When someone comes to me for a healing, I need to determine just what would be the most effective ways to treat him/her.

I need to find if this person has a hidden problem behind the obvious problem. Maybe mental, spiritual, emotional or physical. It helps finding the root, maybe a certain chakra needs energy or has too much. I need to bring this person back onto balance, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I have a number of ways I diagnose problems. Physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Of course I can't lawfully say this or that is wrong to the client. But I can know for myself what to treat and how.

I uses various methods and find new methods all the time.

Example: The negative/positive optical illusion method that just came to me.

Here are some others I use...

  • Pendulum
  • OK finger test
  • Lean test
  • Strong/weak arm
  • Scanning the aura with hands

What methods have you used. What do you find works well?

asked 15 May '13, 14:58

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 24 May '13, 12:24

I have not been to a traditional western Doctor in quite a while,if only for the fact that they are trained to look for what is wrong.I choose to see perfection.Love and Light Wade.

(15 May '13, 19:49) Roy

That's okay Roy I guess you are not a healer.

(15 May '13, 20:23) Wade Casaldi

I do not believe that a healer looks for problems Wade.

(15 May '13, 20:57) Roy

I'm talking about what needs most treating, what chakras need work. Do I need pay more attention to healing in the emotional field or more the physical field? Maybe it is in the mental or spiritual field? Could this have a hidden cause I need to work on? When someone comes to me for help, I do my best to help.

(15 May '13, 21:25) Wade Casaldi

Thats not how your question reads Wade.Love and Light.

(15 May '13, 21:41) Roy

Thanks Roy. :-)

(15 May '13, 21:58) Wade Casaldi

Balancing chakras without clearing negative emotions will soon put chakras out of ballance again. And most people can't tell you much about their chakras. But they CAN tell you all about their emotions. Focus on clearing the grosser negative emotions first, Then on the finer chakras. If you are good at your diagnostic tools, you will know what to clear first, next and so on. This makes a more stable inner environment for the chakras to open up and spin within. The result? Feeling good! ;-)

(16 May '13, 18:24) Rindor

a true healer senses the blockage of the inflicted

(18 May '13, 07:09) fred

I agree fred,I dont go looking for anything,I like the surprises way too much.Love and Light.

(18 May '13, 17:50) Roy
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Hi Wade here's a series of 10 videos about medical radionics that i feel you'll find interesting



answered 18 May '13, 05:12

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

A bit over the top but very interesting indeed!

There may be some things in these videos that I could incorporate into my Reiki healing.

I'll look for the other ten videos. :-)

(24 May '13, 12:02) Wade Casaldi

each problem have a solution and each solution have a problem. when those 2 are equal the problem is solved. Example(2+2=4:4=2+2) each time that they are not equal the problem is not totally solved. yet in this world we do not always make the decision and we have to work with what is given. in those case you can make your decision to solve the problem for you but on what is not equal from other people it is not in your hand and probably will never become equal. (Example someone say to you 2+2=3 and do not want to understand that it makes 4 then give him 3 you have one left over for you or for the next one that say it makes 5.) Of your own choice you are responsible;not of the choice of other. yet you should take the time to see how your choice affect other of this you are responsible to some extant. if you can see from both point of view that it is the only solution with no remorse or regret then I would say that the problem is fixed the best that you could fix it. Do you not agree?


answered 15 May '13, 18:46

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white tiger

edited 15 May '13, 18:50

Are you saying that you use mathematics to find what needs to be treated when you are working on healing or treating someone?

(15 May '13, 20:22) Wade Casaldi

wade I made mathematical example, yet when you look at all things are they not make equal in proportion. Take a human being for example does he not have a left and a right arm,legs,eyes,ears,etc.. yet he need a good balance to stand. If you see someone walking and falling on one side or the other.is that not all ready a good diagnose that he as balance problem. the principle stay the same with out balance there is problem or inadequate solution. that it is physical , mental , mathematical

(15 May '13, 21:15) white tiger

social emotional spiritual etc.. it is the same. Each problem is imbalance, if everything would be in perfect balance their would not be Anny problem. Quick example rich poor one as to much of something the other not enough. you see problem solution. Yet it is not in our hand. You do not need to seek problem.2+2= see you have problem. now 4 is the solution. but if you say 3 or 5 then it is ok.smile.

(15 May '13, 21:33) white tiger
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