white tiger

only difference is that it is in the spiritual gift intuition vision clairvoyance etc.

(14 May '11, 11:06) white tiger

How big is your faith?

I ask this because if your Faith is big, so too will be your works in God. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus healed the blind...."and he asked them, "Do you believe I am able to do this "Yes, Lord," they replied. "Then he touched their eyes, and said, "According to your faith it will be done to you", and their sight was restored..." (NIV Bible)

If our faith is truly huge, we can do huge things. The trouble is that sometimes, our faith is not truly huge. We have doubts and confusion. We think that those miracles belong to the times of Jesus. But in truth, we can and should have faith in God, and only then will we accomplish those things we choose to accomplish. Your faith must be as simple and clear as a child. Your faith must be unfettered by unbelief.

Now this is a tall order in our time! We are always bombarded with conditions and limits. We think that we are small- but we are not! I tell you, if you have the faith, you can do anything! I tell you, my right knee is a mess of bone, a conglomeration of destroyed matter. But I refused the wheelchair that was presented to me. I asked God to let me walk under my own power. And this gift was granted unto me. I have walked on this knee even when people said it was impossible for me to walk. Not only that, but I can sit in a lotus position with such a knee. It is because I asked God to allow it to be. This knee is quite painful, but I did not ask to be relieved of the pain- I only asked to walk. On the 23rd, I will be given a new knee through the grace of God. Finally, the pain will be at an end.

Your faith must be huge! And if it is, you will do all things! You just have to believe in a huge way.

Many Blessings to you all, Jaianniah.

May God grant you all FAITH!


answered 14 May '11, 14:43

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mind over matter jai! if you want you can! just don't over do it!know your limit! and slowly push them away!

(14 May '11, 18:18) white tiger

Limits??? What are limits??? LOL!>>>>>>>>>>>

(14 May '11, 18:41) Jaianniah

limit of the physical jai if you don't want to brake the body! example i can lift 515 pound! but should i try to move 1030 pound the body might not endure it! but i can try 520 pound and continue until i reach 1030 pound! that is what i was saying! jai!

(14 May '11, 19:20) white tiger

I was speaking of spiritual limits...In God, all things are possible...that sort of thing....of course, God would not ask me to destroy my body! Love,>>>>>>>>>>>

(14 May '11, 19:35) Jaianniah

here is for you jai about expending limits

(14 May '11, 19:45) white tiger

I see what your saying White Tiger, and i must say this time you make sense. Slowly and incrementally move upwards in faith,belief,expectation and thought.

(16 May '11, 10:07) Monty Riviera

why monty did you believe i made no sense? i know i can be hard to grasp! but is jesus buddha and bodhidarma not hard to grasp also!Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without a teacher’s help. If, though, by the conjunction of conditions, someone understands what the Buddha meant, that person doesn’t need a teacher. Such a person has a natural awareness superior to anything taught. But unless you’re so blessed, study hard, and by means of instruction you’ll understand.

(16 May '11, 19:17) white tiger

(16 May '11, 19:17) white tiger
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yes it is the galactic energy from the 10th density entity that send it to us, we all have to have the growth. I know so many are truly upset or bored with the issues of 2012 BUT i think you should see my sources veiw on this ! watch here! and part 2

love n light,



answered 14 May '11, 18:39

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TReb Bor yit-NE

ty rob i am not afraid of 2012 every one as free will they just need to realize it! and make this world a better place! and stop blaming god for everything! everything that happens is because of what people do! sure some have more power or money then other but it is not the quantity that count it is the quality and what you do with it! those people in power are there because you let them be there!if they are not doing what they are suppose to do tell them!

(14 May '11, 21:10) white tiger

ty 4 being a loving and graet soul !!! lnl

(14 May '11, 23:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

I call it a wave. They seem to come a few times a year, a great time for meditation. I have gotten some great revelations during that period. It seems to expand and contract with information.


answered 15 May '11, 20:44

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The Knights Alchemy

yes it comes a fee time per year did you learn more about it! i did not find where it comes from! only that it boost your potential dramaticaly when it pass!

(16 May '11, 19:56) white tiger

A vibration of unconditional love gives you quite a boost.

Love and Light


answered 17 May '11, 21:23

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