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I am currently just over 6 months pregnant with my first baby, hence this question.

I used to think that consciousness enters a baby's body when it takes its first breath. However, my baby has recently starting kicking which they tend to start doing in the second trimester and I have noticed some patterns to its kicking.

For example, if I have been a bit upset for a couple of days over something, then it is quite noticeable that it kicks a lot less or not at all. It also tends to kick a lot more, for example, when I am on the IQ site.

So, my question is, does the consciousness enter the baby's body before it is born which is why it tends to respond to the emotions/state of the mother?

Also, does the mother or father's dominant vibrations/state during the pregnancy have the power and ability to affect any physical or emotional characteristics of the child during the period leading to its birth and therefore, in any way contribute to his/her physical/emotional/character makeup when it is born?

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Pink Diamond

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Congratulations Pink Diamond..I witnessed all four of our children's births..Priceless..So happy for you.

(09 Apr '13, 17:20) Roy

@Pink Diamond Yes, your dominant vibrations can affect the developing fetus and I'm proof positive of this. I don't feel comfortable sharing my story at this time; perhaps someday. In the meantime, please take my word for this. Just stay in a "happy vibrational state of mind, body & spirit" as much as you can & congrats!

(10 Apr '13, 03:24) ele

Thank you all.

(10 Apr '13, 04:31) Pink Diamond
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So, my question is, does the consciousness enter the baby's body before it is born which is why it tends to respond to the emotions/state of the mother?

Yes, I heard Abraham say that a specific consciousness or soul enters the body when the baby is born and takes his first breath.

However everything that exists is consciousness. So it's not that there is nothing before. Even the sperm cell has consciousness. Abraham also said that even a stone has consciousness and is happy to be a stone:).

The specific consciousness that enters the baby after birth is one that decided to enter it long before. It knows you perfectly. It knows your personality, your "flaws" and strength. In fact it knows more details than you about your life. So it is eager and happy for the opportunities of contrast that you and your environment will enable him to experience.

Also, does the mother or father's dominant vibrations/state during the pregnancy have the power and ability to affect any physical or emotional characteristics of the child during the period leading to its birth and therefore, in any way contribute to his/her physical/emotional/character makeup when it is born?

I don't know to which degree it affects the baby emotionally and physically. But when the mother is in the vortex, it is more comfortable (or boring:) for the baby. If not, it is still valuable contrast for the baby. So it's kinda win win anyway. You as a mother can do no wrong. Because the baby knew the range of contrast that you and your life could provide long before. It was his choice to be your baby. So he is eager to experience the contrast if possible.

Really the baby's soul knows more than you and is in this sense much more intelligent than you are (no offense!:) because it comes from a higher level, from the mountain top so to speak, not from our limiting earth game. So it is OK for you to relax and only if possible, get in the vortex often for your own enjoyment, not for the baby. Because the baby is happy to experience *everything that you provide.


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simplyyy wow..

(10 Apr '13, 01:00) supergirl

Your answer does make a lot of sense when we consider that we have all come here to experience our own individual contrast because that is the whole purpose of us coming here. Oviously at the beginning, as you say, this is very dependent on the mother's own contrasting experiences when the baby is in the womb. For some reason, I had not thought of it that way before. Thank you.

(10 Apr '13, 04:37) Pink Diamond

Congratulations! Here's an excerpt from a book I read recently. Hope it helps.

Being In the Womb

We have discussed how The Pathway of Awareness moves from the emotional resonance of childhood, through the mental stage of our teenage years, and then into the physical trance fixed encounters of our adulthood.

However, this energetic pathway does not begin at the moment of birth and the start of the emotional period of childhood. It commences within the womb as a vibrational resonance.

The essence of a vibrational state is Being. This is also why the womb experience may be considered a vibrational experience for us. We can do nothing in the womb aside from be.

While in the womb, our being is immersed in vibrations—in the sum of the vibrations we experience through our mother’s beating heart, blood pumping, lungs breathing, vocal tone, body temperature, body posture, and so on.

Our exit from the womb marks a transition point from being to doing.

The First Cycle of Seven

We do not immediately enter the womb at the moment of conception.

The physical vehicle we call our body first goes through a period of development empowering it with the capacity to contain the immensity of our vibrational essence.

Our awareness only enters the physical body at about two months into the nine-month pregnancy cycle. We are therefore in the womb for a period of seven months.

This seven-month experience in the womb is our first seven cycle. We may therefore call this seven-month womb experience the initial vibrational aspect that inaugurates our journey along The Pathway of Awareness.

Seen from its point of inauguration, the journey we take along The Pathway of Awareness as we enter our experience upon this earth moves from vibrational (womb) to emotional (childhood) to mental (teenage) to physical (adult).

Excerpts from Alchemy of the Heart

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That was excellent. Very thought provoking. Thank you.

(09 Apr '13, 16:29) Pink Diamond

Your welcome Pink Diamond. Glad it was helpful.

(10 Apr '13, 14:18) Satori


I have had four kids, and as Wade just said, "I outta know..."

And I do.

First of all, your baby is a learning machine from the get go. I personally believe the soul is there all along- why else would a new baby know Mommy's voice right off the bat? I assure you, the kids know Mommy, Mommy's diet, Mommy's bad and good days, Mommy's excitement,and even enjoy music when loud enough to be heard in the womb. That kid inside you will be a viable human at 24 weeks (meaning it has a good chance of surviving if born), so you are practically at that point. (I won a debate with that fact.)

So what does this mean? Start thinking of that baby as a tiny little human being, and not just a different class of creature that will someday grow into a human being. I assure you, in nine short months, your child will, quite deliberately, take his or her cereal bowl, and pour the contents right over the side of the high chair, all while eying you for effect. Now that's something you don't see in anything but a human being who is small and conniving.

My pregnancies were quite interesting. I found out that all of the babies enjoyed when I took a bath- they rolled and pitched like bowling balls inside me as if the water made them as buoyant as I. They loved when I played my piano, and kicked and were definitely awake-I actually knew, and I mean knew which of my kids would be musical and which would not by how they behaved in the womb while I played piano. (And no, I don't play that bad LOL) My son was sensitive from before his birth to this present day at age 35--he used to practically leap out of me if I dropped a pan lid. My daughters were not so sensitive, and John was the only one to have colic as well. Interesting. I think he had it before he was born, because I had a whole list of foods I could not eat without making him kick me to death. I could go on and on.

Pay attention, and think of this child as conscious, aware of you, and alive. Notice everything, and the best advice I have of all? Enjoy the he** out of your pregnancy. I wish I was able to have more babies with Wade, but that probably is not in the cards. Read, read, read. When the baby is born, buy the book, "The First Twelve Months of Life". It will be a Godsend to you. Expect the first six weeks to be chaos as baby adjusts to the outside world. Just accept the chaos, and you will do great! Breast-feed, and you will save a fortune and lose weight, and give your child immune protection all at once.

Email me if you'd like a phone call- I can call all 48 states for free.



PS I remembered coming to Earth from heaven. Look for the story in my answer to this question. If the link does not work, try googling "I remember coming from Heaven". I know that the baby's soul is there from just after conception from this memory. Jai


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Thank you very much for the detailed answer. Your experience shows. I am indeed making the most of the pregnancy, very exciting time.

(09 Apr '13, 17:10) Pink Diamond

wow..u explained so well..jai tht i cld almst feel every moment tht u hav eplaind.. God bless..

(10 Apr '13, 01:04) supergirl
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