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Hello. I would like to introduce a topic which (even though I know the answer), I would like to put it out there for others to benefit. Some of my examples I use will be a bit audacious, so keep that in mind.

Firstly, let me set the stage: Lets say you are at home and decide to go out to the mall. More likely than not, the mall is crowded with people left and right. From an obvious perspective, you know that every single one of these dozens and dozens of people you pass have their own life going on. You know that everyone there all have their personal wants, desires and what not. However, would you go as far as to believe that some/most of the people you pass are living in different reality of possibilities all together? Can you believe the idea that what is considered taboo, impossible, or fantasy in your experience could very well be reality to the people you pass.

Let me give a few example. Please follow along and try to put yourself in the shoes of the person I am narrating.

Going back to the scenario of the mall, let's say you decide to head to starbucks in the mall. You go in there, and while waiting in line, you see a pretty attractive woman who seems to be in her late 30's. You decide to speak with her, and it turns out that she seems very attractive to you as well. You end up giving her your number.

After leaving starbucks you decide to sit at a bench and enjoy your drink. To your right of the bench, you see a man in his early 50's typing away on his phone. He looks vaguely familiar, but you never end up placing where you've seen him.

You finish your drink and decide to head back home after some shopping. Outside, you see a group of about 4 or 5 young people(between ages 18-25) sitting on the grass of a small field right outside the mall. They seem to be having a very intense conversation in which, by looking at their facial expression, seems to stir up excitement within them. You wonder if they are excited about some college project or something.

You head home, and while driving you think about the time in the mall. You realized that nothing particularly exciting occurred.... except for the woman you met at Starbucks! You begin to replay the conversation you guys had and then stop short.....!! You realize that you accidentally gave her the wrong number. You instead gave her the number of your old phone which you do not have anymore. You mentally kick yourself as you are driving home.

From the man's perspective, his day at the mall was more or less a mundane trip.

However, little did he know, he was in extremely close proximity to extraordinary people.

Let's start with the woman in starbucks. For the man, she was just that. He was glad to get speak with her, but ended up giving her the wrong number on accident. The woman soon realizes that she has the wrong number when she returns home (She tried to call, but was replied with a message stating that the number was no longer in use). She curses herself. You see, this woman is a serial killer, and the man she met at starbucks was going to be her next target. Had she gotten the correct number, she was sure she would be able to seduce, and then kill the man, like she did countless times before.

Next up is the man on his phone on the Bench (Guy 2). Our main guy (Guy 1) notices another man to his right texting on his phone. He looked familiar, but could not figure out where he's seen him. Guy 1 will never realize that that Guy 2 is Forbes top 3 wealthiest people in the world. The reason why Guy 1 thought Guy 2 looked familiar is because he vaguely remember reading about the richest people in the world on a newspaper.

Lastly, is the group of kids the man saw outside of the mall. As you can tell from what he thought about those Young adult's excitement, he assumed that they were in college. However not only were these young adults not in college, they were living a life extremely divergent from the conventional belief. You see they are part of a group called "Dream Hackers": They are able to freely manipulate their reality just as much as one would be able to in a dream. They had abilities that some would consider impossible, fantasy like, or even magical(teleportation, flying, etc). The reason why they were excited was because they were talking about the potential they had found, and were coming up with ideas on how to practice/hone in on their new found skill.

The point that I'm making is that you pass people almost everyday and, as far as you know, they could be living a life that that you wouldn't believe no matter what. And that's because you aren't in the same wave length/vibration of those people. Therefore you only see what you want to see. A good example would be with the serial killer. For all you knew, she was just a cute woman at Starbucks. A cute woman in which you've accidentally gave the wrong number. In one perspective, you are beating yourself up for being so incompetent, but from an outside perspective you quite literally saved yourself from being murdered. And I believe that it's because you just weren't in the vibration/wave length of being murdered. That's why you "accidentally" gave her the wrong number. Of course you had no idea of her true intentions, but you simple weren't vibrationally a match to her.

Now let's think of this idea in your case. Let's say that you have a desire that you want really bad, but you do not truly believe you can have it (in other words you aren't holding the vibration of your desire). Even if you were to see the people who had the answer/wisdom to get you from point a to point b, you simply would not be able to know it. Even if you do bump into them and had a long conversation with them (as with the serial killer), Things just wont work out and their true potential would just go over your head.

Anyways, as I haven't seen a post like this on here, I thought I'd post this perspective out there. That being said, this is just one way of looking at things and you should not take this as fact, but rather as tool you can choose to use/believe in or not. I personally believe in this idea, but only because I experienced the situation myself (If you want get an idea of which case I mean, look at the example related to the young adults)

Also, the examples I listed above might seem far-fetched, but trust me when I say that I'm not exaggerating.To tell you the truth. Not only do you experience people with that kind of potential on a day to day basis, You are constantly able to reach them vibrationally (if you prefer) if you maintain a constant vibration of what you want. If you were do that for a day-week, I can guarantee that the right people, and the right circumstances will fall into place. The issue is that most people's vibration are all over the place and they never maintain a constant vibration for more than a few hours (let alone a day). Along with that, they also put out other vibrations that just straight up contradicts one another. This post is not to tell you how to change that, because they're already posts that explains it very well ( I particularly like Eddie's and Stingray's posts). This post is to look at the hundreds of random people you see everyday day and just have fun contemplating the life they live. One rule is to not limit yourself to the reality you are placed. Imagine the possibility that the strangers you pass could be spies, shapeshifters, Billionaires, your future self, etc etc. I can assure you that is the case anyways, even if it seemingly seems unlikely.

Try to even make a game out of it. Next time you go to a crowded area, imagine the life that those people are living. Not just in the parameters of your reality, but in the limitless parameter of the "anything is possible"(Feel free to be creative with it). I'm sure this can help bring you in the right way of thinking.

I would sometimes see people trying to put a limit on the possibility of what they are capable of. It's more surprising when I see people try to put a limit to "The law of attraction" or try to put a cap on it, stating that there are somethings that just can't be attractive (like the idea of supernatural or extraordinary experience).

While I do not mind if they themselves are putting a cap on the extent of what THEY would like to attract, I do not see the point on why they limit the potential of others. They try to bring them inside their parameter, stating that anything outside is just not possible, or just silly to fathom. One example I'll use just for the sake of it is the third example I used in my story: Dream hackers. I am 100% sure that this group is real, and the abilities that I listed are possible. However this is only true to me because of the parameters I set for myself. That being said, there might be some who will say that it's impossible, no matter how they look at it. They would also try to get others to stay within that limiting parameter theirs as well. I guess the point of all of this is to expand your parameter and hone in on the things you really want, because you are really capable of anything you desire.

Haha, this ended up being pretty lengthy. I also realized that I didn't state a question, so I shall post this as a wiki rather than a question.


To answer the question I get a lot: Why extraordinary people aren't well known is not because they are good at keeping secrets, but rather because they live under parameters that makes them vibrationally invisible to you.

asked 25 Feb '15, 23:11

lilfrankster101's gravatar image


lilfrankster101, there is no mention of the perceiver having underdeveloped capabilities and until uncovered limits what they see

(26 Feb '15, 05:25) fred

I'm afraid that I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you please rephrase?

(26 Feb '15, 10:13) lilfrankster101

it is not just the inclination to chose, but being able to perceive a greater range of vibrations. if not able yet to be perceived it is not

(26 Feb '15, 14:54) fred

Oh, I got it! I understand now. I totally agree with that as well.

(26 Feb '15, 15:42) lilfrankster101
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Nice story. Welcome to IQ :)

Why extraordinary people aren't well known is not because they are good at keeping secrets, but rather because they live under parameters that makes them vibrationally invisible to you.

Agreed, generally...but perhaps the other side of the coin may be that some of them are good at keeping secrets as well :)

They probably learn early on that nothing good comes out of upsetting/destroying the firmly-held belief systems of others so they probably tend to keep those abilities "cloaked" to even those who do intersect their realities until there's a definite reason not to.

The typical Earth dweller still has trouble accepting that the thoughts they think have anything to do with the physical lives they a "Dream Hacker" pulling out some "unusual" abilities in public is unlikely to be well received :)


answered 26 Feb '15, 09:00

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No Doubt, Stingray! I believe that as-well! Taking this idea a step further, I have a hunch that there is also People on this site who's had experiences greater than life.

Thanks For the reply, and I'm glad I joined this site! I'm not sure if this an appropriate place to ask, but what the heck: Are there any links you can direct me to that can get me in the gravitational vicinity of those outer parameters (in terms of how I explained above)?

(26 Feb '15, 09:24) lilfrankster101

@Stingray "they probably tend to keep those abilities 'cloaked' to even those who do intersect their realities until there's a definite reason not to" Are you trying to imply something about yourself here? Is there any chance you are the guy I saw last December who flew in a sleigh pulled by reindeers, broke into my house and stole my Playstation 4?

(26 Feb '15, 10:01) releaser99

@releaser99 - "Is there any chance you are the guy I saw last December" - I remain confident that any rumors concerning my nighttime activities involving the cast of GTA 5 and a group of furry animals shall not be provable in a court of law.

(26 Feb '15, 12:16) Stingray
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you know what those people all share?

they are human they are children growing up what ever age they have and what ever reality they choose.

you say: I would sometimes see people trying to put a limit on the possibility of what they are capable of. It's more surprising when I see people try to put a limit to "The law of attraction" or try to put a cap on it, stating that there are something's that just can't be attractive (like the idea of supernatural or extraordinary experience).

I will say to you that not only do they put limit on other but often put limit on them self. they want to be righteous look good to other, be over achiever, wealthy etc.... some will get what they want and will eventually found out that it does not make them happy, other will not achieve it and will be mad about it. and some other will not achieve it but will be content with what they have achieve.

as for attractive things some time they are worth it some other time only a trap or illusion.

as for experience if one did not experience something he prefer to negate it and say it does not exist. he might laugh at people and call them crazy etc..... and eventually when he get the same experience he will be on the other end being negated or call crazy etc... often people cannot accept this but only once they start to accept it can they make better choice and move from prideful, self righteous and ignorance to I am the way the truth and the life.

very fee can make that move, because they need to accept their own deficiency in order to correct them self at the place of trying to correct every one on the outside with out having the knowledge about self or other. first clean the inside of the cup so the outside can also be clean. if you clean the outside and not the inside when you tip the cup and dirty water comes out of it is put dirt on the outside. but if you have clean water in the cup and tip the cup it cleanse the outside. think about it would you prefer to drink from a cup that is dirty inside or that is dirty outside?

will also tell you this: all seek to win and not loose. but some win and loose and some loose and win. only when you understand this and can correct your deficiency can you move to win and win.

Let there be light. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Feb '15, 08:02

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white tiger

edited 28 Feb '15, 08:08

Thank you for your contribution too this Post. I love to see post from people with slightly different perspective coming up with the similar conclusions.

All answers are welcomed!

(28 Feb '15, 10:13) lilfrankster101
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