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@Roy has asked on IQ Meta about the amount of "chatter" on Inward Quest. This is something that has also concerned me for a while, namely the ability to comment on questions or answers is increasingly being used for general chat/discussions rather than remaining focused on the original question or answer.

We are looking into solutions to this (perhaps through software limits on commenting) but I would like to hear your views before we implement anything.

1. Do you feel there is too much "chatter" in the comments on Inward Quest? Or even the site in general?

2. If so, what should be done about it?



Thank you all for expressing your points of view. The suggestions and ideas have been very helpful to us in formulating a plan of action.

A change was made yesterday (April 9) to the way Inward Quest operates which we believe has reduced general chatter already and will continue to do so without preventing anyone from continuing to make comments. I will be making an announcement shortly about what we have done and why we have done it.

Thank you,


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Simon Templeton ♦♦

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Wow, that was quick Simon,Thank you.Love and Light.

(07 Apr '13, 12:47) Roy

Before I logged off this morning, I clicked on Meta & read Jai's latest ? & Simon's response. I wasn't surprised to see your ? @Roy. I know the other day I thought I should apologize to everyone on that thread for the off topic spam they got in their inbox. It was a totally ludicrous chat which I plan never to repeat. I'm sorry Roy & to anyone else who was subscribed to that thread, I apologize. I plan no repeats.

(08 Apr '13, 02:17) ele

Speaking of off topics...Hello @ele, how's your day?

(08 Apr '13, 02:29) CalonLan

@CalonLan at risk of a reprimand, that totally cracked me up.. lol!

(08 Apr '13, 02:47) ele

Morning ele, the suggestion that I made had to do with no one other than myself. I enjoy the "chatter" and I feel that it is an important part of IQ and has a place...just not where it is. Love and Light.

(08 Apr '13, 04:36) Roy

Morning @Roy No, that chat should not have continued. In RL, it would NOT have. I should have stopped it & emailed Simon with my question. The main reason I continued is because I was trying to make peace with a user I offended on another thread & even though I thought we were done, I responded to her again the next day for the same peaceful reasons. As for the interaction with the other user, what more can I say? It won't be happening again.

(08 Apr '13, 05:05) ele

I am not familiar with RL,other than they are my initials.What is it?

(08 Apr '13, 05:09) Roy

@ele, Nobody in the world got it right. Don't fall for the righteous talk, it will only turn your life into regret leaving you to feel sorry till the very end of it.

Yes, there were times. I'm sure you knew. When I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall. And did it my way ...

(08 Apr '13, 05:25) CalonLan

...For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things, he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows, I took the blows - and did it my way.

No regrets, no apologies.

(08 Apr '13, 05:26) CalonLan

@Roy lol! I think you're kiddin' me; but RL is real life. Perhaps RW for real world would be better.

(08 Apr '13, 06:01) ele

@CalonLan dejavue OMG, that song played at the funeral of ___. Who are you Cal? Do I know you? At the moment this person died, all I could do was chant this Irish prayer over & over "Dear God, please, please let _ get to heaven 15 min's before the devil finds out he's dead." I repeated it over and over again, even though I didn't think heaven existed. Well, I've had one warning for chat - I have a couple more comments & then I will go. See ya!

(08 Apr '13, 06:07) ele

@ele, We live half the world apart, so, not in person, no. ;-)

(08 Apr '13, 06:38) CalonLan

@CalonLan I met you on another forum. I was the one laughing & defending you. I'm sayin' this for the peeps who don't believe in far out woohoo reasons. lol!

(08 Apr '13, 07:17) ele

@Roy I forgot to thank you. Thank you!

(08 Apr '13, 08:05) ele

I actually thought you were talking about another site,thanks for the smile.

(08 Apr '13, 08:29) Roy

@Roy haha It's an eerie world out there. Who is he? Edits aren't emailed. I went back and looked at that thread where I spammed you. You're right, it was funny & not as bad as I recalled. Luckily Cal loosened me up a bit so I could view it in the proper light. Right now there are no rules against what Cal & I did tonight. So I guess we're safe. Tomorrow, there may be rules.

(08 Apr '13, 08:51) ele

@ele, ...why should we worry, no-one will care girl. Look at the stars now, so far away. We've got tonight,... who needs tomorrow. ^^

(08 Apr '13, 08:57) CalonLan

I dont Feel that rules are the answer,I like the facebook idea.All the comments would be kept with the questions.

(08 Apr '13, 08:59) Roy

@CalonLan lol! We've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's make it last. Let's find a way Turn out the light, come take my hand now We've got tonight, babe, why don't we stay?

(08 Apr '13, 09:10) ele

@Roy I don't understand. All the comments would be kept with the questions? The questions are on FB?

(08 Apr '13, 09:12) ele

There are links to them,I believe that you can just comment there as well.

(08 Apr '13, 09:14) Roy

@Roy, I don't have FB! And I don't plan on signing up for virtual imitation of my life.

(08 Apr '13, 09:18) CalonLan

That is one way to look at it,I see it as another aspect of my Self.Part of the Divine Plan.

(08 Apr '13, 09:22) Roy

@Roy I'll check it out. Not getting the Q's & comments. Sounds scary. No promises. I'm trying to keep a low profile not attract attention from the outside.

(08 Apr '13, 09:34) ele

@ CalonLan,Is that not what we are doing right.... NOW. We signed up long ago. :)

(08 Apr '13, 09:36) Roy

@CalonLan Did you get kicked off FB? I have a fake account. No friends. Just for messages & when my RF's insist I look at pic's which they are too lazy to email me. You can have as many fake accts & virtual imitations of you life as you can handle. Not my thing. I don't even have a profile on my fake acct. Cal, "I know it's late, I know you're weary. And here we are babe, what do you say?" I'm off to bed. Night!

(08 Apr '13, 09:36) ele

@Roy and what's next, separating question by topic and moving them onto different sites?

@ele, FB never appealed to me much. I had fake account only to play poker there. But I soon went onto playing in "real" online casinos for real money. And I say, sleep well =)

(08 Apr '13, 11:50) CalonLan

It is basically the same as what we are doing now..There is no need to expose the real you.I feel it would help each of US, being able to have a place to interact on a more personal level.

(08 Apr '13, 11:58) Roy

@CalonLan I am not sleep posting. I keep laughing so I can't sleep. Then I needed a drink & my computer was still on. I'm always up by now. I'm thinkin' you are older than I thought cause everyone in their 20's is on FB. Are you 30? Poker? Casinos are as prevalent as Walmarts in MON. Come to MON some day. I'm not in the middle. I'm going to lay down again. Stop making me laugh.

(08 Apr '13, 12:05) ele

@CalonLan shh, hush... stop making me laugh. I mean it. I can't stop. Nice hymn though. My body needs rest. My mind will be good for another day. Would you be a love & take care of FP for me. She needs attention. Please help her find her sense of humor; it's lost & can't be found. Thanks! She didn't get my God joke.

(08 Apr '13, 12:13) ele

@ele do explain your joke. Again. It's not good taste to talk about other people. Thanks

(08 Apr '13, 12:21) Fairy Princess

@ele I am not looking for attention. Get over yourself.

(08 Apr '13, 12:21) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess I got back up to apologize. I see you already left me several more emails. What I said to Cal was snarky. Deal with it & please stop emailing me. It was talked to death months ago.

(08 Apr '13, 12:28) ele

It is utterly and irrevocably possible to empty all hurts and, therefore, to love, to have compassion. To have compassion means to have passion for all things, not just between two people, but for all human beings, for all things of the earth, the animals, the trees, everything the earth contains. When we have such compassion we will not despoil the earth as we are doing now, and we will have no wars.Jiddu Krishnamurti

(08 Apr '13, 12:47) ursixx

@Simon Templeton-Simon, I cannot log in to IQ Meta. Jai

(08 Apr '13, 14:01) Jaianniah

Newbies would certainly be lost. Nice quote @ursixx

(08 Apr '13, 19:06) ele
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Hi Simon,

I'm not certain what the solution is, but I do see it is a problem. Much of the content here has changed, and I have found myself losing interest.

However, I wanted to say that, while I agree that too much chatter on unrelated subjects is off-putting, I feel strongly that it would be a mistake to assume that all long back-and-forth conversations in comments are necessarily unrelated chatter. I have gleaned some of the most fascinating information in these exchanges; both in the ones I have engaged in personally, and in the ones I have watched (and often butted in on) by others.

How many times have I cornered our patient Wise Ones here, wringing the wisdom out of their heads with one burning request for clarification after another? :) They have always answered and helped me enormously, and sometimes suggest, when my query warrants, that I put it in the form of a proper New Question for the site, which I have done, and I think we all benefit. I have seen many such conversations take this same path.

It seems to me that many questions are born of such discussion, either here or elsewhere. I would prefer to foster those questions here. The more I think, the more I think. ("Curiouser and curiouser.") I think that delaying or limiting these conversations would stifle much valuable alchemy brewing amongst IQ members.

I realize I have been guilty of this chatter, and should have policed myself, but didn't. I apologize. I should have had more respect for the site. It is so good to enjoy our friendships here, but there is a limit, and we do have other places to go off topic.

As @Jai suggested, a friendly tap on the shoulder to remind that there are other places meant for unrelated chat, may be a good idea. I agree with @Fairy Princess in that the more it is allowed to continue, the more users will assume it's ok behavior. I remember coming here and thinking I will try to keep my posts up to a standard that would be respected by @Stingray. What a newbie would think right now would not be the same.

I also agree that many of us (ok I) say things we wish we hadn't sometimes, and I would sometimes like to delete some comments once I realize what I've done. That comes down to personal integrity, however, because I have never (I believe) deleted anything that had any effect on the conversation. Quite the reverse, in fact. ;) But how to prevent abuse? I can only think of an appeal to our better natures, and sense of responsibility to this site we love so much.

One problem I noticed, from looking at the subject of chat here before, is that people are reluctant to use FB, because it is so intrusive. I was reluctant, too, until I realized that my FB account doesn't need to have any connection to my real life. My account there, as here, is connected to an email address I established only for IQ. It's all for my alter-ego, Grace. It's easy to do, and no intrusion.

Lastly, it may be useful to suggest here something I've been thinking of for a while now. In a very busy thread, it would be helpful if we could be shown somehow where the latest comment was made. If there are 23 answers, some with as many comments, and all I know from the main page is that @Stingray has just said something fascinating somewhere in there, it can be frustrating to try to find it! ;)

My two cents, Simon. Thanks for asking.


EDIT April 8, 2013

I have been reading all of the answers and comments here since I posted this, and I feel very unhappy about my answer now. It does not represent the best of me, I think must have been at my worst when I wrote it. In fact, I know I was. I have something in my life making me unhappy right now, and this is the wisdom that has come of that misalignment: Absolute crap. I would take it back if I could, to save other people's feelings, but I also wouldn't for my own sake, because it has taught me a painful but valuable lesson.

I meant to give an opinion on how the site is organized. I was not thinking of attacking anyone, but I see now that it came out that way. The way it came out of me was a judgement on all of my fellow members here, and an insult to many. If I didn't like the number of emails I was getting, I could easily have modified my notifications. I have done that now.

I sincerely apologize; I should have known better than to judge like this. I know that I should be farther along in my growth than this. I will pay close attention to this from now on.

I think that @lozenge123 pegged it perfectly, and I have not been able to rest quietly in my mind since I read this:

But just because not as much IQ content is personally inspiring me at the moment doesn't mean that any content on IQ needs to be censored or limited.

In fact, it would be pretty selfish and narcissistic of me to suggest the opposite.

@lozenge123 you were absolutely right. I was absolutely wrong. I appreciate the lesson. I hope this makes me a better person in future. I just really wish that everyone who voted this answer up, would please come and vote it back down again. It's crap, and I am not proud of it.

Love, Grace.


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Nice response Grace,I too used to be reluctant about my FB account,now I just Feel,We are One.

(07 Apr '13, 17:53) Roy

Agree with Grace on tracking down comment in a thread , quite often I give up coz it's too time consuming , never the less , I do greatly appreciate the site Simon , thank you :-)

(07 Apr '13, 21:12) Starlight

@Grace I've been comment happy lately but you are still queen of comments & I honestly thought you would rival Jai for queen of questions. When I was observing only, I honestly thought there was a good chance IQ would soon be called Grace's IQ next time I checked in. I think IQ has changed for the better & I credit you for this change. Almost single handedly you changed the 'feel' (the ambiance, the essence) of IQ to a more loving connected family & I thank you.

(08 Apr '13, 02:21) ele

@Grace, that's the word I was looking for integrity.

Yea, people, have some integrity. And don't delete what you have written. There is a "comment button" to press, before you post it. Can't people just think it over before they press it? And if they still think it over after some time, that means they haven't thought it over in the first place, then why post it if it's a comment or answer not well thought throughout?

(08 Apr '13, 03:46) CalonLan

But perhaps, what you're missing, is that a comment posted or a thing said in any moment, is always 100% valid to that very moment. I see many of my answers and questions I asked a year ago, and I'm surprised of what I wrote. Sometimes I feel like they don't relate to NOW-me at all. They are from PAST-me. But I don't delete them. Regardless of how off topic they might be. There sure WAS A REASON I posted them. A feeling, emotion, thought, maybe a certain fragrance I smelled made me post it.

(08 Apr '13, 03:51) CalonLan

When we say something that hurts others for example.It's always valid to the moment we say it. We may only regret it because we and others are incapable of understanding that in the very next moment that hurt is over and only memory of it remains.And people love to live in the past and memories, cause they can't live in the present.

When something scares you in the morning, why are you still afraid of it in the afternoon? When someone tells you to ef off, why are still hurt when speak to me?

(08 Apr '13, 03:58) CalonLan

@Grace - If I understand correctly what you want to see in terms of the latest comment, you can do this by clicking on Stingray's nickname from the main page which will bring you to his profile, go to the recent activity tab, and this will list his latest comments which you can then click on and read further.

(08 Apr '13, 05:41) Pink Diamond

@ele - Thanks for being such a shiny mirror, lol! But you left out ungrateful, abandoned, and ugly. :) As @Pink Diamond said, I also am expressing my opinion on what I am experiencing with the comments in general, not about any one particular person. It does seem that you feel that I was talking specifically about you; I was not. I did mention that I felt strongly that the comments should not be delayed or limited.

(08 Apr '13, 10:08) Grace

@CalonLan - No, that point is not at all lost on me. I mentioned that I have only deleted a few things, and for the very reasons you state. The fact that I can only be who I am in that very moment is the reason I try to be very honest in whatever I say here. What I meant about deleting comments was that I have made silly, flippant ....

(08 Apr '13, 10:09) Grace

... comments sometimes that don't have anything to do with the conversation, or emotional fluff, and I have deleted them later because they serve no purpose other than to show that I thought I was funny for a minute, and that I was wrong. :) I have no real problem with leaving the coments "undeleteable".

(08 Apr '13, 10:10) Grace

@Pink Diamond - Thank you, I hadn't thought of that!

(08 Apr '13, 10:11) Grace

@Grace I'm afraid I've been hangin' around Cal a bit too long & now I think the world revolves around me. Actually, I thought everyone was talkin' about me. Not following the ugly, ungrateful & abandoned. I read most of your questions; but certainly not all of your comments - not enough time in my world. lol! I was so dang happy watching you go comment happy.

(08 Apr '13, 11:23) ele

@Grace, well, let's just hope that in your final hour you don't find your life to have been emotional fluff and be all wrong. For it is the attitude one takes towards things he does, regardless of their proportions that reveals the person.

What I mean to say, if I say something that's emotional fluff, I still accept it as part of me. I'm not trying to delete it and pretend that's not who I'm. =)

(08 Apr '13, 11:59) CalonLan

@ele, sorry to have you pulled on the dark side.

Here's our hymn. haha.

(08 Apr '13, 12:01) CalonLan

@CalonLan that was supposed to be a compliment plus I was using you to avoid telling the truth. Little Jackie, haha - that was a new one for me. @Grace I was joking about Cal. I thought I was being judged for my outrageous flirting.

(08 Apr '13, 14:51) ele

@ele, no, I wasn't judging you and Cal. I'm glad you enjoy your friendship. I have just posted an edit with an apology. Please accept my apology for making you feel this way. I was very wrong, and I can see it now.

(08 Apr '13, 16:06) Grace

@Grace I voted you up because you said you have gained many enlightened insights from the chatters many times.

This is a very good view point that needed to be expressed. The fact that sometimes the chatter could be very expanding on the original topic and make it even more enlightening.

(08 Apr '13, 17:26) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, thank you. That part made sense, but the assumption that I know what should and should not be said on IQ,or that my interest in the content here should somehow dictate other people's actions,or sensor their self-expression...Frankly,that is making me feel sick. How could I have thought that way?

What was in me,came out of me,and words can't express how awful it feels to look at it. All I can say for myself right now, is that I am at least able to learn. I'm learning. Again.

(08 Apr '13, 17:49) Grace

The chatter would not have to stop,just continue it on the FB page in relation to the question.I feel more people would involve themselves in a less formal setting.

(08 Apr '13, 17:56) Roy

@Grace haha . . . now I'm really cracking up laughing. OMG, I wasn't talking about flirting with Cal. lol! Did it look like I was flirting with Cal from your POV? No, we are just pals. We've been singing silly love songs to one another for awhile - truly, it's no big deal. That is so funny. Ele Robinson, too funny. I'm sure you are kidding me; but in case any one else is confused confused - please follow the convo . .

(08 Apr '13, 18:50) ele

... first Cal said " why should we worry, no-one will care girl. Look at the stars now, so far away. We've got tonight,... who needs tomorrow " We both love musical theater. I said " We've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's make it last. Let's find a way Turn out the light, come take my hand now We've got tonight, babe, why don't we stay?" and later I said "I know it's late, I know you're weary. And here we are babe, what do you say? I'm not seducing young Cal. Just havin' fun. lol!

(08 Apr '13, 18:51) ele

@Grace you owe me no apology. You made me laugh so hard. I was taking about flirting with ru bis & yes, I thought everyone was judging me. Must have been my good Catholic girl persona coming out. I thought I killed her years ago. Dang!

(08 Apr '13, 18:56) ele

Thank you, @ele. That is very gracious of you.

Nahhh, I didn't mean to imply you were seducing anybody, but I wouldn't say boo if you did... ;)

(08 Apr '13, 19:06) Grace

@Roy yes, I agree. This type chat should NOT be on IQ. Do you honestly think any of this would have transpired on FB? Cal, yes; but for the rest I have my doubts. Cal is poetry in motion. Simon should delete all the off topic comments made by me.

(08 Apr '13, 20:31) ele

@Grace No you're grace, I'm going with mercy.(Caths will get it) I wish you would not be so hard on yourself. I was never upset with you or anyone else. I was being too sensitive & if I felt anything, it was hurt & I was the cause of that emotion, not anyone else. I can be judgy also. Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you I knew you were thinking about a flower. Not sure if it was esp or a lucky guess. I didn't log on cause I was certain someone would say flower; but no one did.

(08 Apr '13, 20:35) ele

ele, I am just curious to hear Simon's response.

(08 Apr '13, 20:46) Roy

@Grace - "it would be pretty selfish and narcissistic of me to suggest the opposite." I was not thinking of you when I made those comments (or of any individual here per se), but was addressing what I felt to be a general mood or "air" in this thread (and in other recent threads). Neither of those adjectives are words that I would use to describe you or your comments. No need to be so hard on yourself. :)

(09 Apr '13, 01:41) lozenge123
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The use of comments has been, tested .there was no real control over them but the conversations have been interesting and sometimes entertaining . I feel a stronger bond to the questioner and commenter alike though these conversations. Soo... possible clearer guidelines but no restrictive measures we are all responsible grown-ups not in need of more control .

I for one despise when FREE SPEECH is limited or taken away!

So as Jai said a friendly tap on the shoulder.

Another thing is I believe that some users use the comment to avoid karma points.
Could the option of a "karma neutral account" help that issue ? If you are not willing to accept karma. And as far as email notification I have never activated that so that is not a problem for me . And I agree with Grace on show the last comment in a thread.
It would be nice if more people logged in to chat.


answered 08 Apr '13, 02:32

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Perhaps Cal & I are karma neutral? IDK I can't speak for Cal. I've only ever seen a couple questions asked where I didn't agree with one of the answers. So I really couldn't add anything to it. Besides we can always give our karma to another user.

(08 Apr '13, 02:45) ele

Just for the record, I gave close to 4k karma away throughout my "stay" on IQ. And I prefer to comment rather than answer, simply because 1) the questions contain answers within themselves. Thus I feel no need to answer. But I might want to comment on it instead. 2) I don't get karma points 3) commenting allows me to provoke 4) you get that ego boost appearing at the top in the spotlight of things. And of course 5) I comment because I feel like I got something important to say, which...

(08 Apr '13, 03:05) CalonLan

...of course is one of the sweetest deliriums people ever had. We are so full of ourselves in many ways. But not to say it's a bad thing. After all, what else should we be? Empty? Then the show would be hollow and dull.

And ye, I had nice karma number - badges setup, and then I received some stupid badge for voting up x times or what, and my beautiful crafted number of 121-2-12 got screwed. And you can't give away badges. Well, THANKS

(08 Apr '13, 03:10) CalonLan

I enjoy having conversations with people here, but the comments that are off topic, mean, antagonizing, intentionally provocative, are not what this site is about. That is the part that is out of hand.

(08 Apr '13, 07:34) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess, what else is an inward quest than getting to know yourself? And how else you get to know your real self than through obstacles you face and disagreements you face. Provocative comments are not meant to put anyone down. They are simply there to show you room for growth/discovery. If you lay aside ego and stop thinking of it as an attack on your character you might learn a lot 'bout yourself.

Wood always complains about sharpness of a blade as it cuts through.Water never does.

(08 Apr '13, 07:42) CalonLan

@CalonLan maybe you would do well to stop trying so hard to sharpen everyone else and work on your own self.

(08 Apr '13, 07:50) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, It took me years of working on myself trying to improve and get things right only find out there was never anything really wrong with me to begin with. Unlike the outside world continually suggest from the very beginning of our lives.

The very idea we're imperfect is absurd.Surely people have reasons to perpetuate it, and I'm not trying to stop them. I merely show them through comments how absurd they are. Each struggle is just a joke and I wanna laugh till my last breath.

(08 Apr '13, 08:37) CalonLan

@ursixx no swoop & save? Thanks for your kindness & laughs. Much appreciated.

(08 Apr '13, 08:54) ele

@CalonLan No thanks.

(08 Apr '13, 09:36) Fairy Princess

I'm doin' that thing called "work" today so wait 7 hoursish...

(08 Apr '13, 11:27) ursixx
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I guess I will be the one lone voice in the wilderness that really does not see a "problem" with the amount or content of "chatter" here on Inward Quest. I certainly do not feel that it has "gotten out of hand."

For that matter, I'm not precisely sure what "chatter" means.

I guess it all depends on any individual's given definition of the term.

The only real difference I have noticed over the course of the 10 months I have been here is that in the beginning (summer of 2012) there seemed to be more inspired questions and exchanges going on here.

But just because not as much IQ content is personally inspiring me at the moment doesn't mean that any content on IQ needs to be censored or limited.

In fact, it would be pretty selfish and narcissistic of me to suggest the opposite.

As to the proposals that we "limit" or "censor" content here, I think that this will be a case of the prescription being worse than the ailment itself. Any attempt to limit content is going to have to involve someone deciding (either on a specific basis, or in forming general parameters) as to what is relevant or not. And I can't see that as being consistent with the principles ostensibly advocated on this site.

That said, Jaianniah does bring up a valid point:

But the same questions pop up and block new questions and push down perhaps more important questions

I think rather than limiting or policing content, the answer would be to have a "New Questions" feature, section, menu, etc.. (I'll leave that to the programmers) in which people could browse questions according to how new they are, rather than how recently someone has commented on them.

EDIT 4/8/2013

Okay, having re-read this thread this morning, I am starting to read between the lines here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the real issue here that is not that "general chatter" is a "problem" on Inward Quest, but rather, some specific individuals have been involved in frequent activity on various threads, and the content of their comments is irritating, frivolous, or somehow undesirable to the folks who have brought the "issue" up here.

Previously, I have taken the wording here on this thread literally. And perhaps this is not constructive being that the real "issue" here is something different.

That said, I stand by my statement that the prescription is worse than the ailment. Especially since the "prescription" would be a general "fix" which would limit everyone's contributions here, when the real complaint centers around a handful of individuals.

That said, you might be more helpful in achieving what you want if you stop "beating about the bush."

"To call a spade a spade."

Definition: To "call a spade a spade" is to speak honestly and directly about a topic, specifically topics that others may avoid speaking about due to their sensitivity or embarrassing nature.

alt text

EDIT 4/9/2013

I've come up with a personal plan to help make Inward Quest more of an inspiring, interesting place by bringing it back to its roots, and attract a forum that is more desirable to me by using the Law of Attraction.

I hereby decide to click on the "Newest Questions" tab every time I sign on, and pay these questions just as much attention as the "Most Active" questions.

I will ignore all comments that I personally find to be frivolous, undesirable, or uninteresting.

Following a cue from Bashar, I will do my best to "be the light" by asking the most interesting and thought-provoking questions that I can think of (when I think of them), and providing answers to other thought-provoking, interesting questions to the best of my ability.

The frivolous, undesirable chatter can continue if the said chatterers so wish...or the said chatter can vanish out of all existence. It makes no difference to me.

I'd love to have more interesting exchanges with you all. It's been a heck of an enlightening ride these past ten months...looking forward to many more.


answered 07 Apr '13, 19:03

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edited 09 Apr '13, 23:33


@lozenge123 - Thank you for sharing that, I see your point. The open-mindedness you describe is a huge part of IQ. There is also the fact that we are all creating IQ ourselves; if there were no vibrational match, we would see nothing, just as you say.

And this is cool - Just above the questions, there are tabs that say Active, Newest, Most Voted, and Most Viewed. It's for choosing how the questions are sorted. Choosing Newest instead of Active will give you just what you're looking for. :)

(07 Apr '13, 20:01) Grace

I couldn't agree more @lozenge123.

(08 Apr '13, 02:23) ele

@ele - Thank you.

(08 Apr '13, 12:59) lozenge123

@Grace - Thanks, I actually realized this after I posted this answer, and figured it out for myself. So I guess there is already a solution to the complaint that "But the same questions pop up and block new questions and push down perhaps more important questions" Although, perhaps, it would be helpful to put a New Questions button in big, bright, bold letters up at the top of the main IQ page, since clearly some (admittedly, myself included) have missed it. :)

(08 Apr '13, 13:01) lozenge123

Your welcome.

(08 Apr '13, 13:13) ele

Love your spades!

(08 Apr '13, 14:37) ele

@lozenge123- Your edit nailed it pretty good, I'm sure most would agree on. I feel that @Simon was just masking his original query/poll through saying "do you think there is too much chatter?" Really, yes, it is just a handfull of users.

If this is the case, perhaps a poll should be conducted on every individual and everybody have the choice to rate how topic-related their overall comments have been historically. Say, every user active from now back to the past 4-5 months?

(09 Apr '13, 00:57) Nikulas

For example, have a scale of 1-5 thing, rate how helpful their comment/answers have been

Nikulas- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Georoge- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Ben- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

And then tally up the results, one shall be able to pinpoint how unpopular another is based on their relevance rating.

Alternativly, Simon or another IQ admin could just email any individuals and tell them to tone it down. These are all random ideas to just give people to think about.

(09 Apr '13, 01:01) Nikulas
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Hey Simon,

Do I feel there is too much chatter on IQ? Do I think it should be modified or banned? My answer is no.

I pretty much am in the same view as lozenge123. Whilst I do agree that IQ is starting to feel like a social networking site, I could argue that the users have become more aquainted and personal with one another through time, and this yealds several pros and possible cons; such as, increased unrelated discussion on IQ. And, yes, it does give rise to the possibility of emotional but perhaps un-necessary (to the website, not the individual) arguments that could spawn on here.

On initial thought, I feel banning comments would make IQ anti-social and demote interactions amongst each other. My most crucial point is that there are some users here that act as teachers to me. The easiest way for anybody to learn anything is through teaching it to another; my view is that IQ gives off the student-learner vibe through the demonstation that it is a Q and A site, not a general forum.

Perhaps create a "IQ manners" page for all to read in the near future?


answered 07 Apr '13, 20:34

Nikulas's gravatar image


I couldn't agree more @Nikulas - great answer!

(08 Apr '13, 02:33) ele

IQ manners post is a good idea. The Bible has a good philosophy on this, "Be quick to listen, and slow to speak."

Be considerate and aware of how might the comment be taken, always try to let love come through.

(08 Apr '13, 07:50) Wade Casaldi

I think the amount of "chatter" on IQ has gotten out of hand.

It keeps the same questions popping up at the top every time a new comment is posted. Perhaps if you did away with that, it would stop some of the traffic. But the same questions pop up and block new questions and push down perhaps more important questions, so, I agree, something needs to be done.

  1. You tried the chat room, but nobody used it. Maybe you could re-institute the chat room, and have the program automatically move the "chatter' to chat with a command such as, "You have made three comments. Please move your conversation to the chat room. You will not be allowed any more comments not related to this question." This raises the need to police the comments, which is a real problem, but I think that something like this might help, if you can get around the limit thing.

  2. The chatter keeps me from focusing on the questions, which is also a side-effect which is undesirable. I am sometimes so busy answering my "mail" that I neglect the questions. Roy is right...something has to give.

  3. A lot of the chatter is totally unrelated to the question, and is in and of itself distracting, however entertaining it may be. Comments are for the question, not for conversations.

I hope these observations help you, Simon. I did post that question on Meta about being notified when I got a comment....perhaps that was really a clue that things have gotten out of hand.




answered 07 Apr '13, 13:03

Jaianniah's gravatar image


OM Goodness! The first page shows anywhere from 30 to 50 questions at a time. I'm sorry my chatter kept you from focusing on the questions. You always have the option to ignore.

(08 Apr '13, 02:36) ele

hmm... weren't my remarks in regards to you writing a book featuring your art off topic?

(08 Apr '13, 02:46) ele

When I wake up in the morning, I look to the east and see the sun rising up from behind the horizon. I find it distracting and unrelated to my day and would very much appreciate if someone did something about it. Because it bothers me. I'm OK with the sun setting though.

Or maybe, I could stop looking towards the east in early mornings. Oh wait, it's my stare, my day, my way. Something needs to be done about the SUN

(08 Apr '13, 04:14) CalonLan

@CalonLan_How am I supposed to take a "comment" like that? This is what I was talking about....How is what you did to me in any way helpful or even kind? It was downright mean, and this is why I am upset at how out of hand the comments have gotten. I'll be sure to forward this to Simon.?@Simon Tempjeton- Are you there?

(08 Apr '13, 05:12) Jaianniah

@Jai What are you seeing that I don't? How was his comment unkind or mean? I honestly do not know. Please enlighten me. I don't understand at all. I think Cal is funny as well as insightful. He feels like 'home' to me. Seriously, why not ignore him?

(08 Apr '13, 05:30) ele

@Jai take it like a comment I gave as a reason for down-voting your answer. Up and down the arrows go, which one I'll fancy no-one knows.

There is no problem such as chatter. The only problem is the way you see things as one.But perhaps trying to explain this is just another exercise in futility.I just don't agree with you and delusions in which you indulge.

Should it get me banned? There hasn't been a forum I wasn't banned from. Job I wasn't kicked off and school I wasn't reprimanded at...

(08 Apr '13, 05:52) CalonLan

...should I speak publicly I'd end up exiled from the country I guess. I take it as a good sign. =)

(08 Apr '13, 05:54) CalonLan

I'm missing something. Granted I've had a tbi; but I handle the public in several capacities & I do a bit of public speaking believe it or not. I'm not getting this at all.

(08 Apr '13, 06:12) ele

@ele, exiled as in due to what I would say would probably be seen as unthinkable and unacceptable. And a good sign in sense, that it shows I'm not giving in to conformity of the current society/era/trend. Something's right today, 10 years down the road the exact opposite is right and what's right today will be wrong one day...

Aww, please. I'm trolling? The world, the history of it and life in it is trolling me!

(08 Apr '13, 06:48) CalonLan

I still don't see it.

(08 Apr '13, 08:55) ele

I'll fix this @Jai I will vote you up. This will cancel out Cal's down vote. I didn't vote you up earlier; but please know I am responsible for most of your total votes this week. Maybe you could get some troll spray. I forgot to unplug my landline & my cell started ringing also. Everyone needs me.

(08 Apr '13, 14:40) ele
showing 2 of 11 show 9 more comments

I decided to think about this for awhile before putting in my two-cents worth. I've been visiting IQ almost from the start...going on 4 years now I think...and have seen different trends come and go.

Yes, yes, I agree that some conversations become off-topic and some posters have fallen into the habit of always trying to get in the last word. The "last word" issue does get annoying. When this happens I simply stop reading and suggest that others do the same.

A gentle suggestion from one of those who is respected here, such as "please stay on topic for the good of all concerned" might be all that is needed. I agree with Lozenge that limits on comments or something of that nature would be making the prescription worse than the illness. I would not enjoy visiting IQ as much if it were more controlled. I love it that IQ is an ever-changing, evolving thing and would resent strong controls. Most of us here are free-thinking, curious people, after all, and a more controlled IQ might drive away the people it now attracts.

The "last-word" people would stop their nonsense if ignored more often. I say don't punish all, for the errors in judgment of the few.

Best wishes to all!


answered 08 Apr '13, 21:27

LeeAnn%201's gravatar image

LeeAnn 1


Very wise words @LeeAnn 1

(08 Apr '13, 21:41) ele

Thank you, Ele.

(08 Apr '13, 21:56) LeeAnn 1

Hi Simon. We all love an opportunity to help out with the site.

1. Do you feel there is too much "chatter" in the comments on Inward Quest? Or even the site in general?

I was away from the site for about 3-4 months and came back recently and yes, I have to say that I have noticed a lot more chat going on that is not related to the question/answer.

This makes the general content of the site less useful to readers. When I am on the site, reading a question/answer thread, I expect the discussion below it in comment form to be a useful addition to the question/answer thread, whether that is the sharing of more information about the topic being discussed in the question/answer or other related valuable insights.

However, recently, I have just been skimming over some of the starting comments, realising they are off topic and just skipping over the rest of the long array of comments, losing interest in the whole thread.

2. If so, what should be done about it?

I think disabling the feature where a question comes up every time a comment is posted will affect useful related comments on a question/answer thread so I am not sure this will work.

a) You could have a feature when someone clicks on 'add new comment' that brings up information underneath or above, just like you have for when you ask a new question, making clear how and when comments should be used. And then, the moderators can just suspend temporarily anyone who does not respect those guidelines.

b) The major cause of these chats seems to be the instant notification to the other party that a comment has been posted. And the other party is notified even when the comment gets later deleted which I am not sure works very well.

So, what you could do is, just delay the notification of a comment to the other party, by let's say an hour or so. That implies that the other party is not notified until an hour after the comment has been posted and has stayed there for an hour.

Then, you cannot really hold an instant chat conversation and would have to take it to either the chat box or elsewhere.

EDIT 09/04/2013

Hi Simon, I had another thought on this matter. All of us can only offer our perspective on this subject as users of the site and chat feature. Therefore, our opinions and suggestions can only be from a user perspective. Now, whether the moderators/administrators have the same opinions and whether our opinions will make their lives harder or easier when administering the site, we are not in a position to comment.

I personally would rather see the site run smoothly and appreciate the hard work that the moderators/administrators put in to make this happen. So, hopefully, their opinions/suggestions are being considered.


answered 07 Apr '13, 14:06

Pink%20Diamond's gravatar image

Pink Diamond

edited 09 Apr '13, 15:52

You are assuming users are instant messaging based on what facts? The one time I did w/o realizing it would be viewed as such & was reprimanded, I never did it again. I have deleted comments but I can assure you they were not messages & other users were subscribed to those threads & received the comment in their inbox.

(08 Apr '13, 02:18) ele

Well, through my own experience of reading some comment threads and the timestamps of the comments being posted, I can see that people, including myself reply to each other quite quickly because we get notified by email instantly, which almost turns into an instant chat conversation.

It is a fine line because it has been useful to me to get instant notifications of comments on numerous threads.

(08 Apr '13, 05:34) Pink Diamond

Well perhaps you should look at the time stamps on my comments. Very few are timely. Additionally I never received this email yet. I saw you posted on the board & clicked on. Also, the email connected with this acct is only used for this. I don't have it open all the time.

(08 Apr '13, 05:59) ele

@Pink Diamond, I unsubscribed long time ago, so I get no notification. I simply hit the refresh button on the page, cause I'm bored, sitting at work, running out of movies to watch. It's rare as christmas that I come here when I'm at home. I'm usually busy wasting my time in different ways,... before times waste me.

(08 Apr '13, 06:41) CalonLan

@Ele - My opinions above are based on my personal observations of what is happening in general on the site and my own experience with the comments feature. They are not specific to any one person. I get the impression you thought I was talking specifically about you.

(08 Apr '13, 08:09) Pink Diamond

@CalonLan - I cannot afford the time to do what you do unfortunately so I have to subscribe to notifications and I am pretty sure a lot of the other members do subscribe as well for that reason.

(08 Apr '13, 08:16) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond You read my mind. I honestly thought you were talking about me. I do delete & many time I delete by accident & I cannot explain it. I'm not secretly messaging anyone & I didn't intentionally do so with mm2 either. There usually is a little box which comes up & says are you sure? The box doesn't appear & I'm not trying to delete my comment - it just disappears. It happened on one of Jai's ?'s last nite. I've never seen anyone message & delete. I only know FP did.

(08 Apr '13, 08:21) ele

@ele "I've never seen anyone message & delete. I only know FP did." How quickly we forget. Here is a place you wrote some pretty nasty comments to me, and then deleted them.

(08 Apr '13, 10:47) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess I did delete & I explained why. Please go ahead & post the comments I deleted. You have a copy. I don't. I'll own every word I said. I used poor judgment but they were not nasty. That's in your mind. @Simon Templeton Even though I think it is in very poor taste & disrespectful to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre which took place less than 4 months ago, if you still have those comments, could you please restore them so FP can resolve this issue.

(08 Apr '13, 11:33) ele

@Fairy Princess Why are you telling Pink Diamond this? Why don't you tell Stingray or Simon? Why don't you poll all the users who are subscribed to that thread & ask their opinion. Why are you still thinking about this? How long ago was it? Get over it.

(08 Apr '13, 11:36) ele

@ele you said that you never deleted, only FP. That's not true. I would rather have all of the comments off, yes, your comments were in poor taste and inappropriate. I am glad they are gone. I wish I could delete mine also that were in response to yours.

(08 Apr '13, 11:38) Fairy Princess

@Simon Templeton Maybe we should be able to delete unwanted comments from our own answers.

(08 Apr '13, 11:39) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess You were also concerned about me looking at your FB page. Let me assure you once & for all, I never looked at your FB page. I had no reason to. My ONLY curiosity was what did you look like & I already knew what you looked like from your tht video, so I never bothered. Your real name is attached to the video. Let it go & try tht, I hear it's amazing.

(08 Apr '13, 11:43) ele

@Fairy Princess I said what? I said I deleted comments. The comments I made to you were NOT messages. They were posted for almost a full hour before I deleted them. Read what I wrote to PD again. I believe mm2 came after you. Who in the heck cares? Really? I didn't realize what I was doing at the time until it was pointed out by Barry. Passion of the moment. I'm a passionate person. What can I say? I thought we hashed this all out months ago. Tell me what will make this better?

(08 Apr '13, 11:52) ele

@ele I missunderstood what you said. It is in poor taste to chatter about other people. What can you do to make it all better? Well, I for one, would appreciate it if you would not use my questions or answers for your banter. Thanks

(08 Apr '13, 11:58) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess sorry, I missed this one. I have no idea what you are babbling about & I don't care. I was NOT talking behind your back. You are subscribed to this thread. Yesterday, I gave you compliments on an answer. Than Jai read the answer & she then complimented you. Had I not drawn your answer to the top of the board, Jai wouldn't of noticed. This is my final comment to you. Please stop harassing me.

(08 Apr '13, 12:49) ele

@ele I was not subscribed to Wade's post, I stumbled upon you talking about me. You don't know what emails I get. I am not harassing you, however, I feel quite harassed by you. I am not emailing you. I am responding to your ignorant comments. I am done talking to you though. Thanks

(08 Apr '13, 13:00) Fairy Princess

Forgive me, one last comment. I got back up because I kept thinking about this. You said "I missunderstood what you said" so this whole wonderful chat fest between the 2 of us is the result of you misunderstanding what I said in the first place? Priceless!

(08 Apr '13, 13:13) ele
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The only problem I find with limiting chatter is... There are times many times when through the questions about my questions or answers, I can give a clearer illustration of the intent of the original question or answer.

I had been doing some thinking. If you make a rule that comments must be just the facts relating to the answer or question, this would stop the chatter dead. I have been guilty of telling people, "Nice answer, or I agree... etc..." This adds no useful information to the answer.

Another thing eliminate the at least 8 character restriction. With this elimination we could just say one word, "Yes, No, Okay." and that would also stop chatter.

It saddens me to see comments used to lash out at others. Either in hurtful jest or rightously pointing out others short comings, is hurtful and closes others down. When we make others feel hurt, we cause others to fall from happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. We should seek to be that messenger of peace and happiness.

There is enough misery and suffering in the world. Let's make this a sanctuary of, encouragement, peace and hope.

If we can not here, then how could we ever expect any better in the world?

Edit added 4-9-13

Simon I thought of another thing that could stop chatter.

You could give a medal for the person that stays on topic most for the day.


answered 07 Apr '13, 13:31

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 09 Apr '13, 22:09


This is what the original intent of the comments was for....And sometimes, I think that everyone has forgotten that. Love you, Jai

(07 Apr '13, 13:33) Jaianniah

I find that I disagree with you, Wade, that the chatter should be limited to just to the facts. If I cannot say to @Fairy Princess-, "Good answer! Great job! You said just what I needed to hear," then IQ would become as lifeless as the Moon above. What it comes down to is this: Is IQ a people place, or an information place??? I love you anyway. I hope that @Simon Templeton will see this comment.

(07 Apr '13, 21:14) Jaianniah

@Jai Short memory. You have made many off comment remarks over the years. Not just one or two per question; but multiple comments. Should I show you? Many of the most elite members here have also made their share of off comment remarks plus flip and or rude remarks. If you have enough Karma, anything goes.

(08 Apr '13, 02:33) ele

I believe a clarification is needed, where I wrote "I "have been thinking" is a later addition to my first thoughts on the matter.

(08 Apr '13, 07:24) Wade Casaldi

@Wade I voted you up for your 1st paragraph. There is NO 100 character limit.

(08 Apr '13, 08:04) ele

@ele My mistake, 8 Character limit for comments. The 100 must be for answers. I know I have went to post many times and ran into that "You need at least this many characters to post" pop up.

Those times I have a short answer but need to think up filler to reach my post limit. lol

(08 Apr '13, 08:29) Wade Casaldi

@Jaianniah This is a valid point, compliments and encouragement help progress people to become their best.

(08 Apr '13, 09:33) Wade Casaldi

@Wade I like your edit. My comment privileges should be suspended. I know FP has a lot of problems & I shouldn't of added to them. FP, I'm not talking behind your back. You are subscribed to this thread. I hope you can find some happiness today. Peace be with You.

(08 Apr '13, 12:42) ele

@ele If you don't put @Fairy Princess, you are talking behind my back and you don't know that I get the emails. Just don't talk about me.

(08 Apr '13, 12:52) Fairy Princess
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For one thing, it would help if you would take the limit of one hour to delete the comment off. Sometimes people say something they later wish they hadn't. That would eliminate some of the comments. Also, if you see someone being a troll, you can warn them and if they continue, limit their capabilities for a bit. I know that I have had people harrass me in the comments, and when I had enough, I got the punnishment. Not to bring it up again, but you asked.

I have noticed people make comments to my answers that were totally unrelated to my answer and maybe even a reply to a different answer. I think the more you allow the trolling, the more they think it's ok behavior. I have seen you and other moderators make comments to some, but not others. I think that inconsistancy reinforces the trolls that they are OK because nobody told them otherwise, but they told that other guy.

It also might be a button for reporting innapropriate comments. Then we can report and ignore and be done with it. Then the moderators can take appropriate action.

There is a Thumbs up button for comments that we like or feel contributes to the discussion. Can you put a Thumbs Down button as well?

I think that these are appropriate and not over sensoring since it does say right at the top of the how to use IQ page.

If you are looking to chat or hold general discussions with other spiritually-minded people, this probably isn't the place for you, though you are welcome to chat with other Inward Questers through our Facebook Page or the "Live Chat" box which you can see on the right hand side of each question page.


answered 07 Apr '13, 13:00

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 09 Apr '13, 10:39

I agree, I don't think an hour is long enough to delete. Perhaps all comments should be deleted after 120 days of inactivity on the thread. Trolling? Are you sure? The only time I've seen intolerance & possible remarks made to incite was on the religious threads; specifically Islamic. Perhaps we should ban religion questions.

(08 Apr '13, 02:28) ele

Yes, definitely! We should all get our brains chipped so we don't get out of our ways. Who are we to think we can do anything we want. The more people are allowed to be free in spirit, the more they think it's OK behavior. This needs to be taken under control and any sort of open mindedness should be oppressed.

And as for unlimited time on deleting stuff. Do regrets burn you that much you can't see a lesson to learn through the embarrassment in your eyes?

(08 Apr '13, 02:45) CalonLan

@CalonLan I recall you lamenting the fact you could not delete. I'm not embarrassed. The ones I would like to delete are off topic & don't reflect the best of IQ. The comments which made me blush can stay.

(08 Apr '13, 02:55) ele

@ele, I might have said that once back in the days, haha. Let's just say I prefer to take a different perspective on things right now.

And why would you really want to delete any comments at all. Like, really? Something must bother you to want them have removed. And imagine, someone replies to them, like I do now, then in a year you delete it and when someone reads it, they're left to forever wonder what was the comment I replied to about.

(08 Apr '13, 03:36) CalonLan

@CalonLan The main reason I would like to delete particular comments is because of the reason I stated "off topic & don't reflect the best of IQ". I also wrote a few true things which would be hurtful to others if they were to see my comments in print. At the time I thought telling the story was the right thing to do. I would like to delete a few answers for personal reasons. Things I said could identify me & hurt others. Being identified would not hurt my livelihood; it would affect my hats.

(08 Apr '13, 04:22) ele

@ele, I guess my comment at the top relates to this part of your comment too. Getting little bit scattered, unsure of where making which point is the best. lol. But it'll work out somehow, and if it won't - a hundred of years, or maybe just days in this case, it won't matter anyway. =)

(08 Apr '13, 05:36) CalonLan
showing 2 of 6 show 4 more comments

Hi I cannot say that anything has bothered me concerned chatter unrelated to the questions. I usually pick the questions which interest me at the time and read all the comments and anwerspertaining to them. Many times I find links in there which may not have been in direct correlation to the question, but I pursue them nonetheless and often find little gems which help me. Same with the comments. If I don't really care for the comment I will just ignore it. As far as I am concerned, you can leave things the way they are. I find there is a great variety of questions, comments and answers on here and i am grateful for all of them.


answered 09 Apr '13, 22:15

PurpleRose's gravatar image


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